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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Was an absolute success..5 of the Builders Club girls showed up right on time and helped me put out a tables so we could have the candy on it, got the boxes of free books to give away...watched the library while I ran and got some sodie pop for us and any patrons that wanted anything to drink...M.S. dropped by a ton of candy and I thought it was going to be to much..but we only had 1/2 of a bag left at the end of the night..It was an unqualified success..we had over 100 kids and that's not counting the parents, granny's and assorted kin folk..I would NOT have been able to do it with out those girls..we would get 5-10 kids at a time..2 girls were handing out candy, one was giving out pencils with Star Reader on them and one handed out the Frisbees..I gave out the books...What was terrific is that once they the kids knew they were getting a book..they zipped right past the candy and went straight for the books...and the costumes were so adorable..being a small town with a lot of grannies around and full time moms...a lot of the little girls had home made costumes and they were just beautiful..There were tons of princess's but with home made dresses, with lace, frills,pink satin, huge bows..just incredible..one little girl about
3 was Little Bo Peep and her grandmother had made it..little pantaloons, knitted bonnet, tiers of ruffles and a little crooked staff
that grandpa made...one was Dorothy and her dress was made by her mother..blue and white checked dress with ruby red shoes, made by mom...I saw grim reapers, knights, ninjas,
ninja turtles,hill billies(one of my girls
had a mullet wig on),princess's,spider men,supermen, wonder women,Dorothy,a lion,
a tiger,a pimp in purple velvet with a
snappy hat with feather,a few 'Ho's(or at
least they looked like ho's),faries,angels,cowboys,
oh..my..just kids in all sorts of
and they were all at my library...I was so excited and thrilled that it was a success..
I just knew about 6 kids would show
up and we would have candy for the rest of the year till next Halloween...I'm so proud of the
girls for helping me and proud of myself for getting it put together and making it so
much fun for all the kids..I are a *..
patting myself on the back.
Plus I got some new patrons and checked out
a few books...All the parents were so complimentary and made a point to thank
me and tell me how much they appreciated the books...and you should have
seen the kids..they LOVED getting
a book..sigh* I did good..!
It was supposed to go from 5:30
to 7pm...I didn't get out of
there till 7:45....and the carved pumpkins
were a hit too...had the innards hanging
out of the carved mouth..and the road kill
kitty was hanging out of the big pumpkin.
I have to go back tomorrow to finish cleaning
up and put up all the Halloween decorations.
I was just too tired to do it last night...
and now..I'm going to take off my gypsy
makeup, hang up all my tacky jewelry and
haul my ass to bed...trick or treat y'all...money or eats..

