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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For a change....no bad news...my truck is fixed..found a used compressor for $60 and a

30 day guarantee...got,air filter,oil filter,castrol oil,anti-freeze,freon and 4 more

spark plugs..even though it is a 4-cylinder

it has 8 plugs...I didn't know that...doh!.

He also adjusted the idler and my baby is purring like a kitten..no noise..and the ac

shoots out air so cold..my nipples got hard.

well, mabye not..but it runs like a new truck.

Since I only drive about 5 miles a week he

said I could probably go a year before I

had to worry about changing my oil again..

I was so happy I just got in the truck and

drove around town..Vince only charged me $40

to do it..It was getting late so he is going

to do the anti-freeze Friday..but I probably

can do it myself..

Before he got the truck fixed my little buddy Inky came by and took me to the store, hardware, auto store,and drug store..Each stop I showed

people my hand..liked grossing them out..The

pharmacist wasn't amused..at all...I got such a look from him..so after the cable guy comes

tomorrow I will go to the Drs. and get him to look at it and give me a tetnus shot..too late for stitches..But I am going to have one ugly ass scar...

The other good news is:West Lady Trojans are State bound..Tomorrow they play Burkburnett in the State Semifinal...They will play in Austin.

The Lady Trojans enter the tournament with a 29-5 season record and are the 4th ranked team in the

state's 3A ranks this week.West went undefeated

in District 12-AAA action and also went un-

defeated in the playoffs..Their roster is comprised of two seniors, three juniors, five

sophomores and six freshmen.So they will only lose 2 players for next years games...I am so

proud of them...

Plus..West received 24 inches of rain and rained for 12 days out of the month of May...That is 24 inches so far this year..ha..not in a month..

We are supposed to get rain tonight too...fiddle fuck..

Also...I finally picked a name for the pussy..

'Not Yours' for my pussy..and 'Little Asshole' for the cat..My legs are all scratched up and

so are my hands where the little asshole chewed on me...I was going to call him Sooner but I call him you little asshole so much that it suits him..Margaret can't wait till he gets lose out in the yard and I have to call him you little asshole...like that will stop me..

Ok..that's all the news for today..root for my Lady Trojans...GOOOOOOOO BIG RED....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

.......GOOD NEWS-------BAD NEWS.......

I finally got in touch with Vince who said it would be easier to try and get the truck back from Wal-Mart so he could fix it here in West and not in the parking lot of the House of Satan...I said..'cool'...so we drive up there and yup per..it's still there..no one had towed it off or stolen it...I get behind the wheel to start it and it starts right up.what the fuck?.
But the noises it was making was scary..really scary..right off V. says.:"The good news is..it's not the alternator...the bad news is,it's the air-conditioner compressor...and it's going to cost a lot more than $50+taxes to get it fixed..."...I have just enough time to run in and grab my film and back out to the truck..V. says..don't get a ticket ..but haul ass back to West as it could blow...so like a bat out of hell, me and the trusty ole truck haul ass back to West..It was really heating up by the time I pulled up into my parking space..V. said don't drive it till we get it fixed..then he took me to the store, but it was already closed..so we went to Lula's and I bought him a 12-pack of Bud Light and a pack of Marboro Light's..keep him interested so he will come back tomorrow and help me fix the truck..
Which means that I will have to go to the bank and get some money to get her fixed...might ask for more than I need so I can get a new computer..which do I want and need more?...new computer or a bigger tv set with that dhvdq shit on it..wonder how much both would run me...???
Will have to thunk on this some more..
and by the way...the contest is over for naming my pussy..none of you win...thought about naming him Sooner...but he's just not a Sooner...so will name him what I have been calling him since I got him..."Litte Asshole"..it just fits..
Damn..there is a 'skeeter' in here the size of a huey and is eating me alive..
oh ..for a last bit of news..???..In Mission, Texas, police were tipped by some elementary school students than a ice cream truck vendor was selling $5 and $10 bags of marijuana from his truck...The man was arrested...
The kids said he kept saying"Want weed with that?"....

.......YELLOWDOG NEWS .......

Texas leaps to no.2 as place to retire.Holy shit!..Texas has gone from number 4 as the most popular place to retire in 2000, to 2005's number 2....it used to be





5.North Carolina....now it's:





5.Georgia.....holy shit!

like we need more old farts....they must have heard about the law allowing Texans to shoot someone who they thing is threatening them on their property with out asking questions first..

