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Friday, September 29, 2006

..............BUSH'S WAR..............

The classified National Intelligence Estimate states that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped create a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept.11 attacks..

Documents released by the White House timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Sept.11 attacks emphasixed the successes that the United States had made in dismantling the top tier of al-Qaeda."Since the Sept.11 attacks,America and its allies are safer, but we are not safe," one report, titled "9/11 Five Years Later:Success and Challenges."
"We have done much to degrade al-qaeda and its affilates and to undercut the preceived legitimacy of terrorism," the report said.
That document makes only passing mention of the impact the Iraq war has had on the global jihad movement."The ongoing fight for freedom in Iraq has been twisted by terrorist propaganda as a rallying cry," it stated.

Recently retired military officers who served in Iraq blamed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Monday for the morass there, said he should resign and urged senators to subpoena active generals to testify about their own similar concerns.
In extraordinary testimoney from former senior military men during wartime,retired Army Maj.Paul Eaton said Mr.Rumsfeld "continues to fight this war on the cheap" and denounced him as "incompetent."
Gen.Batiste, said Mr. Rumsfeld had surrounded himself with "like-minded and compliant subordinates," underestimated the need for ground troops despite arguments to the contrary and was so insistent that there wouldn't be an insurgency that "he threatened to fire the next person who talked about the need for a post-war plan."

More than 1/3 of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans seeking medical treatment from the Veterans Health Administration report symptoms of stress or other mental disorders--coming as more troops face multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan-
has triggered concern among some veterans groups that the agency may not be able to meet the demand.

The Army is stretched so thin by the war in Iraq that it is again extending the combat tours of thousands of soldiers beyond the promised 12 months-the second such move since August.Soldiers of the 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division had been expecting to return to their home base in Germany in mid-January.Instead, they will stay an extra 46 days in Iraq, until late February, the Pentagon announced Monday.
The soldiers are operating in western Anbar province,one of the most violent parts of Iraq.
The Pentagon also announced tht the 4th Brigade,1st Cavalry Division, based at Fort Hood,Texas, will deploy to Iraq 30 days earlier than scheduled,starting in late October.
"The Army is coming to the end of its rope in Iraq,"said Loren Thompson, a defense analyst at the Lexington Institute, a private research group."It simply does not have enough active-cuty military personnel to sustain the current level of effort."
Last month, the Army's 172nd Stryker Brigade was ordered to extend its tour in Iraq by up to four months.Some members of that unit had already returned to the brigade's home base in Alaska when the decision was announced.About 300 soldiers had to go back to Iraq, drawing public complaints from families.
Asked about the matter at a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declined to confirm the extension but said that "from time to time there may be" units required to stay in Iraq longer than sheduled.Mr. Rumsfeld also appeared to hint at other adjustments to the troop rotation plan.

The Army is $500 million short of the money it needs to operate the bases this year because of the war in Iraq, forcing many posts to cut back on training,force protection and family support programs,House Democrats said Thursday.
Since June, some Army installations have had to close mess halls, reduce training time, and cut back on ammunition, equiptment, food and fuel to nondeploying units.
Funds for family support activities, including child care,gyms, bus services have also been cut, hurting morale for families whose loved ones are fighting overseas,the congressional Democrats said at a news conference.
The problem has been building for several years, with the Army underfunding its base operation accounts.When fiscal 2006 started last October, the Army had only 69% of the funds it needed for activites ranging from cutting frass and building maintenance to paying civilian workers to man security gates and equiptment warehouses.
The Army was counting on money from the Bush administration's $72billion emergency defense spending request to help cover those activities, but the Congress failed to pass the bill before the Memorial Day recess.

I would like to end this silent screaming rant by adding one more peice of information...
Mehtarlam, Afghanistan.
Sgt.1st Class Merideth Howard,52 became the oldest female soldier to die in combat..In 1996 she had been assigned to the Individual Ready Reserves, for soldiers without a unit.
In a first for the U.S. military-provincial reconstruction teams in Afghanistan were being filled by a mix of Navy,Air Force,Army,National Guard,and Reserve soldiers.
I'll tell you the truth..this is so fucking painful for me to write I will justtell you that you can google her name and all the information about her is there..I am just so motherfucking pissed about this right now, my teeth hurt...
The only thing I can say is........VOTE...VOTE ...VOTE...VOTE

