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Monday, August 31, 2015

My point of view..........

"My dad's going to to turn over in his grave" Skip Fletcher, of Fletcher's Corn Dogs, on the decision to begin selling a vegetarian version of the crowd favorite at this year's Texas State Fair.  

There are just somethings you shouldn't fuck with..and Fletcher's corn dog is one of them..Let them vegetarians go eat a cabbage and leave the corn dogs to us meat eaters.

 "It's just like, 'whoa, is this really the sport that you can embrace entirely?' I don't know. It's a real self-examination." IndyCar team co-owner and former TV host David Letterman, citing six deaths in motor sports.

I have never really got the car racing thing..I keep up with it a little bit because my friend Barbara loves it..so I root for Matt Kenseth because he's her favorite driver. But I think it's the most boring sport there is..even more boring than golf...and that's like watching paint dry.. but is six deaths worse than the brain damage that shortens the lives of football players? and? and? what about those poor damn bulls ...and the deaths of horses from racing and breaking legs? I suppose we could just sit at home and watch Netflix..no one has ever gotten hurt or kilt watching Netflix..

"That's what's so cool about Texas high school football. We don't jack around here." Grapevine High School football coach Randy Jackson, on the growing use of drones to make video recordings of practices. 

Wonder if the drone will follow the kids home from practice and make sure they aren't eating them fecking vegetarian corn dogs.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Westfest 2015 - Images From The Past


West is planning a Sister City ceremony with Kunovice, Czech Republic on Sept.5 at the gazebo on the West City Hall lawn. The mayor of Kunovice will be our Grand Marshall for the Westfest parade. With this signing, West will be only the second city in Texas to become a Sister City with a city in the Czech Republic. The other is East Bernard. You should google Kunovice, it has a great and rich history...very interesting.
To tie in with this story is the story of Alice Lunakova, a college student who is writing a thesis about the Czech immigration to Texas. She is staying with a family here in West and will be interviewing Czech's to get their family history and as she speaks Czech and American she is anxious to speak with some of the Czech speaking citizens of West..I think this is really cool and can't wait to read it..

Kiwanis is having blood drive this Thursday..we usually have  very big turn out.
 Nov 3 we will have City of West elections..Tommy Muska will be opposed by Suzy Price for Mayoral race. Should be interesting..
I know who I' voting for...
West Catholic Daughters of the America's will have bake sale on Saturday at Saint Mary's Parish Center. Too bad you aren't here for this...

As most of you know this will be the 40th Anniversary of our Westfest..which will be from September 4th to 6th.
Westfest will begin with the Preview Party on Sept. 4th under the East Pavilion tent on the festival grounds with the Miss Westfest Pageant. The gates open at 5:30 p.m. The Miss Westfest Pageant is scheduled at 7 p.m. where the reigning Miss Westfest 2014 Dokupil will crown the new Miss Westfest at the end of this event.
Following the crowning of Miss Westfest Roger Creager is scheduled to perform in this area followed by Cory Morrow, who is scheduled to be on stage at 10 p.m. There is a special Preview party price for the Carnival area for the kids. They will be able to ride all mechanical midway rides for $25. This price does not include the price of admission. There will be over 20 rides. Adult admission for the Preview Party will be $15, children under the age of 12 and accompanied by an adult are admitted free.
Saturday morning starting at 10 a.m. we'll have the parade..which in my book is the best part of Westfest...well, when I drank it wasn't..but it sure is now.
On the festival grounds there will be many many food booths(and one for skunk eggs), hours of ethnic entertainment under the Cultural Amphitheater, and arts and crafts area along with, of course, continuous polka music and lots of dancing. (including the Chicken Dance and There is no Beer in Heaven). 
There will be horseshoe tournaments, Taroky Tournaments and I think a washer tournament too.
New to the amphitheater this year will be the Kolache Eating Contest beginning at noon on Sept. 6th. Melissa Sefcik, who is the coordinator for this contest, said prizes will be given to the winners in the men, women, boys and girls divisions along with a team eating contest...that should be fun to watch. In addition, she said there will be a grand prize presented to the winner of the Velky Vitez(Big Winner) division.
We will also have our Kolache 5000 Challenge for 8 a.m. on Sept. 5th.
There will be the traditional Kolache Baking Contest too..which is won by Gerik Bakery employees every year. Jeanne and Jennifer..ha..

