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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Taken from Points in DAM News.

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm going to something about it to change it."Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry, using an anti-Washington platform to jack up interest in him running for President. So far no one cares...Not Republicans, not Texans, not people from Iowa, Florida or Bumfuck Egypt. 
Someone from the crowd yelled out "What about your indictment?" The Ohio State Fair sure weren't interested in what he had to say, especially since he does have that nasty ole indictment hanging over his head... I think we can pretty much count him out of the race, no matter how long he sticks it out.

The articulate Donald Trump had this ? garbled string of words to say this past week in response to a question about the 'wall'..."You do a beautiful, nice pre-cast plank, with beautiful everything, just perfect. I want it to be so beautiful, 'cause maybe someday they're going to call it the Trump Wall." This is the front runner? I don't even know where to start..
He's.....he's....well? He's just stupid..a racist, a woman hater and an asshole. 'nuff said.

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