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Yes, it finally happens...Jackiesue..gets sober...well, not till november 9th...I quit right before my birthday as a sort of test for me..as if I could get thru my birthday without getting falling down drunk I could handle the rest of the year ok...What was funny...well, sort of sad, but I find humor in everything,even my struggle to get sober...so what was funny is my Stan and Laurel attempt to get sober..I started wigging out some time that summer..calling my old friends Brian,Jacki and various other old pals..drunk, whinning, feeling sorry for myself and maybe not exactly sounding like I had a firm grip on reality..So my old friend Brian felt he should do something..so he called the Waco office of AA....and told them he had a friend that was out of control and thought she could use some help..So later on that night I get this phone call from someone at AA..telling me my friend Brian had called and was concerned about me..of course my first response was "yeah?...well fuck you."...then the humor of it got to me.."So..what are you the Marines version of AA?...Looking for a few good drunks to enlist in your sober army? Well,my Daddy taught me never to volunteer, so you're going to have to look elsewhere for your recruits.I am 4f...I know for a fact...you can't draft me..."and hung up...well, this was enough to get me thinking..so I attended a meeting...and two very lovely ladies visted me at my house..they said..you live here? Said yes...they said you're not living in your car along side of the road?...of course not..are you crazy?..Well, you can't be too much of an alcoholic if you can still afford to live like this, keep you daughter in school and work...(4 jobs then)..I said..I handle it well...and showed them my refrigerator..I had a case of Lone Star, a 1/2 gallon of Rum and about 4-5 bottles of Boones Farm(I considered them chasers for my rum and cokes.)I said this might get me thru the week...maybe not...So I went to a second meeting...they were smoking so many cigarettes my eyes were red and watering...they were whining and boohooing about how they had fucked up their lives..they would try and out tell each other with 'I was so drunk' stories..Fuckkkkkkk!!!! Fuck it was like Stricky Country with no booze.
All I c
ould think of was.."Dear Goddess, please get me the fuck out of this place and I promise I will never drink again." I ran out to my car and everybody was so nice and caring about the fact that I was so moved that I was crying."Crying my ass, the smoke in that place is killing me, if the booze doesn't kill me..the second hand smoke will.." So I went home and threw out all the booze and made my kids a promise..don't make me attend meetings and I will not drink again...and you know what? I'm not sure that Thom really believes that I have not drank..I think he thinks I escape out of town and get drunk.sober up and come back and pretend I am still not drinking..He is such a little shit.
's how Jackie Got Sober..as I was battling booze, the U.S. and allies were battling Iraq.That took less time than my battle..as I'm still fighting it....wait a fucking minute....we're still fighting in Iraq...sooo it's a draw..
aw Pact dissolves military alliance.The Gulf War started Jan.15th and was over Feb.25th..(part one...part two is still on going)Europeans end sanctions in South Africa.Supreme Court limits death row appeals.Winnie Mandella sentenced in kidnapping trial..What the fuck ever happened on that deal??
Communist Government of Albania resigns.Jiang Qing, widow of Mao, com
mits suicide.South African Parliament repeal apartheid.Boris Yeltsen inaugurated as first freely elected president of Russian Republic.Lithuania, Estonia,and Latvia win independence.Bush recognizes them..(hey, look..it's them guys!!(points and waves)Prof. Anita Hill accuses Judge Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. Senate, 52-48, confirm Thomas for Supreme Court.(bad Senate..bad bad bad.)and this happened and that happened...yada yada yada...sorry, not one thing that happened really means shit..so if you want to know what else happened....google it..
Some of the music was ok...some of it sucked...every since I did last year I have had 'Free Nelson Mandella' is running in my head...which made me think of another South African themed song and can't remember what year it came out in...think it was a group of different singers like in the We Are The World Bunch..I think Bruce and that Soprano's band member of his was in it..and they were protesting playing at the rich clubs in South Africa that wouldn't allow blacks in only as help...was called "Ain't Gonna Play Sin City"....so now I have both of them fuckers changing off in my head to the point that now the songs have become one..."Free Nelson Mandella From Sin City."....fuck I may start drinking again..
'Around the Way Girl'by LL Cool J,'Unforgettable'by Nat and Natalie
Cole,'Everything I do, I do for you'by Bryan Adams,'Here we go and Gonna make you sweat'by C+C Music Factory,'More than words'by Extreme,'God Bless The USA'by Lee Greenwood,'Strik it up'by Black Box,'Power of Love'by Luther Vandross,'O.P.P.'by Naughty By Nature,'True Companion'by Marc Cohn,'When a man loves a woman'by Michael Bolton,'Enter Sandman'by Metallica,'Let's talk about sex'by Salt N Pepa,'Crazy'by Seal,'Unbelievable'by EMF,'Rico Suave'by
Geraldo,'Black on white'by Michael Jackson,'It ain't over til it's over'by Lenny Kravitz,'Good Vibrations'by Marky Mark and the Fun
ky Bunch(oh kay..when I googling Marky Mark to get a picture of him..I was surprised there were so many pictures of his dick...he's very proud of his dick...he is waving it around at concerts, on the beach, on roof tops...just waving that ole dick around...sometimes he is just holding it and smiling from ear to ear...he is very proud of that dick...you can go check his dick out if you like..I'm sure it would make him very happy.)this song must have meant something to him for sure:'Coming out of the dark'by Gloria Estefan,'Wind of change'by Scorpions,'Emotions'by Mariah Carey,'She talks to angles'by Black Crowes,'Baby Baby and Every heart beat'by Amy Grant,'Can't stop this thing we started'by Bryan Adams,'Joyride'by Roxette,'Silent Lucidity'by Queensryche,
'Something to talk about'by Bonnie Raitt,'Gett Off'by Prince and th
e New Power Generation,'Star Spangled Banner'by Whitney Houston(who can forget her singing it at the Super Bowl?..)
y Pearl Jam,'All the man that I need'by Whitney Houston,'Where does my heart beat now'by Celini Dion,'Now that we found love'by Heavy D and the Boys,'I Touch Myself'by Divinyls,'Losing my religion'by R.E.M.,'Miracle'by Whitney Houston,'Everybody Plays the Fool'by Aaron Neville,'Blowing Kisses in the Wind'by Paula Abdul,'I Don't wanna cry'by Miriah Carey,'Motownphilly'by Boys II Men,'High Enough'by Damn Yankees,'Love is a wonderful thing'by Michael Bolton,'Walking in Memphis'by Marc Cohn,and 'Love will Never do'by Janet Jackson.Are you jamming yet? Are you rocking an' a reeling? Boogie oooogie ooogie ..????'Bohemian Rhapsody/These are the days of our lives'by QUEEN,'Kiss them for me'by Siouxsie and the Banshees,'Into the great wide open and Learning to fly'by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,(ole Tom makes great songs to sing along to)'Bring the Noise'by Public Enemy & Anthrax,'You could be mine,Don't Cry and Live and Let Die'by Guns & Roses,'Chorus'by Erasure,'If there was any other way'by Celine Dion,'Do you remember'by Phil Collins,'Love..thy will be done'by Martika,'Emotions'by Mariah Carey,'Let the beat hit them'by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam,and a sexy song by a weirdly sexy guy.'Wicked Games'by Chris Isaac,'Shiney Happy Peopl'by R.E.M..'Good Times'by INXS,'It's in his kiss'by Cher,'Touch Me'by Cathy Debbis,
'Under the Bridge'by Red Hot Chili Peppe
rs,'Mysterious Ways and One'by U@,'Pound Cake and Top of the World'by Van Halen,
'Smells like teen spirit'by
Nirvana and one of the best songs ever done by any group in the entire world....'Do The Bartman'by The Simpsons.....
Sad sad
sad....Freddy Mercury dies on 11-24-1991...
Country music was not holding my attention very much but I did like Don't Rock the Jukebox by Alan Jackson and Fancy by Reba McEntire...that's it for country ..it was worse than rock....
Some excellent movies...Silence of the Lambs,City Slickers,

