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Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Trump is such a Dick

                                                 and he's single now too..hahah


Monday, October 02, 2023

Maybe I should start from the beginning..Nov 12, 1943...ok, maybe not that far back.

When I was young and had perky tits I worked as a cocktail waitress or a bartender where I wore spike heels and skimpy outfits. Not good for the back. Then due to job opportunities I went to work at home improvement stores. Mostly in paint. Because I was a woman working in a predominately men's area I always felt I had to do more than the guys(plus it's just my personality to be the best no matter what)I carried more, lifted more and just did more.. One time when I was stocking paint carrying 4 gallons at a time, the kid that worked with me begged me to slow down and carry less as he just couldn't keep up.(I was 40 he was 22)

Now I'm fucking near 80 and my spine is saying 'see, asshole I told you to take it easy.' 

So my cat scan came back with a shit ton of bad news. Each conversation starting out with 'who do you want for a neurosurgeon...Slow your roll assholes.

so? I have severe arthritis of the spine. Then I have a lose screw in my tissue. I swear to Goddess I'm not making that up. Its from an operation on my spine from 1997. Then I have deteriorations in both hips. So I'm opting for steroid shots or what ever they want to shoot in my ass. But each problem requires a different sort of treatment and different area of shots. So I start in Nov with all sorts of treatments to see which and where and what kind of treatment I will need. The good news is I've lost 9 pounds. 

So this is why sometimes I have trouble sitting at my laptop and putting out a post. I may start making them shorter. 50 a post is sort of excessive. So might start making them 25 memes? Can you dudes live with that? I just don't want to reach the point where I just can't do it. I loves ya sonsabitches and like showing up here for you. This Nov will be 18 years.. Holyshit. Lasted longer than all 3 of my marriages.. ok...back to your regular broadcasting program.. oh and