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Monday, August 31, 2015

My point of view..........

"My dad's going to to turn over in his grave" Skip Fletcher, of Fletcher's Corn Dogs, on the decision to begin selling a vegetarian version of the crowd favorite at this year's Texas State Fair.  

There are just somethings you shouldn't fuck with..and Fletcher's corn dog is one of them..Let them vegetarians go eat a cabbage and leave the corn dogs to us meat eaters.

 "It's just like, 'whoa, is this really the sport that you can embrace entirely?' I don't know. It's a real self-examination." IndyCar team co-owner and former TV host David Letterman, citing six deaths in motor sports.

I have never really got the car racing thing..I keep up with it a little bit because my friend Barbara loves it..so I root for Matt Kenseth because he's her favorite driver. But I think it's the most boring sport there is..even more boring than golf...and that's like watching paint dry.. but is six deaths worse than the brain damage that shortens the lives of football players? and? and? what about those poor damn bulls ...and the deaths of horses from racing and breaking legs? I suppose we could just sit at home and watch Netflix..no one has ever gotten hurt or kilt watching Netflix..

"That's what's so cool about Texas high school football. We don't jack around here." Grapevine High School football coach Randy Jackson, on the growing use of drones to make video recordings of practices. 

Wonder if the drone will follow the kids home from practice and make sure they aren't eating them fecking vegetarian corn dogs.

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