The Adamms Family and Father of the Bride.
People that I really did like and adm
ired died this year...Fred MacMurray,Danny Thomas,Michael Landon,Lee Remmick,Dr. Seuss and one of my favorite Actors who you may or not remember..old farts like me will, but you young whippersnappers won't....Aldo Ray...sigh* He wasn't a big movie star..he was a supporting actor in most black and white war films...he always got killed about half way through the movie..but remember him in one called Naked is the Dead(color)..and he was soo good in it...
Ok...it's 1991..I'm sober and didn't have to do the meetings.
Wonder if it would be in bad taste if I went out and celebrated by getting drunk...hee hee..see you in 92...
fuckme till I can taste Lone Star...

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Before I get started on this motherfucker..this is the second time I have done this post...blogger ate the first one...and I found out one thing...you can scream, cuss and throw you're converse tennies across the room....and it won't come back..so if this isn't as good as the first one...well, you won't ever know will ya...but I will and I am really pissed.

I used Suicide Blond for a tag line as I used to be a blonde and even though I don't think I was actually suicidal, anyone who drinks as much as I did...must have had it in the back of their mind...at least once or twice..I finally figured out what I did in 1990...besides drinking myself into several alcohol related deseases..I worked..and worked alot..I had pretty much burnt all my bridges with Paint, Lumber co's and hardware..so I had my own one woman cleaning company, plus I worked for another cleaning company. I cleaned the offices of the Waco paper and a 3-story Methodist Church.I worked at the Church with my oldest son D. and 2-3 other people.I really enjoyed working at the Church but because of my great parenting skills my kids were known for pretty much two things:farting and giving the finger...oh..and all of us swear like sailors on shore leave..So working with D at the Church led to some serious, yet funny situations..We went to work between 7-8pm and worked till 10-midnight...depending on the night..most nights we were out of there by 10:30..but if they had dinners or special events it took us longer and Fridays we had to vacuum the church area which was a huge job..took 3 of us...and during fall it was an extra chore as the crickets swarmed and vacuuming up dead or dying crickets and smelling them cook inside the vacuum, well it's a smell like you have never smelled before..We wore rags on scarves over our nose and mouth or we would have been puking in the pews...it was gross.
I used to drive J crazy as I would either whistle or sing songs and never knew the words to the songs and would be singing'I found my thrill..on Blueberry Hill, and lala humm lalalalallalaldo daaaall....whistle the tune,lalalal..hummmm on blue berry hill....'and the next time I would pass J he would be 'lalalall blueberry hill, damnit Jackie, now I have that song in my head and I can't quit singing it.'I would laugh my ass off...He told me once that he went home with the song Hearbreak Hotel in his head and it stayed there the entire weekend....Made my day.
D and J
were always trying to spook us by jumping out of closets or banging on windows so I had pretty much gotten over being scared at unexpected noises..so when someone banged on the window in the Kids room, I just flipped them the finger and went on my way..thinking it was D or J....it wasn't D or J..it was the pastors wife who had left her purse..so got my ass chewed for that one..much to the delight of my son...D was the champion in our family for farts..he would cock his butt and rip out the loudest and foulest farts ever..small children were known to flop over from the fumes...The church's basement is where all the cleaning supplies were and D was down there alot getting us supplies, etc. and we would press elevator button to have him send them up ..he would get in the elevator..fart..and then send the elevator up....we would open it up to be greeted by his noxious fart and just about gag...Once I shouted down the elevator shaft after a blast from the basement'fuckyou, you little asshole'....I got in trouble for that one too...Methodists have no sense of humor...
During all this working I still continued to drink...I had taken my