Monday, October 29, 2007


I haven't been around much lately...Babs came down for the weekend..and is staying till Tuesday morning...all we did this weekend was eat, watch TV and uh...sleep...Today is my final day as the fill in Librarian..I will go in on a volunteer basis and will host the Halloween party but my days as the go to Granny are over...Will miss it..but know it was just a matter of time before I went off on someone..or slipped and said something a lot worse then 'smart ass'....Plus Nancy will do a good job and I don't mind going up there and helping her out..Plus there are plenty of things for me to do around here..let things slide while filling in up there..need to do laundry, go back to the House of Satan and get them to redo my glasses..I tried..but that damn line is just to far down and it's driving me nuts..
My Aunt Leola called me..they are going to have the family reunion on Nov. 11th... want to go and got a phone call from one of my cousins last night and he wanted to make sure I was going..He lives in Arkansas and said he wasn't going to drive all that way if I wasn't going to be there..So now I need to call some of my other cousins and see if they are going...we are all so anti-social..we want to see each other but none of us want to get out of the house to do it..
I took some pumpkins up to the library and had the Builders Club kids carve them..and let me tell you..those are 2 of the uglies pumpkins you have ever seen..will have to take some pictures..I have one more but I want to carve it ..I love carving pumpkins..I want to do one so that it looks like it is throwing up it's guts..with the innards hanging out of its mouth.
These are some bits that I found interesting from the Dallas Morning News...
"It depends on how it's done.It depends on the circumstances.It depends on who does it."Rudy Giuliani, GOP presidential candidate,on whether waterboarding constitutes torture..
I bet if I grabbed his bald headed Yankee ass and tossed him in a tub full of water and sat my fat ass on his head for 4-5 minutes, he'd know right off the bat it was torture..Stupid asshole..We do torturing...and it will come back on us as they will do that and worse to our soldiers..
Thousands of protesters call for Iraq war's end..
Thousands of people called for a swift end to the war in Iraq as they marched downtown Saturday, chanting and carrying signs that read:"Wall Street Gets Rich, Iraqis and GI's die."and Drop Tuition Not Bombs." The protest was the largest in a series taking place in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other U.S.
cities, organizers said.Organizers of the event estimated 30,000 people participated in San Francisco.
Personally I think we all should just make our own sign...NO MORE WAR.. and carry it where ever we go...like part of your apparel...hat coat, sign...yup..I'm ready..
NASA has agreed to search it's archives once again for documents on a 1965 UFO incident in Pennsylvania, a step the space agency fought in federal court. The government has refused to open its files about what, if anything, moved across the sky and crashed in the woods near Kecksburg, Pa., 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.The Air Force's explanation for the unidentified flying object; a meteor or meteors.
Uh....yeah..that's the ticket..
Chertoff Blasts Fake Press Event...
I'm sure you all have read or heard about this already...where this schmuck from FEMA gave a press conference to:FEMA employees acting as reporters...The agency arranged to have FEMA employees play the part of reporters at the event Tuesday and question Vice Adm.Harvey Johnson, the deputy director.
"I think it was one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things I've seen since I've been in government," Michael Chertoff said Saturday...(Can't be any dumber than any one of the speeches that Bush gives on any day of the week...'doing a good job brownie.'and 'children's are learning.'
That's what you get when you hire your buddies to do a job they are not qualified for ..dip shits.
I mentioned to Babs today that it's been a long long time since I have done one of my Bush Bashing rants...or republicans in general..so all I have to do is wait for one of them to fuck up..and I'm on his ass like a duck on a junebug.
Until then...I'm going to be at the House of Satan kicking some ass...

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Cielito lindo
ay, ay, ay,ay
conta y no lores
porque cantando se
allegran/cielito lindo......

Sing, don't cry
Because by singing,
the sky lightens and becomes beautiful..

An Arkansas lawmaker has promised to try again to change rules that ban a cup of water but allow tobacco chewing and spitting in the State House..
So let me get this straight...They have already tried once and failed to pass a law in the Arkansas state House that will allow them to have water because they can have cups for chewing and spitting tobacco..fuckme till I spit.