Florida is still number one..but the numbers are shrinking ..from 19.1% to 16.6%...blaming hurricanes,rising housing prices,higher homeowners insurance premiums and over crowding

are making Florida a less desirable destination..

one of the reasons why Texas is over flowing with old farts is we have a "Retire in Texas" website..It seems boomers are looking for areas that complement their active lifestyle, and Texas has an abundance of those places..from the gulf coast to the hill country to the piny woods to the expanse of West Texas..what is scary to me is, they are moving here from CCalifornia, Florida, Nevada and Illinois.homes here in TTexas run from $110 to $132 per square foot.that's half of the prices of homes in California.people are selling their homes there, paying cash for a place here and investing the rest.some of the home buyers are moving here to be near their adult children and families who came to North Texas because of the healthy job market.ahhhh, jeeez!...this is where i should jump in and remind everyone about west and how cheap our homes are..how we are centrally located..little over an hour to Dallas, couple hours to Austin..and about 3 hours to San Antonio and another 2 hours or so to Houston..in Texas...that's close..we have lakes, rivers,hill country,deserts, big bend,swamps,and that freak show in Dallas..Jerry Jones..the summers are hot, the winters are mild and we have plenty of alien to clean your house and take care of your yard...what's not to like..???now if the old farts would just promise not to wear those purple and red jogging suits I might actually welcome them to Texas.....yeah...right!

now for some good news..and news that makes the politics in America kind of pale in comparison.


Cambridge, England..Jenny Bailey, 45, was installed Thursday as mayor of the Cambridge City Council. According to the Local Government Association, she is Britain's first transsexual mayor. Rob Hammond, Cambridge Council's chief executive, said he knew there would be interest in the new mayor's sex change."It is the council's firm view that some one's gender and sexual orientation has no bearing on their suitability to hold public office," Mr. Hammond said...(Associated Press)...what they didn't mention was that her partner is a transsexual also and Jenny has 2 children from her marriage and remains friends with her ex-wife..Both Jenny and Jennifer Liddle had their operations done while they were in their 30's...

Now ain't that grand..It's not about who/how you have sex...it's about the fact that you can do the job..Of course our politicians are having sex with pages while trying to get all gays put to sleep..bunch of hypocrites...anyhow..way to go Jenny and Jennifer...good luck..and lucky you for living in a area that isn't concerned with your sexual orientation...

Sunday, May 27, 2007


i am typing this with no caps or anything fancy as i am wounded...fuckity...in a simi-daze this am i cut my hand opening a cat of fucking friskies cat food for annie and the little asshole..and i mean cut it open..the fatty meat between thumb and first finger on left hand..about an inch and a half wide and deep...blood every where..me...gasping in pain..rushing to the bathroom saying 'oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.sonofabitch...fuck..'..

it hurt like a bastid...it is gaping wide and deep dark blood is gushing out..i am not a freaker, thank the goddess...but if i was..i'd be freaking all over the place...and to top it off, the fucking cats are both following behind me meowing for their food...they dont care that im bleeding to death..they want their fucking friskies...ungrateful little bastids...so i wrap my hand in a hand towel..finish feeding the noise makers..and go sit in my chair and curse..

after about 45 minutes it stops bleeding enough that i can slap about 8 bandaids on it and now i am one handed...if i move it just right..or just wrong as the case may be...it hurts ...ouch..it hurts..and starts bleeding again..so i may be out of pocket for a day or so as it hurts and is hard to type...you should have seen me trying to pull my shorts down to go pee...and up...next time they go down..they may stay off...to hard to pull them up and down..especially since i pee about every 2 hours..and on top of that...i still have the truck in the parking lot of wal-mart..or at least i hope it is still there..i called several places and can get a rebuilt alternator/exchange for $50+tax..but no one is home over the weekend..and every thing is closed monday...so will be at least tuesday before i can get to it...only has 3 bolts to remove along with the belt..so it's going to be easy..well, easy before i cut my fucking hand...sigh*..i are pissed...the goddess must be pissed at me ..

and to add icing to this shitcake...my blood sugar dropped to below 20...wtf?...so go to see the dr...and take all my vitamins up there so he can see what all im taking..seems my vitamins are working soooo good, that along with the meds..my blood sugar bottomed out..so have cut back on the meds..to one a day instead of 2..and no more vitamins..and my med is the one that is giving people heart attacks..farq...im thinking maybe i should stop taking the meds and just take the vitamins..??? well, maybe not..but he gave me a script for a different med..but i would have to pay for it..it will only be $4 at walmart..but you all know how i feel about walmart..so will call kirk and see what it would be at old corner drug store here in west..

soooo, lets see...i have a new pussy..that's good..

my family and i get thrown out of a crappy resturant..that's good...

my blood sugar is up and down...that's bad..

my truck broke down and is in walmart parking lot...that's very bad...

i nearly cut my thumb off..that's not only bad.

it sucks..

i missed the season final of boston legal...that sucks bites and blows...

did i miss anything?...oh yeah..because my left hand is fucked up..im only able to give the finger with one hand..now ..i am ..truly..


fuckme till im left handed...

