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Thursday, June 28, 2012

sigh*....made it....FRIDAY


 I can't even begin to tell you how delicious them suckers are. And????? no baking..no fecking baking. OMG...I don't think I have had so many compliments on my baking before..and no baking. The maple cookies were also well loved...every one liked them, but man, the Nanaimo Bars..rocked the Casbah.I made 2 pans of them and there were 6 left, and only because Jamie grabbed them up and hid them so she could take them home. Before they got into the activity room we all decided to take one and try it...The best I can say is..."they are Gerik Bakery good."..
I have a bunch of pictures but Jamie hasn't down loaded them down yet and the ones on my camera I'm not sure how they will be as the damn batteries were going out..
I will give detailed report with pictures today or tomorrow..but sufficed to say: it was a huge success. The cards blew them away. I let them take them back to their rooms and they were so blown away by the beauty of all the places ...I want to babble on but want to wait till I get the pictures.. but? Goddess bless all you warm hearted and lovely people that sent cards and gifts..you make my heart ache with love for you.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I think I can, I think I can I ..yes, I made it...it's Hump Day!!

going to store today to buy stuff for Jackie's Kitchen which is Thursday. I am so excited..I'm making a double batch of Nanaimo Bars. Now if I could just remember how to pronounce them. Kathy's supposed to get me a world map and some stick pins so I can place the pins every place we got a post card from. Plus I want to thank all of you that send in cards, (some more than one..hats off to Will and Larent. They went on vacation and send them cards from each stop.) and gifts. You are the best people I know and I adore you all.