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Monday, September 25, 2023

Future NFL player..

                                     Thom, me, Dylan and Abby. Dylan plays flag football(he scored 2 touchdowns and blew it off like anyone could have done it and it was no big thing.) This is the first game I've gotten to see and when I yelled over the fence and let him know I was there the grin on his face lit up the Texas skies. When the game was over and he was in the stands he run right past his grandpa and nana(almost ran her over) to get to me and threw his self into my arms. After all the hugs and kisses his first sentence was did you get the puzzles for me so we can do the puzzles together?...He's up to puzzles with over 1000 pieces...he's so smart. I love that he has my crooked lopsided grin...Which we both inherited from my mother...It was also Abby's 11th birthday. So I gave her her birthday gifts. They were so glad to see me. really made me feel good. And first time they had seen me with my walker and i was afraid they were going to be freaked out by it but they were fine with it .I also noticed in this picture that my boobs seem to just move around in my new bra. those sports bras for big titties are not a good idea.


  I can't get over that he will be 5 in March...fuuuck..Abby and Olivia are 11, I'll be 80 in November..Where did the time go???? I have apt with pain management dude Thursday and he will have results of cat scan on my spine. I will have some major decisions to make. They want me to have spine operation immediately..I'm not sure..need to confer with pain dude and Cujo..see what's up...getting old sucks bites and blows..