Saturday, May 26, 2007









"FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK"....jackie sue roycroft,brown,clark, brown,denney....2007

Friday, May 25, 2007


Does anyone remember a few years ago when I went to Jenny's graduation and it was a little wacky..(Both Bush's were looking right down at me while I ate)??? Let me tell ya...it couldn't hold a candle to Jamie's graduation dinner..The graduation ceremony went off without a hitch and it was just terrific..we were all so proud of Jamie and it was a happy joyous occasion..followed by.......THE FAMILY DINNER...

There are a lot of families in this bunch...some not even related anymore..but through the Girls we are all family...They are the girls Dad(my son Thom) and his wife C...then there is the girls Mom K. and her husband R.then there is K.'s Mom and Dad, known as the girls Nanny and PawPaw....K.'s brother J. with his wife R.and their middle son J and his wife with the $600 purse, H.Jamie's boyfriend and his mom P.and Me, Grannie Grunt.at another table is K.'s pentacostel(spelling?) friends who usually go into a twitching freenzy when ever they are around me(I freaked them out one Christmas when at the end of the prayer to thank God for the food, I said 'and thank you Goddess, I appreciate it.'...they make the sign to ward off evil when they see me..so these are the major characters...all nice people ...and considering..we all get along ok...the other grandma(nanny) and I get along great and her husband PawPaw is as sweet a man that you will ever meet...a very very sweet nice man...remember this as it will have more meaning later on in the story...K. is a Daddy's girl, she looooooves her Daddy..and the girls, Jenny and Jamie adore their PawPaw...he's the only Grandpa they have...the scene?...we are at Dock's resturant..a nice place on Lake Brazos..I have eaten there before ..I had the smallest flattest most over cooked samon I ever saw in my life...so I am already not thrilled at the choice of resturanat...but..I digress...

We all get seated...it's about 7:15or so...after 20 minutes..we get a waiter who takes our drink order and appitizers....10-15 minutes later..we get them...only the soda's.. the mixed drinks and beer came in another 15 minutes..we are already sensing a trend here and are muttering amongst ourselves...mutter mutter...all together there were 3 orders of raw oysters...we got one after another 30 minutes..they take our food order...after 30 minutes we still have no salads...I said..fuckit..I walk to the kitchen..very polite...open the doors where there are 6-7 people just standing in the door way bullshitting...I said...I hate to bitch....but I am....we have been here for over an hour...and still don't have all of our orders of oysters..we have no salad..and we are all ready to reorder on our drinks..I know sometimes things go bad..but really guys...it's salad...and what about the rest of the oysters..the manager is in there..hiding behind the cook...never says a word...they explain how they have to OPEN up the oysters, clean them etc..etc..I said well, get to shucking sweety..times awasting..and pointing at one of the cooks..you ..make the salads...10 minutes later..we get our salads..except for jenny, who never does get hers...she says fuckit..they will probably spit in it if I say anything..then comes the rest of the oysters..and another round of drinks...in the meantime..J. has complained to the waiter/waitress about the lack of food. Then K. goes and finds the manager and complains...we are all getting pissed, but trying not to be assholes about it..and considering we are all assholes on our best day..it wasn't easy to be nice under the circumstances...Nanny has her raw oysters and a corona, and is happy as a clam...we get the food..I had blacked catfish with mushrooms and onions..they were cold and greasy...the catfish was hot but semi'raw..but I had to eat to take my meds and would have eaten the asshole out of a polar bear as I hadn't eaten since 1pm...It's 10...we have had the manager come to the table where everyone politely and calmly explained the food was cold, raw, or burnt..R.'s lobster was burnt to a crisp..my fish was raw..Nanny and PawPaw wouldn't even eat theirs is was so nasty..PawPaw stands and says he is not going to pay for something he can't eat because it is nealy raw and unedible...the waiter, does a head bob, walks off and says fuck you...to the little ole man who wouldn't say shit if his mouth was full of it...I had just gone to the bathroom so missed this part..I come out of the bathroom to hear K. say:"He said What to my Daddy?"....I knew the shit had just hit the fan...everyone was in the kitchen..Jenny and Jamie had followed him into the kitchen and were going to kick his ass...they were cussing and screaming ..K. joined in ...Thom's in the middle of it...J. and his son J. are in the middle of it...C. Thom's wife looks like a deer caught in the headlights..and I am trying to figure out if I really need to get in the middle of it too..figure they are doing well enough without me..(you would have been so proud of me).so the scream/cussfest goes on and on...finally the manager says..just go..all of you go...Thom's got his check and his money out and says here's my money for my bill and the guy says.."you don't have to pay..just everyone leave."..Thom trys to pay again..they say just get out..everyone leave..so by then the humor of it all hits us..and we all start to laugh..ok, it was me..I'm laughing my ass off..making jokes about 'family get together's'...boy ain't it a good time when we all get together like this..and as we are going out the door, Jenny, Jamie and K. are still threatening to kick that waiters ass for talking smack to PawPaw...so I get to the door...turn around and say:"So ...does this mean we don't get a desert?"....then every one did start laughing..we went outside..it's pouring down raining..we're getting into our cars..laughing our asses off..as we are standing there I holler out'Hey......the fucking Soprano's ain't got shit on us.'..