Oklahoma is third in the nation in the number of slot machines, according to a gaming industry study, with a slot machine for every 79 residents....I would assume that Las Vegas and Reno are the first and second...Way to go Okies.
In Caracas Venezuela a glass monument to revolutionary icon Ernesto "Che" Guevara was shot up and destroyed less than two weeks after it was unveiled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's government.I hope they destroy every monument they erect to him....he was a mass murderer and no matter how cool he looks in his little beret on t-shirts...it doesn't take away from the fact that he tortured and murdered innocent Cubans....Every time I see someone wearing a t-shirt with him on it...I want to bip them into a coma...
Along with these tidbits of news I have been collecting...I want to tell you a story about what happened this evening...I'm sitting in my chair watching TV..and have the screen door cracked open so Annie can chase crickets in and out of the house..and all of a sudden...a man sticks his head in the door, bends over and starts to unlatch the hook that is holding the screen door open...I just sit there and stare at him over the tops of my new glasses(which don't fucking work)..just no reaction at all...he stands up and steps inside and then sees me and is visibly startled..he's one of the local cops..and was next door getting info from Claudette about a break in she had(her grandson robbed her while she was in the hospital)and went out to his patrol car for something and came back up the wrong walk and wrong apartment..scared the fuck out of him...and I'm like..no big deal...two things struck me about the whole incident..one...how fucking good of a cop are you that you can walk up one sidewalk to an apt..with no Halloween lights, no directions..nothing absolutely nothing on her porch..mine has tables, chairs, birdseed, a pumpkin,pots of plants,lawn tools, etc...and then go up my sidewalk and not notice the difference..then walk into the apt.which is entirely different from hers and only once your inside the apt do you go..."oh...damn..wrong place."???????what a dipshit...and why did I sit there in my chair while a strange man(I have to admit I did notice he was in a cops uniform so I wasn't scared)..fiddles with my screen door and steps inside and not even blink an eye?..I mean I never even moved..just watched him...like he was a new TV show or something..He was freaking out all over the place..Kept saying how sorry he was, and was shaken up by being in the wrong apt.Really weird...I'm like....no big deal..
wonder what that means?
I'm taking my glasses back tomorrow...have had them for 11/2 days and are driving me nuts..I have bi-focals...the top part is fine for distance..can read the football scores now...but the reading part is not strong enough and I can't see a flipping thing on the computer without tilting my head back and look through the bottom half..and that's a fucking pain in the ass...never had that happen before...wonder if I need trifocals...what ever..I'm going back and I want them fixed and not paying a dime for them..she screwed them up..I told her I used the computer a lot and think that should have been taken into consideration...farq!...my neck hurts from trying to work on the computer at library today...and had a ton of patrons..middle school kids are doing reports on General Lee, Normandy Beach, Berlin Wall, 60's protesters, Viet Nam,St. Francis of Assisi and Goddess knows what else...they had got a bunch of books from the Waco Library as we didn't have enough for everyone and was on computer either cataloguing the books or hunting them down...I am pooped..Going to make a cup of tea, take a hot bath and take my pussy and Gone Baby Gone book to bed...oh yea, will see if Annie want's to go to bed too..

.......CLEAVAGE CREEK.......

A new line of wines is named Cleavage Creek and features models wearing low decolletage on the label..The wines are part of a fundraising campaign to fight breast cancer, and the models are survivors of that disease.

"My goal was to honor their courage and inspire them,"said winery owner Budge Brown, who started the campaign after his wife of 48 years died of breast cancer.
Cleavage Creek wines cost from $18 to $50 a bottle on the website, http://www.cleavagecreek.com.
They made their debut this month with a release of 2,000 cases.
"It's a win-win,"said the 75-year-old Mr. Brown."You make a contribution. You get a beautiful bottle of wine
Among the models featured is Pattie Daly Caruso, a breast cancer survivor who is active in fundraising and awareness efforts,thinks the new campaign is a clever way to draw attention to the wine and the cause it supports.
"The truth is that this was just a natural," she said."He is giving 10percent of the money right off the top to breast cancer research, and that, to me, is incredible."
Mr. Brown is promising to donate 10 percent of gross sales of Cleavage Creek wines, meaning wine donated to charity as well as sold.
The name Cleavage Creek isn't new.
Wines were sold under that name by a different owner some years ago, although that campaign, which included marketing copy laced with double entendres, ran into some criticism.
After the name went up for sale..winery labels are routinely bought and sold-Mr. Brown's daughter suggested buying it.
"I liked the name, and it fit the property I had in Napa,"Mr.Brown said."It just kind of came together."....
Not that y'all need any encouragement ...at least now you have a great reason to drink...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

.......NEWS OF INTEREST.......

Jackiesue:'Hey, BBC, did you read how viagra can make you deaf?'

Jackiesue:'I said, there was an article in the paper and they said that Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are going to put warnings on the pill bottle, that it can make you suddenly go deaf.'
BBC:'You're going to have to speak up...I still can't hear you.'
Jackiesue:'I said, that if you take Viagra it can make you go deaf...all of a sudden.'
BBC:'I still can't hear you, what did you say?'

Monday, October 22, 2007

.......MOJO RISING.......

scenery taking second place to my beautiful daughter...

.......COWBOYS 24-VIKINGS 14.......

