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Friday, September 15, 2006

HOLY SHIT! I MADE IT...1989...........


I am finally at the end...movies, music, world news and me...now that I have actually made it to the end..I wish I had started out doing the movies from the beginning too..Movies are cool..I saw more cartoon movies with the grandbabies than I did with my kids..mostly cause I took them to movies I liked not what they liked...The kids got to see Exorcist,Easy Rider, Rocky Horror Show and Hair. The grandbabies saw All Dogs Go To Heaven and all the Disney movies..Which I have to tell you N. still did not like...Jamie and Jennie were crazy about them...N. thought they were stupid beyond words..she wanted to see people..not cartoons..You should have seen the tiny little fist fights they had when they would come to the house..I would rent movies, we would have grandma's home made pizza,soda pop and popcorn.But first I would have to settle the argument of what we were going to watch...I would flip coins, we would do one potato, two potato, paper, scissors and rock to see who would watch what first...Jenny and Jamie wanted to watch cartoons and N. wanted to watch Batman. Oh man..what a mess..no matter who won or lost ..someone would be pissed..When I moved out here and they were older, it wasn't so bad as they were more interested in playing 'tarts'....and we had H. by then and we just sat around in amazement watching her play..she was so much younger than they were but she was all girl...she wore so much makeup we called her 'tiny tart'..I think the best part I liked was when I got Nate the 110 lb. pit bull...He was such a great dog..but his job in his heart was to guard the girls..well, it's hard to watch 4 girls running around the house, even as small as this one is...he would freak out..running from one kid to the next..which door to lay in front of..5 doors, so he was just running himself nuts and driving the girls crazy too as they did not want to be hovered over by this crazed dog..so finally one night he snapped..and he actually hearded them into a small group and into the corner of the living room and sat in front of them and wouldn't let them move. If they moved he got up and pushed them back into the corner with his head...I couldn't put him outside as he would sit in front of the door and just continuiously bark...and he had some bark...I finally got him to go and lay in front of the door that led to the outside and he fell asleep.
to the events of the day..It was not a good year if you were a communist...U.S. plane shot down 2 Libyan fighters over international waters in the Mediterrianean.Emperor Hirohito of Japan died at age of 87.George Herbert Walker Bush became our 41st President...Read my lips..kiss my ass.
n'sAyatollah Khomini declares author Salman Rushdie's book the Satanic Verses offensive and sentenced him to death.(we should hire the guys who guard him to protect our borders as he is still alive and well and going to movie premiers.)Ruptured tanker Exxon Valdez sends 11 million gallons of crude oil into Alaska's Prince William Sound.
Tens of t
housands of Chinese students take over Beijing's Tiananmen Square in rally for democracy.U.S. jury convicts Oliver North in Iran-Contra affair.
More t
han one million in Beijing demonstrate for democracy and Chaos spreads across the nation.Then thousands are killed in Tiananmen Square as Chinese Leaders take hard line toward the demonstrators..
Army General Colin R. Powell is first black Chairman of Joint Chief
's Of Staff.
er 2 space craft speeds by Neptune after making startling discoveries about the planet and it's moons.(look it up).
Deng Xiaoping resigns from China's leadership..(someone had to ta
ke the fall for the demonstrations I guess).
lly after 28 years the Berlin Wall comes down and is open to the West.Czech Parliament ends communist's dominant role.(big Czech celebration in West). Romanian uprising over throws Communist government and President Ceaunescu and his wife are killed...
U. S. troops invade Panama, seeking capture of General Manuael Noreiga.Resistance to U.S. collapses.
Dalai Lama wins the Nobel Peace Prize..I would like to receive the Nobel Kicked ass Prize..The movies for the year were pretty cool.."Batman, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusades,Lethal Weapon 2,Look Who's Talking,Driving Miss Daisy,and My Left Foot.But what gets me about this year is how many great stars died...Lucy,John Cassavets, Gilda Radner,Jim Bacus,Mel Blanc(voice of Bugs Bunny),Amanda Blake(miss kitty.....died of aids),Lee Van Cleef,Laurence Olivia and the great Bette Davis...wow....A lot of stars went out this year..
and the music w
ent round and round...ohhhhh yeah...'All she wants is'by Duran Duran,'Another Day in Paradise'by Phil Collins,'Back to Live'by Soul ll Soul,'Bad Medicine'by Bon Jovi,'Bat Attack "89", by Crime Fighters, Inc..'Don't wanna lose you',by Gloria Estefan,'Drama'by Erasure,'Beds are burning,'by Midnight Oil,'Dr. Feelgood and Kick Start My Heart'by Motley Crue,'Heavy Metal and Monsters of Rock'by Judas Priest,'Eyes of a Stranger'by Queen Sryche,'Cartoon'by Soul Asylum,'Hanging tough and You Got It by New Kids on the Block,'Chained to the Wheel',by Black Sorrows,'Cherish, Express yourself,and Like A Prayer'by Madonna,'Eternal Flame'by The Bangles,'I drove all night'by Cyndi Lauper,'I felt the earth move'by Martika,'Leave a light on'by Belinda Carlisle,'Crying Shame'by Johnny Desel and the Injectors,'If I could and You'll never know'by 1927,'The Look and Listen to your heart'by Roxette,'If I could turn back time'by Cher,'Straight up'by Paula Abdul,'Stuck on you',by Paul Norton,'Lost in your eyes'by Debbie Gibson,'Love Shack'by B-52's,'Make me smile'by Nick Barker nd the Reptiles,'If Tomorrow never comes and The Dance'by Garth Brooks,'Do you believe in shame'by Duran Duran,'Veronica'by Elvis Costello,'Killing Time'by Clint Black,'Me, Myself and I'by De La Soul,'My Brave Face',by Paul McCartney,'Stop'by Sam Brown,'Once bitten, Twice shy'by Great White,'Open Letter'by Living Color,'Stand and Orange Crush'by REM,'Like A Prayer'by Madona,'Poison'by Alice Cooper,'Personal Jesus'by Depeche Mode,'She drives me crazy'by Fine Young Canabils,'She has to be loved'by Jenny Morris,'Something in return'by Soul Asylum,'Love in an elevator'by Aerosmith,'The Best'by Tina Turner,'Just Get It'by Roy Orbison,'Bust a move'by Young MC,'Miss you Much'by Janet Jackson,'What you don't know and When I looked at him'by Expose,'When I see you smile'by Bad English,'We Didn't start the fire'by Billy Joel(I loved that song and the video),'Wild Thing'by Sam Kinson,'Wild Thing'by Ton Loc,'and a song I really did like to sing along to the radio with....'Rock On'by Michael Damian...(of the Young and Restless soap opera...)I was still boot skooting boogie to
'Hold Me'by K.T. Oslin,'From A Jack To A King'by Ricky Van Shelton,'Cathy's Clown'by Reba McEntire,'Nothing I can do about it now'by Willie Nelson,'Yellow Roses'by Dolly Parton,'The Heart'by Lacy J. Dalton,and a great duet of both the Hank's....Ther's a Tear in my beer....which reminds me of the old
country song...'I have tears in my ears from lying on my back.....crying...over you...." and my favorite made up title...'I can't get over you...so get up and answer the phone yourself.'................
so folks
this brings our little show to an end...I feel like I had a 30 year flashback..with out the drugs and booze...I hope you have enjoyed my little tripping down memory lane..but all good things must come to an end...and memory lane peters out at a dead end..ya'll come back and see us ..ya'hea?