I go get my truck, go to the hated Wal-Mart do some shopping..go outside..truck won't start..call Thom's..he's not there..the owner called the police and they came to the house and were so nice after Thom told them the story..they said none of the waiters or anyone at Dock's had told the story the same ..they kept changing their stories..but the Iranian woman boss who wasn't even there..wanted her money and said she didn't care if the food was raw, burnt or took us 3 hours to get our meal..she wanted her money..so Jenny came and got me(wasn't the battery..just won't start) and brought me home..Thom was still there because he wouldn't tell them who else was there..J. is already back in Arlington and Thom wasn't going to rat out his 70+ ex-father-in-law...So tomorrow Jenny and I are calling the health department, better business bureau,liquor people, etc...we know for a fact that they pour old grease into the Brazos from their kitchen, them bastids..
fuck with us will they?...
You know you're a redneck when every family get together ends up with someone going to jail.
fuckme till I'm blackened..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

.......NAME MY PUSSY.......

and while your at it...see if you can think of a name for my new solid white, blue eyed furry male kitten...yes, we have a new edition to the family..Karen the manager had mentioned a while back that she had a cat that just had babies, and I declined, thinking she had forgotten to collect the $150 for having Annie but if I got another cat it might stir her into remembering..but I guess she wanted to find a home for the kittens more than she wants the pet deposit for the cats...she came by this morning with this fluff...he's soooo cute..solid white, pink , pink ears, and the bluest eyes you've ever seen..these pictures I found don't do him justice..So far Annie is ok with it..she pretty much ignores him and likes to lick him but he keeps trying to nurse her and that freaks her out..he keeps intruding into her 'space' and she walks off..he follows...she whacks him..he discovers some lint on the floor and chases it for awhile, waiting for her to forget the whack and then back he goes..But I don't have a name for him...so here's where you guys come in...name the pussy..it has to be a name that goes with me and the household...Annie being named after Ann Richards...now if it was a female I would just name it Molly after Molly Ivins and let it go at that..but it's a male..I thought about calling him Yellowdog...but afraid it would fuck him up..Ohh, they're playing hide and go seek..isn't that cute..oh wait...they're not playing hide and go seek, the kitty is hiding from Annie who is trying to whack him again..so it's more hide and save your ass..I will think of a prize for the person that picks the best name..something Czech from West..or I could just send the kitty to you....
fuckme till I shed...

Monday, May 21, 2007

.......CHINESE IMPORTS.......

I hope that you are as pissed off about
this post as I was while gathering the
material to do it.Let me tell you..this
is only part of what's out there..I just
got tired of copying it ..there were
hundreds of different articles on
contaminated food, gluten,
and other products from mainland China...this is just a tip of
the ice berg...The first part
is from an article in the DAM News...
the rest is from articles I found
by googling contaminated Chinese


Stopping contaminated products from
entering U.S. may prove difficult.
Washington..Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical.
Frozen catfish laden with banned
Scallops and sardines coated
with putrefying bacteria.
Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides.
These were among the 107 food imports
from China that the Food and Drug
Administration detained at U.S. ports
just last month, agency documents reveal,
along with more than 1,000 shipments of
tainted Chinese diatary supplements,
toxic Chinese cosmetics and counterfeit
Chinese medicines.
For years,U.S.inspection records show,
China has flooded the U.S. with foods
unfit for human consumption.And for
years, FDA inspectors have simply
returned to Chinese importers the small
portion of those productsthey caught-many
of which turned up at U.S. borders again,
making a second or third attempty at entry.
Now the confluence of two events-the highly publicized contamination of U.S. chicken,
pork and fish with tainted Chinese pet
food ingredients and this week's resumption
of high-level economic and trade talks with China-has activists and members of Congress demanding that the U.S. tell China it is
fed up.
Dead pets and melamine-tainted food notwithstanding, change will proved
difficult, policy experts say, in
large part because U.S.companies have
become so dependent on the Chinese economy.
"So many U.S. companies are
directly or indirectly involved in China now,
the commercial interest
of the United States these days has become to allow imports to come in as quickly and smoothly as possible," said Robert Cassidy, a former assistant U.S. trade representative for China and now director of international trade and services for Kelley
Drye Collier Shannon, a
Washington law firm.
The Cabinet-level "strategic economic
dialogue" with China, which began in
September and is scheduled to resume
Wednesday, was described early on as a
chance for the U.S. and China to break a longstanding stalemate on trade issues.
When it comes to the safety of imported
foods, though, they may highlight the
limited leverage that the U.S. currently
has.(The Washington Post)