Yes,I may be a Viking....coming from a long line of Viking's..but at heart...I'm a cowgirl..and love my Cowboys... Except for when they play the Cowboys, I'm also a Viking fan...Way back in the 60's I got to see them play the 49Er's at Candlestink Stadium..and will never forget when they came out of the tunnel onto the field..I told asshole #1..."If they had two-headed axes instead of footballs, they could wipe out this entire stadium ."...That's when they were known as the purple people eaters..no shit!

My girlfriend in Denver is giddy with joy..her Rockies are going to the world series..against the Red Sox...pretty cool...This is going to be a sports post...There were two articles in my DAM sports news this morning..first of all...

Ex-Packer, 75, dies after fall from his roof.

Max McGee, the free-spirited Green Bay Packers receiver who became part of Super Bowl lore, died from injuries suffered after he fell from the roof of his home. He was 75.(only an ex-packer at his age would be up on his roof).

Police were called to his home in suburban Deephaven, Minn., on Saturday afternoon. Efforts to resuscitate failed. McGee was blowing leaves off the roof when the accident happened.

"I just lost my best friend," former teammate Paul Horning told the St.Paul Pioneer Press. His wife"Denise was away from the house. She'd warned him not to get up there. He shouldn't have been up there. He knew better than that."

McGee caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl history in 1967, a game he expected to watch from the sideline.When it was all over, he had caught seven passes for 138 yards and two TDs and Green Bay beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.

McGee had only four receptions for 91 yards during the 1966 regular season.He didn't plan to play in the title game because he violated the team curfew and spent the night before partying.

Boyd Dowler separated a shoulder on the Packer's second drive, and coach Lombardi summoned McGee. He had to borrow a helmet because he left his in the locker room. A few plays later, McGee made a one handed snare of a pass from Bart Starr and ran 37 yards to score...(I think the Goddess will make an exception with this warrior...and is taking him directly to Valhalla.)

Now...to the news closer to home..Don't know if you have been following the Ron Springs/Everson Walls story..they were team mates on the Dallas Cowboys way back when...they were friends also..and their families were friends..Ron Springs has diabetes and it caused his kidneys to be damaged..none of his family was a match, except for his son Shawn, who plays for the Washington Redskins, but Ron refused to let his son donate his kidney, knowing it would ruin his football career..So.....Everson Walls was a match and he donated his kidney..yup..quite a guy...Every thing had been going along pretty good..Then he needed a simple operation on his arm to remove a cyst. He still had some pain so they were going to do a second one and during the operation Ron lost oxygen for a time and lapsed into a coma and has been in a coma ever since...This is sad and bad news for us Cowboys fans...They were not just hero's on the field..but hero's off..great family men and good friends...Shawn went back to

Washington so he could play Sunday, and glad to say their team won...I really do hope his Dad wins his game too...and that's all the sports news for the day...next post will be nothing but pictures of MOJO in Amsterdam and Zurich..How cool is that...?...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