Babs1 said...

Great job Jackiesue! And the new blog background is purty!

texlahoma said...

Nate reminds me of Bob, he always lays in front of the bathroom door when someone is in there. Sometimes he falls asleep and it's hard to get out!

Nate James said...

i have 30 year flashbacks all the time.

leo myshkin said...

holy christ, a dog on a bed.

i thought i walked into my bedroom for a minute.

JBlue said...

Wow, did you undergo a rapid change. And it was due to those grandkids?

What a year, eh?

Snave said...

Excellent mental road trip! I love it! I may have to blogroll YOU if you don't mind! Keep on rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Awww it can't just end now!

The new look is great, I liked the yellow, but this one is easier on the eyes. Hope your having a good one .. :)


too purty for me...back to black..and a calmer yellow babs.
TEX: yeah, nate would lay in front of bathroom door to..and when i sat in chair he would lay on top of my feet..
Leo:..dogs don't belong on beds??? not n my house...now that im getting a bigger bed..i need a dog to keep me warm..
jublue:grandkids will make you switch political parties...well..almost
snave: if you are new here check out first one of the road trip...1959...
oh man...dont make me do the nineties...please....oh man..

Josh said...

Great series JS, it's been a real treat getting to know more about you and the events that made you the person you are today.

I never knew Miss Kitty died of AIDS. Sad.

apositivepessimist said...

another one of my favourite aussie bands...midnight oil...the lead singer peter garret has since went into politics.

oh okay after reading both yers and babs comment I thought I wasn't seeing what you's were seeing.

Anonymous said...

What a great trip back in time. I remember it like it was yesterday, in fact better than yesterday. The short term memory goes first. You really should write a history book with your own touch to it. I don't care what your blog looks like, I'll read it anyway.

Nit Wit said...

Now how am I going to remember what happened in the 90's. For that matter what happened yesterday?
I been avoiding reading this post because I didn't want it to end.
Well, it will be good to hear the gump get his ass handed to him again.
I have to take my joy where I can get it I guess.
What do you think of Kinky almost taking a position on Pot smoking?

Cyberoutlaw said...

I'll bet a female dog would have known how to handle that situation from the outset. She would have grabbed all of them by the neck and put them in corner....oops! That's what he did, LOL!

Scottish Toodler said...

Why is it ending? Did you stop having memories?