There are some great deals on houses for sale too
Reduced to $225,000...for a custom built 3bd/2b bath home. Kitchen features beautiful oak cabinets. Large family room has a built-in oak entertainment center. Master BR has small office, bath features separate Jacuzzi tub, shower, 2 large walk-in closets with dual vanities. Home is equipped with alarm system, underground sprinkler system and nice workshop with roll up door. Enjoy cool nights on the relaxing covered patio. 1108 South Harrison.
If your looking to build? Perfect building site, very nice lot with mature trees 1406 N. Reagan for $24,000. Probably one of the places that the house was destroyed and they decided not to rebuild.

Lost 6 residents..mostly in their 80's..so got a few years before I make the obit.

I start driving for meals on wheels tomorrow..my first day of driving..I will have a hopper with me to make sure I get to all the houses right and make sure the ones that need rides get them and taken home...wish me luck...I love the expression 'hopper'..it's the person that hops out and takes the lunch to the people...isn't that cute?.ha..
I'm starting to get donations for the oldies...going to have a bake sale on Oct. 3rd..I'll make a bunch of stuff and have friends that are going to bake for me too...good..cause I will need lots of money..will have twice the people this year then I ever did with the residents..so open your wallet and send what you can.no donation to small..plan on spending $15 on each oldie...make it your good deed for the year..or till I hit you up for money for next year...love and kisses and Goddess bless your sweet hearts.

                                 PIVO FOR EVERYONE..

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Uh oh....


Taken from Points in DAM News.

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm going to something about it to change it."Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry, using an anti-Washington platform to jack up interest in him running for President. So far no one cares...Not Republicans, not Texans, not people from Iowa, Florida or Bumfuck Egypt. 
Someone from the crowd yelled out "What about your indictment?" The Ohio State Fair sure weren't interested in what he had to say, especially since he does have that nasty ole indictment hanging over his head... I think we can pretty much count him out of the race, no matter how long he sticks it out.

The articulate Donald Trump had this ? garbled string of words to say this past week in response to a question about the 'wall'..."You do a beautiful, nice pre-cast plank, with beautiful everything, just perfect. I want it to be so beautiful, 'cause maybe someday they're going to call it the Trump Wall." This is the front runner? I don't even know where to start..
He's.....he's....well? He's just stupid..a racist, a woman hater and an asshole. 'nuff said.

Friday, August 21, 2015


How many of you would buy a black tshirt with yellow stencil lettering saying    WHAT WOULD 
                        YELLOWDOG GRANNY 

like to sell them use money for Santa's gifts for Community Center.. get an idea how

I"'m thinking $20?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


pictures of the gg's when I put them up in Dec of last year..look how they've changed and grown...wow..in just a year.


Monday, August 17, 2015


this isn't from all of the states that  seceded, but you get the drift. So if this is your heritage and gives you the right to wave your confederate flag? Then wear the label of racists and your heritage is built on that and hate.





Saturday, August 15, 2015


I got these this morning at the have Coffee with Cops here in West. I thought it was a great chance for you guys to get a piece of West and me make some money for my oldies..I have one each..taking highest bidder for them..each or together..will pay for shipping..they are bands for wrists...let me know.


Friday, August 14, 2015


Just got back from the community center and a list of 33 names, that's not all of them. I still have to get the ones that get their meals on wheels delivered. 
You should have heard them..I don't need anything, I don't want to take anything, it might keep someone from getting something. I called them stubborn ole Czech's and to sign the damn list. They did.
They all loved that I got fired from being a volunteer because that means they get stuff now.
They are all so funny and looking so forward to getting gifts from Santa. I told them it was really strange, but Santa looks a lot like me. One of the ladies said she wanted a car and one wanted Tom Selleck. This is going to be so much fun.I also got conned into delivering meals on wheels twice a month on Fridays..whee.
So if anyone would like to start donating money or 'stuff' nows a good time to start. I'd like to have everything in by Dec 15. That way I'll know how much I have and how much I can spend on them.
So dig in your wallet and Adopt an Oldie..every little bit counts and no donations is too small.. I will take anything.

Grands in Mexico on vacation..gg with the greats at Thom and Candy's.