So, let me see if I get the picture....we're fucked ....because China is holding us by the balls of Wal-Mart,K-Mart,Hormel,General Motors,Ford Motors,Effern Foods,East Balt
Bakery(buns for McDonalds),Caterpillar,
Allergen, Sprint,Nabisco,Nestle,Nike,
Proctor and
Gamble, Purina,UPS,Baskin Robins,Time Warner,Xerox,Bud's Icecream,Coke,
Texas Instruments,Lockheed-Martin,Westinghouse,General
American Soy Bean Assoc.,At&T,Bama
Food Processing,Pepsi,SW Bell,and many
many many more...Now ...do you think any
of the CEO's of these companpany's give a
big rat's ass how many pets die, or how
many people die from contaminated products imported from China?...We all know the
answer to that is a big fat fuck no..
the bottom line is the green stuff..
not American lives..

These are some of the articles I googled
about contaminated imports from China.

9/1/05 Cancer causing chemicals detected in massive imports of Chinese freshwater fish triggered a health scare in South Korea.This prompted the South Korean's to issue warnings
to consumers to stay away from all Chinese
food imports.
8/28/02-U.S. discovered bulk imports of contaminated Chinese honey.Some of the seized honey tested positive for chloramphenical, an antibiotic used, in most cases,only to treat life-threatening infections in humans when
other alternatives are not available. The
honey had been transhipped illegally through third-party countries on its way from China
to the U.S.
U.S. customs found the US-bound Chinese bulk honey was trashipped through Australia,Mexico,Malaysia,Thailand, Vietnam
and other nations to evade US AD orders.
4/30/07 FDA enforcing a new import alert that greatly expands its curtailment of some good ingredients imported from China, authorizing everything from noodles to breakfast bars.
The move reflects the FDA's growing unease
with what the alert announcement called China's"manufacturing control issues" and the country's inability to ascertain that controls are in place to prevent food contmination.
Inspectors are NOW allowed to detain vegetable protein imports from China because they contain melamine. Melamine used in the manufacturing of plastics,was found in the wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate that has led tothe recall of 5,300 pet products. Aproximately 1,950 cats and 2,200 dogs died after eating contaminated food.
7/16/2002--Japan food companies are moving to stop importing some vegetables from China after findings showed that some chinese-grown spinach contained excessive agricultural chemicals.
Japan's Health Ministry made the public aware that a Chinese diet pill killed one woman and 22 others suffered serious liver problems.The pill was found to contain illegal components such as
fenfluramine, a regulated poison withdrawn in 1977 after evidence showed it can damage heart valves when consumed with other slimming agents.

US recalls of consumer goods for the year 2005--





US recalls of consumer goods for the
year 2006-

other 23%




Ahhhhhh crap!...There are just too many to list..I'm getting a cramp in my neck and my fingers are sore from pounding on the keys..pisses me off so bad...

All I can say is...write, phone your congressman, your representives, and
that you think will listen..this needs

I am jumping off my soap box now...my
ass hurts..But I do suggest that you
start looking on the labels of products
that you buy...Lots of company's make
the food in China and ship it to us.are the ingredients made there? or here?...someone
needs to find out...I am going to start
eating nothing but coconuts..figure
contaminates can't get through the shell

Sunday, May 20, 2007


By the way....your new save draft instantly ...?
It sucks, bites and blows...As I type it is saving..which freezes up ....then it manages to add some spacing in the post that I then have to go back and do backspaces on..and while this is happening..it's still saving..and freezing up again...let me be the 'decider' on when I want to save my post..ok??? Am I alone in this??? fuckity fuck fuck fuck


This is a case of the dumb leading the dumber

if that's possible..


Washington...Steadfast allies President Bush and outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday strongly defended their decision to go to war in Iraq and to remain there, despite rising opposition in both the U.S. and Britain and their own plunging approval ratings.Standing side by side in the Rose Garden, the two leaders said they had no regrets about the decision, saying Iraq has become the main battleground in the war against global terrorism....