GED the year before(married at 16 remember) and had made the second highest score ever on the written exam. This so excited the powers that be, they encouraged me to go to college and take English and writing classes..but they also added on a bunch of other shit..like fucking algerbra and psychology..(????????) I was working 5 cleaning jobs...5 days and 5 nights and 7 days and 7 nights drinking...Then the book store job came back into town(had worked for them the year before) and so I had all those jobs plus the book store job and 18 hours of school...This shit was seriously cutting into my drinking time.I was coming and going so much I could kiss my own ass..So naturally I quit school...It was just too stressful and needed the jobs to take care of me and my daughter...but I had been trying to stop drinking..I would actually stop drinking for 3-6 weeks..then say 'see, I can quit drinking..I just did.' drunks are so funny.
So as I was working my way through 1990...The World Wide Web debuts, General Manuel Noriega surrenders in Panama and Yugosl
avic communists end their 45-year monopoly of power. The Soviet Union relinquishes sole power and finally the South African government freed Nelson Mandella after being in prison for 27 1/2 years..(Does anyone remember the song 'Free Nelson Mandella?'...'Free Nelson Mandella ....Free Nelson Mandella'...that's it...only song I knew all the words too, well with the exception of the Bluebonnet song...)
1990 s
aw the launching of the Hubble Space Telescope and the launching of the U.S. Soviet summit accord on arnament. Western Alliance ends cold war and propose joint action(yeah, how's that working?)with Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. U.S. appeals court over turns Oliver North's Iran-Contra conviction.(fuckers)Iraqi troops invade Kuwait and seize their petroleum reserves, setting off Persian Gulf War.(what is the difference between Sadaam going into their country for their oil and our going into Sadaam's country for THEIR oil?)East and West Germany reunite.The Republicans get a set back in the midterm elections.(hopefully like this year)
Gorbachev assumes emergency power.Leaders of 34 nations in Eur
ope and North America proclaim a united Europe.Margaret Thatcher resigns and is replaced by John Major and Lech Walesa wins Poland's runoff presidential election.
y interesting year...music was getting better but still..some of it sucked the big one...like:'Can't live without you'by Nelson.But Madona rocked with'Vogue and Justify Your Love,'I'm your baby tonight'by Whitney Houston,'Here and now'by Luthor Vandross,'Janie's got a gun'by Aerosmith,'Vision of love'by Mariah Carey,'I wanna be rich'by Calloway,'Rhythm Nation and Black Cat'by Janet Jackson,'Joey'by Concrete Blonde, and a song that I am embarrased to admit....I like...liked it then..like it now...'Ice Ice Baby'by Vanilla Ice. Ok..you can stop laughing now..cause...'You cant touch this'by MC Hammer(and now He can't touch his money..his house, his car...etc..cause he blew it all.)'It must Have been love and Dangerous'by Roxette,'Pump up the Jam'by Technotronic,'Cradle of Love'by Billy Idol,'This old heart of mine by Rod Stewart and Ronald Isley,'Here we are, Cuts both ways,and Oyo mi cantro'by Gloria Estefan,'Close to you'by Mad Priest, 'Everybody Everybody'by Black Box,'Heart of the Matter'by Don Henley,'Blaze of Glory'by Jon Bon Jovi,'Downtown Train'by Rod Stewart,'Tom's Diner'by Suzanne Vega,'Freedom'by George Michael,'Bad Love'by Eric Clapton,'Lambada'by Khaoma,'Step by Step'by New Kids On The Block,'Pictures of you'by Cure,and
ny Bop'by Poison.
ohhhh we'
re rocking now...get down,get dirty..get funky
g one finger in the air)...wheeeee...
'Hungry'by Lita Ford,'Dirty Deeds'by Joan Jett,'All I wanna do is ma
ke love to you'by Heart,'L.A. Woman'by Billy Idol,
k Velvet'by Alannah Myles,'Up all night'by Slaughter,
at Club'by B-52's,'The way you do the things you do'by
UB-40,'All my life'by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Nevil
le,'That's what I like and Swing the Mood'by Jive Bunny,
'Love wil
l lead you back'by Taylor Dayne,'Cherry Pie'by Warrant,'All around the world'by Lisa Stansfield and a song that I love by a singer I love,'From A Distance'by Bette Midler..'Epic'by Faith no more and a song that my oldest granddaughter would sing at the top of her lungs in the car seat..."Free Falling"..by Tom Petty.Who could ever forget 'Killers' by Seal,'Just like Jesse James'by Cher,'Wouldn't it be nice'by The Beach Boys,'Hold On'by En Vogue,'Hold On'by Wilson Phillips,'Summer Rain'by Belinda Carlisle,'Sacrifice'
by Elton John,'Love Shack'by B-52's,and that lovely lov
ely bald headed Irish lass...Sinead O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares
to you.'(got any pictures of the Pope you want ripped in two?)