 Jamie, Jenny and their buddy Kyle..
 my beautiful granddaughters.
 and the view.I'm sure there will be more pictures coming.
 Thom and Candy took care of Olivia for 2 days and then Olivia's other grandparents had her the other 2 days..she's running the office now...
 Olivia playing at the little organ.
 Nana and the gg's.
 GG's fat ass catching Abby who's yelling 'catch me GG I'm a catapillar'...
 I actually crawled up there and came down the side too..got soaking wet and had my phone in my bra and my watch on..both got soaking wet and both of them got dried out and are working fine..

little fishes..

Monday, August 10, 2015

the bottom of the barrel Monday

my debate party..

The Goddess is in West, for the debates..she said the clown show in Sessumnir has folded up and moved on to Hel, so she's in need of a few good laughs and Fox news tonight is the place to get them. She and I would play the drinking game, but she doesn't want to send me to rehab so we're just going to have popcorn and Diet Ginger Ale.
She, like me, agrees that it should be on Comedy Central.
The head clown for this circus is Donald Trump...his qualifications are his questionable abilities to build this mass fortune which to hear him say is billions and billions..The Goddess say's it's maybe 10 million at the max. He also hosted the Apprentice, where if he was a contestant, he wouldn't last the first show. The Goddess say's:"Donald Trump? You're fired." She also said that he has the smarts and temperament of a 9-year-old boy being told he can't stay up past bedtime to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. She expects him to get called on his bullshit tonight and thinks he'll have a full-blown hissy fit and maybe will hold his breath until he turns purple, pass out and be carried off the stage with wet pants.

The former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush is going to be fun to watch. She says he lets lose more bullshit than his brother ever did and she enjoys watching him covering his ass, but he needs to be covering his mouth instead.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker she said should just be institutionalised for the mentally stupid and criminal. Refuses to discuss him anymore.

Now former Governor Mike Huckabee, that's an entirely different story..she loooooves talking about Mike. She calls him Fuckabee, she's such a caution that Goddess. She said she's never seen someone kiss ass like he does. Now he's wooing the black churches. She said he's going to get a humpback from bending over kissing asses, and she looks forward to watching that.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson just confuses her..She doesn't understand how a smart talented black man could demean himself by turning off his smarts and running with the dumb dogs.He just trying to make the history books? He won't make the history books...Texas writes the history books and they don't recognize black people..even if they're neurosurgeon's.

United States Senator Ted Cruz. The Goddess says:"Do you notice if you take out the u add and an A and a Y, you have crazy." Not much of a stretch.

Mario Rubio...such a waste...so pretty..The Goddess and I think after he fails as a politician he should get a job in the next Magic Mike movie and put his talents to use.

Paul Rand. The nut doesn't fall to far from the tree. Batshit runs strong in the Rand genes. The Goddess says she looked his family history up and she found that if you go far back enough searching his family tree you will find out that the only reason his family didn't die out with the neanderthals is the homo sapiens needed someone to mash the grapes for the wine.

Oh-oh-oh...New Jersey Governor Chris Christi...The New Jersey Devil. She said he's just a donut short of a  heart attack so not to even bother with him. After she saw him in the baseball uniform, she said that's not all he's short on.

When I asked her about Ohio Governor John Kasich, she said who?...

So, the Goddess and I will be watching the circus tonight and we were lamenting the fact there were no elephants, but then we remembered Chris Christi..we had a good laugh over that one..I think everyone should start giving him a peanut every time they see him, maybe call him Dumbo.
drop by after the debate and tell me what you think..

Sunday, August 09, 2015


Good morning world..    
There will be some changes to Ole Yellowdog's format. We will now be returning to the golden days of yesteryear. 
No more Monday and Friday memes..
there will be occasional ones as I will be  doing my political rants..news of the day, and West, by Goddess, News..  Like before I got lazy and just let you do your own thinking..now I know the memes were also telling you what I was thinking..but I miss what my blog was to begin with..me and bullshit..mine and others.
I know I can't go back and do Jackiesue's trip down  memory lane, although it would be fun..I have lots more memories..but good luck on me getting them memories to the right year. 
So for you newbies if this isn't what you signed up for? Too fucking bad..
I'm 71, will be 72 in November..and I'm going to do what I want, no matter who it pisses off..You listening West,Texas? 
I'll take a few  days off to put together a welcome back to yellowdog's post.
laters gaters.

Friday, August 07, 2015