And not the real librarian...Today at straight up noon, when the library closes...one of the regulars comes in ...so...no big deal...I check her books in..and let her get some new books...while I am checking her out she starts discussing a book she is reading...about Bush...which she likes very very much and it explains not what he has done...but the reasoning behind his decisions..she goes on and on..and fucking on...while I'm biting my tongue, scrunching up my eyes and pursing up my mouth..to keep from saying what I want to say.. which is fuck George Bush that lying sonofabitch,but I can't...Librarian's can't have opinions...we are opinionless....well,almost..when she got through jabbering about her fucking book on Bush and I had finished checking out her books..I smiled really big....and said:"What's the title of this book?"....she says.."Oh, you want to read it?"...I said:"No...I want to make sure I never read it."..and smiled really really big..
She slapped those books to her scrawny chest, did an about face and lurched to the door....I was still smiling when the door quietly closed behind her....yup...I love being Jackiesue..
I went by and checked in on Henrietta, and she is doing OK....didn't get to talk to her much as she was eating and know with her being a diabetic that she needs to eat at the right times..so just said howdy and left...
Went to Waco...oh fuckme...I hate to go do Waco..and I forgot that this is Saturday and Baylor was playing Texas at home...traffic is bad enough with them fucking Baylor Baptists, but with them and the goofy hook-em horns crowd, the streets of Waco real swarming with assholes..
I went to Michael's where I got some copper, bronze and gold paints..a scrap book for Jenny and some scrap book pages for her and Jamie..
I have been looking for a bedspread set for my queen size bed for almost a year..and can't find what I want..I want something solid..no stripes, flowers, floral of any kind..and either the deep red or deep green that I painted my dresser and desk with...been every where and can't find what I'm looking for...but found some deep green corduroy for this antique chair I found at yard sale for $5...whooo whoo..I love bargains..all it needs is some cleaning up...some varnish and a new seat cover...which I will do, hopefully this week...one chair down..3 to go..don't want my chairs to match..
Then I go to H.E.B. which is the Texas version to ...um....Safeway I guess..to get me some fish, unsalted butter, fresh veggies and fruit..got 2 huge egg plants..I have become hooked on eggplants...so I'm in my little truck, heading back to West...I have my windows down, the radio on full fucking blast..and jamming..to the 60's...can't remember what it was...Think it was something by Moody Blues..my heads a bobbing, slamming my fingers and hands on the steering wheel, singing along..having a good ole time...I look over to the left and there are 4 Baylor students in their little sports car with sunroof...laughing ...Can't tell if they are laughing cause'aint she cute'...or 'look at granny rocking.'...The one riding shotgun rolls down the window and says "Rock on Granny".....I figure he's being a smart ass and yell..."yeah, fuck you too sonny."..the light turns green and the driver is laughing so hard he pops the clutch and the car dies..I leave him in the dust...smiling really really big...Yup..I LOVE being Jackiesue...
Cowboys play Minnesota tomorrow...at home...I hope to the Goddess...they win...if not..I will be out looking for that Bush loving Bitch to bip upside her head..just to make me feel better..

Thursday, October 18, 2007


paid off...This morning the phone rings and it's some name I don't recognize..when he starts all friendly "Hi Jackie, how are you this morning?" I'm thinking ah, jeez some schmuck is going to try and sell me something..But nooooooo...it's the guy who had called me and asked if I could have the Life Line Screening at the library..and to show their appreciation he is sending me a certificate for a free screening...which is over $200.He said if I hadn't let them do it at the library all those people would have had to cancel their appointments...(there were almost 50 people)and they were really really grateful..Plus they are coming back in March and will have it at the library again and I will get another certificate for another screening...how cool is that..? Plus, they will use promote the library in their advertisement and tell everyone that we(me) saved the day...So now I feel, well not really...guilty for bitching about having to work from 9am to 7pm so they could hold their little screening..So I'm a happy camper..

Went this morning to get my eyes examined for new glasses...lucky for me..the diabetes has not caused any broken blood vessels in my eyes and my eyes have not been damaged in anyway by the diabetes...She informed me that for an old broad my eyes were not bad..or words to that effect..

Was going to go to Barnes and Nobles to get the 3 book series of Golden Compass, but with my eyes all dilated I decided to wait till this weekend...

I had fun at the library tonight..had 6 girls from the Builders Club in and I helped them find books on Child Labor Laws for cotton pickers in the state of Texas and books on horses..They found the 2006 winners for the Blue Bonnet Bookshelf awards for me...dusted, swept,cleaned the glass on the doors,cleaned out the janitors closet and other child labor violations..They told me that even when they didn't come for the Builders Club they wanted to come to the Library and help me..They also said very quietly and looking over their shoulder..."we like you much better then that other librarian, you're lots of fun.."...Told them that was because they hadn't screwed up yet and they would think differently when I yelled at them for screwing up"..they thought that was very funny....haha..they'll learn...I like them..they laugh at all my jokes and don't freak out when I call them smart asses.They wanted to know why I wasn't going to be the new Librarian.Told them it's because I don't take orders well and I liked volunteering and coming and going when I wanted to...They got it..

Looks like Babs will be coming back for another weekend visit, next weekend..How cool is that?