'Advice for the young at heart'by Tears for Fears,'Bird on a Wire'by the Neville Brothers,'Right Here Right Now'by Jesus Jones,'Blue Sky Mine'by Midnight Oil,'Higher Ground'by Red Hot Chili Peppers,and a song by a group that I met in Waco at a convience store...I saw them all duded up in their rock and roll attire and said'are you anyone?'(im so slick) and the leader of the group (who's name escapes me..married to Kate what's her name..Goldie Hawn's daughter)said 'no, but we will be.'It was the week before they were to appear on MTV for the first time..So I got their autographs for the granddaughters..Which I am sure they lost..anyhow..'Hard to Handle'by the Black Crowes..
music was still sounding like pop with fiddles to me, but I had my favorites like:'Friends in low places,'by Garth Brooks,'Come Next Monday'by K.T. Oslin(love that song),'Black Velvet'by Ronnie Lee,'Oh, Lonesome Me'by Kentucky Headhunters(wonder what ever happened to them?) and 'Silver Stallion'by the Highwaymen....
There were some pretty good movies and I have
seen them all..like Dances With Wolves,Reversal Of Fortune,Misery,Goodfellas,Ghost,Home Alone,Pretty Woman,Dick Tracy(stupid movie) and a great movie...Millers Crossing..
Stars f
lickered and went out...Ava Gardner, Greta Garbo,Capucine, Jill Ireland,Sammy Davis,Jr,Jim Hensen,Stevie Ray Vaughn and one of my all time favorites...Robert Cummings...so...was it good for you...since it was the second time for me....I will go have a smoke...nah....to make that a trifecta.I would have to have a beer and get laid...see you in '91...