What a pair of stupid, uncaring, blinded by greed and ego sonsabitches..fuck them..fuck them both..If there really was a God he would have taken this golden oppurtunity to smite them both and send their asses into the the burning bowels of hell while making them an example to the rest of the diehards that think being in going to war in Iraq and staying there a good idea..Here's a few that might disagree with them..

There is a little justice in the world...


Anchorage, Alaska..Iditarod musher Ramy Brooks was suspended for two years and placed on three years of probation for abusing his dogs. The eight-member Iditarod TRail committee board of directors voted unanimously on the sanctions.

The 38-year old Brooks was disqualified in March from the 1,100-mile race after witnesses said they saw him punch and kick some of his dogs and hit them with a ski pole when they refused to leave a checkpoint during a March 13 stage..

Bullshit..they should have banned him for life.

Never let him own a pet again, not even as much as an iquana.I sent emails to Peta and then to the people that run the race...joining I know a bunch of other people..But I still think they were too easy on him...I hope his dogs break into his house, drag him off into the Alaskan forests and leave him for the wolves..bastid..



Tacoma, WAsh...A woman who coached her children to fake mental retardation to collect disability benefits was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday. Rosie Costello, 46, must also pay nearly $288,000 in restitution after pleading guilty in U.S. District Court to conspiracy to defraud the state.

I think they should NOT put her in jail..I think they should force her to work with the most severly disabled people there are..6 days/days a week, with one day off and that must be spent in house arrest.I also hope they took her kids away from her..Plus I should be allowed to bip her awake every morning..

This may be the funniest thing I read in the paper all week long...maybe 2 weeks..


World Bank employees reportedly drank champagne and sang Steam's 1969 hit "Na Na, Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" upon learning that their boss Paul Wolfowitz, was resigning...

First it was the pet food..now it's toothpaste.


Diethylene glycol, a poisonous ingredient in antifreeze, has been found in 6,000 tubes of toothpaste in Panama,and customs director Degado Diamante said Friday the product appeared to have orginated in China.the same poison was inadvertently mixed into cold medicine by Panama's government last year,killing at least 100 people. Records from that incident showed the poison came from China..

Hey, Wal-Mart? How's that deal with China working out for you?....I think we are now starting to reap the benefits from our trade deals with China...Wonder how many dogs, cats, people will have to die from the shoddy, unsafe work practices before some safe guards are put up...For instance...lets make our dog food, cat food, tooth paste, cold medicine's etc...right here in our own country..Hell, if this Amnesty deal goes through in Washington, we'll have plenty of workers...and it's not like we don't have enough people to do the job without going half way across the world to have a bunch of uneducated Chinese do our jobs for us..I think people should start reading the small print on the products you use..see where it's made..I know you're used to seeing made in China, etc. on the bottoms of your knick nacks, tennis shoes, and clothes..but how about your sundries..Check em out..see where they are made..especially those things you buy from Wal-Mart and the $1 stores..

I have another rant coming in the next day or two about the things we get from China and what's in them...think I will do it Monday...

So many things to bitch about..so little time..

Friday, May 18, 2007


Cyberoutlaw pegged me for this meme...But I'm
at a loss what to put down..I think you all
know all the weird, strange and unusual things about me...but I will try and narrow the list down to just 8...ha..

1.I have a tiny mole on the very end of my nose..I used to tell the kids when they were little that I was a witch and
if I touched it and wished for something it would happen..Kept the crime rate down until they were old enough to figure out that
mom was full of crap.
2.When I am giving directions I never say
"it's straight ahead."...if someone
says it's straight ahead, I will
correct them and say.."no it's forward..always go forward...never
go straight."

3.When the kids and grandkids were little
when I told them to buckle up, I always said "buckle up winsocky ..buckle up."...if you're old enough you will know what that means.

4.If I like an author, I will check
out or buy everyone of his books
and read them all, back to back..
5.I don't think my farts stink, except when I drank and then they were awful..
6.I think I have mentioned this before, but I have the ability to blink away bad memories..
if I start to remember something bad that happened to me...I will start blinking and usually by the 6-7th blink...the memory is gone..
7.I have a mean streak..I can be cruel if I don't like someone..don't care if I make
them cry...If you fuck with me..I can slice
and dice you with my tongue...I really show
no mercy..
8.I cry easily...at hallmark comercials, sad movies, books, etc..and babies make me cry..I can see a new born baby and tears will just spring to my eyes...don't understand that
at all...But if I am hurt....not a tear...
I'm very tough..but a complete stranger
can tell me their mother just died, and
I will cry...Cut my finger off?...no tears.

so...is that weird enough for ya?...I tag:
Kath, Sabastien,Jan,Allan,and.
.....Buddha_girl...that ought
to keep you all busy for a while...

Thursday, May 17, 2007


British Prime Minister Tony Blair paid a farewell visit Wednesday to President Bush, an opportunity for close allies to showcase their unity on the war in Iraq and hammer out differences on climate change and trade..It also gave the Prime Minister a chance to show President Bush the new tricks he has learned.. 'Sit, stay and fetch'..President Bush was especially proud of the way he had perfected 'roll over and play dead.'

After 6 weeks of combating efforts to oust him as president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz began Wednesday to negotiate the terms under which he would resign, in return for the bank dropping or softening the charge that he had engaged in misconduct, bank officials said.
Mr. Wolfowitz was said to be adamant that he be cleared of wrongdoing before he resigns.He also wants a garantee that his girlfriend gets a new job of out the deal.He requests that she be given the job of President of American Airlines, saying she has plenty of experience as she has flown on a plane many times..

Levels of active ingredient climbing almost yearly..
marijuana is getting a little more potent each year.
A project at the University of Mississippi has tested samples of marijuana seized by law enforcement agents annually since the late 1970's to check levels of THC, the active ingredient.
The average amount of THC in marijuana seized last year reached 8.5 percent, continuing an almost yearly uptick the White House drug-control policy office said Wednesday. The THC level has doubled since the 1980's.Jeremy Conley the drug-control policy officer said:"Man, this shit is faaaaaaarout." The interview had to be canceled as Mr. Conley had to go order a pizza, a bag of Doritos, a large Coke and a piece of Chocolate cake...siting a case of severe munchies.

Neiman Marcus began selling Vera Wang's Princess Eau de Parfum,the designer's bridal gowns, her Love Knots Toasting champagne flutes and silk pajamas.
But the Dallas-based luxury depratment store chain sold no mattress on which a princess could sleep.
Vera Wang has teamed up with Serta, the major maker of mattresses, to sell Vera WAng luxury mattresses in stores for common folk, such as 1-800-Mattress.But still no mattress for a princess.
But on Tuesday,Neiman Marcus announced it will begin selling a super-luxury line of mattresses designed by Ms.Wang and made especially for Neiman Marcus by Serta.
Each bed features Vera Wang's signatrue floral vine design, the latest in mattress technology and a buxurious down-like blanket top.the collection's five models will range from $1,999 to $2,999.Although the Princess and the pea are not included..you can ask for a special clerk to come by each night and tuck you in for an extra $3,000.

On a sadder note..Bo Diddley is hospitalized following stroke.
Rock pioneer Bo Diddley suffered a stroke Sunday and remains in the intenseive care unit at Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, Neb. The 78-year old singer-guitarist, who had been slated to perform Saturday at Richardson's Wildflower festival, fell ill following a show at Harah's Casino in Council Bluffs, Neb., according to his publicist.His condition is listed as "guarded" and Saturday's show is canceled...
I can't tell you how much I love Bo Diddley..He was one of my if not my favorite music when I was a kid and growing up...I actually got to see him in concert in San Antonio, Texas when I was about 15.I went with my girlfriend who was a negro(she wasn't black then...she was a negro)...She knew someone in the band, a relative I think..and we got to go back stage and meet him...I was so thrilled...he was bemused to see this skinny white kid hanging with his friends skinny negro kid..Asked us all kinds of questions how did we meet, were we best friends, did our parents know and care?...We were Air Force kids, we didn't know that our being best friends was a big deal, and why would our parents care..care about what?...We wanted to know about the music, see his guitar,get his autograph...and he was quizing us on our relationship..I don't think we ever did understand what the big deal was..He did freak out when I refered to her as 'black widow'...He wanted to know why I called her that..said her boyfriend left her so she was black widow..made sense to us..but think that was the first time he had heard the term black in term of negros..hey, maybe I started it all..
Get well Bo ....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

.......JERRY FALWELL-1933-2007

TV evangelist Jerry Falwell dies at 73.

Lynchburg, Va...Jerry Falwell was found in his campus office collasped on the floor. He was rushed to the hospital and died an hour later.His physician said he had a heart condition and presumably died of a heart rhythm abormality. The Dr. also said he should never have lived this long as he has been brain dead since the late 50's..

Monday, May 14, 2007

.......DAM NEWS.......

This is more of my take on the news...

Wisconsin is now entered into the battle of'home of the hamburger'..As you might recall Athens, Texas has always been the home of the hamburger..then puny New Haven, Conn(the birth place of George W. Bush)jumped in and said ...oh no..we are the home of the hamburger(carpetbaggers)..and now Seymour, Wisconsin has made it a 3 way race.All three of them claim to be the birthplace of the hamburger..Bullpucky!
In the early 1880's, Fletcher Davis sold "meat sandwiches" at Athens' town square..The other two places didn't start putting out(more than hamburgers I'm sure) till 1885 or later..so there..Let New Haven go back to bragging'(and they would too) about being the hometown of George W. Bush, and Seymour, Wisconsin can go back to being....well....Seymour,Wisconsin as they don't have anything else to brag about..

Seems like Paris Hilton has more to worry about then going to jail for 45 days...as she's been down on everything but the Titanic...
They've discovered that giving blow jobs can lead to cancer of the throat..Dust off your knees Paris...it's dangerous to your health.

There is some great news coming out of Oklahoma..
Oklahoma Gov.Brad Henry on Tuesday(last week) signed into law legislation that backers say is the nation's most meaningful attempt to deny jobs and public benefits to illegal immigrants.

FDA MAY GET MORE POWERFUL..As Senate OK's larger role for agency on drug safety, labels, ads.
Yeah, that makes me sleep a whole lot better now that the Fox is not only in the hen house..he's on steroids..The Senate voted 93-1 Wednesday (last) to give the Food and Drug Administration new power to police drug safety, order changes in drug labels, regulate advertising and restict the use and distribution of medicines found to pose serious risks to consumers..
Why does that send shivers up and down my spine?
Someone get me a Hamburger..

Belfast, Northern Ireland..
Paying tribute Tuesday(last) to the thousands of victims in one of Europe's bloodiest sectarian conflicts, the leaders of Northern Ireland drew a formal line under decades of histility and strife, reestablishing a power-sharing local authority of once implacable foes.
Well, fuckme till shamprocks shoots out my ass..
I hope this is the real deal and the next step is for England to 'step away from Ireland'...That won't happen...but mabye Scotland will step away from England..Think the Scots have their shit together a little better then them Irish boya's do..

It's official here too..The city of Farmers Branch(outside Dallas)..have voted and 2/3's oo the population agreed and it is illegal for apartment managers to rent to illegal's... will be fined up to $500 a day for each day they rent to a family or persons that are not here legally..This has been an on going battle since before last summer...when the Mayor tried to just make it a law..that didn't work so they put it on the ballot..and the citizens have voted it in..This could be the start of something big..More cities are expected to have similar laws..The people in Farmers Branch said they were tired of waiting for the Government to do something about the illegal alien problem, so they are taking care of it themselves...
Last but not least...
War deployments, gear shorfalls concern Congress,governors.
Chicago...As wildfires, floods and tornados batter the nation, the readiness of the National Guard to deal with those disasters, as well as potential terrorist assaults,is so depleted by deployments to foreign wars and equipment shortfalls that Congress may act.(excuse me..but...it's about fucking time...hurry the fuck up...)
Lawmakers are considering curtailing the president's powers over the Guard and requiring the Defense Department to analyze how prepared the country is for domestic emergencies.
The debate over the state of the National Guard has been intensifying for several years, but a powerful toranado in Kansas this month has spun the popic back into the spotlight.
When the small farming community of Greensburg was effectively wiped off the map, leaving 11 people in the area dead and miles of rubble to be searched and cleared, Kansas Gov.Kathleen Sebelius was direct in her explanation for why the response had not been faster. The policies of the federal government, she said, had left the Kansas National Guard understaffed and underequipped.
Gov. Sebelius' comments infuriated the Bush Administration, which countered that the vast majority of her state's Guard members were available to be called up and that she would be provided any equipment she lackes as soon as she requested it.
The bitter exchange represented a debate familar to governors across the U.S., many whom have feared and predicted that a castrophe could find their National Guard units woefully hard-pressed to react to mass casualities or chaos after four years in Iraq.
The other hot-button issue between the governors adn the president regarding the National Guard involves the Insurrection Act, the law that governs when the National Guard can be "federalized"for domestic law enforcement without consent of a governor.
A 2006 revision to the act expanded the president's power to assume control of the Guard during domestic events, which governors say threatens to derail state disaster planning and response.Sens.Patrick Leahy,D.Vt.,and Kit Bond, R.Mo.,co-chairs of the Senate National Guard Caucus, introduced a bill to repeal the changes..
Write them...write them many letters telling them to vote it in and bring our boys home..
(the Chicago Tribune/The Associated Pres contributed to this report.)
ok,I'm crawling down off my soap box...sigh*
think it's time for a nap..