Too bad she can't come on Halloween..we could really warp those kids minds...which reminds me..I need to make some signs for the Halloween party we will be having...The West News ran a little article telling about all the activities that West will be having for the kids for Halloween and mentioned the Library too...which is great..even said it was a good opportunity to get a new Library card..I also got an email from the guy who did the quote for us on our new computers..we will get 6 new computers..Need to call Nancy and let her know so she can get on that right away..as the ones we have are at least 6 years old...we got a great deal on them too...got 6 27 inch computers for less then $5,000...and the rest will be spent on updating our software...Now all we need is a color printer and we'll be top grade...

I'm so excited..tomorrow is Friday and the Library is closed..so can rest and recoup...this old body isn't used to all this working...I'm up half the night with leg cramps from all the walking, toting books and bending over ..But I am having fun and get to practice having conversations with out saying fuck...which is a first for me...have a great weekend y'all...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


They would be screaming at me to sit my fat ass down and get off of them...yesterday some guy called and they do the scanning on old folk..they were supposed to do them at the Senior Center and for some reason they couldn't..and all these people in West had apt's to have them done and could we have it at the meeting room at the library...hmmm...yeah, why the hell not...thinking I could come over..let them in at 9am ..lock them in the meeting area and go back home...and come back at 3pm when the library opens...yeah..nice thought Jackiesue..
I have been here from 9am..it's 6pm...I have an hour to go and my back, feet, and ass hurt...It wouldn't have been so bad, if I just sat at the desk and read a book...(why didn't I think of that earlier????)...but noooooooo, I have to finish up with the redoing of the non-fiction section...I had done the 0's to the 600's...and it took me 3 days...really a mess..today I did all the 600's, and started in on the 700's and it took me 6 hours..that's how screwed up they were...fuckme...and for some reason the books go in a straight line to the end of the 600's and then it jumps to the 800's and the 900's and the 700's are on a different book shelf all together...I'm sure(maybe not) there was a reason..but before I rip them down and replace them..I am going to confer with Nancy...which is Jackiesue for stall until someone else does it..yeah, right...We have some sort of organization called the Builders Club..from 6Th grade to 9Th It think...they come in and 'help'..They think I'm crazy and they do a lot of eye rolling and shoulder shrugging...I asked a kid to help me scotch tape a reading poster up and he said he was allergic to sticky tape ...I asked him what happened if he got it on him..he said it would give him 3rd degree burns...I said..now I know how to get you to work..I'll chase you around the library with a piece of scotch tape..talk about deer caught in the headlights look...It's been a few hours now and he has figured out that I'm just a crazy old lady..but they all really worked hard today..took out a ton of trash, washed all the windows,glass doors,all the light switches, trim around doors, shelved books,etc...oh and the one girl did all the vacuuming until the cord worked loose and gave her heart a little shock..So now I have to go get a new plug and replace it..along with finding a plumber for the women's bathroom,and toilet supplies...
Oh...did I tell you that they hired Nancy the one I wanted to be librarian..With Henrietta's cancer coming back and her being in such bad health, they went ahead and got a new Librarian..a job I didn't want..I think the board and I would have been at each other's throat the first meeting..But they are paying me..yeah..it's $6 an hour...cash..as they know it would affect my rent and I don't want that..not much considering what I have had to do this past 17 days...this place was a mess..Henrietta hasn't done anything in a year at least..books were and still are a mess..So far the fiction section is done, the large print section is done,the paper backs are done, but think they need to be reworked as some shelves are so crammed tight with books you can't even get a book out...Western section is done, the audio section is done, the video section is done,and the BIOS are done..and this place is sparkly clean...My ass is dragging....But my little library is rocking..
Have to go...30 minutes till closing and need to get organized...yeah ..right!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

.......NEW ENGLAND 48---DALLAS 27.......


.......THE ANSWERS.......

You've already proved that you're not to be trusted to be in a voting booth..and now I find you're not to be trusted with sharp implements either...sigh*...only one really good question...You must remember something my children..it's the Yellow Dog that knows and cares about football...the Goddess could give a shit..

Nitwit wants to know what life will be like after October the 18Th...The Goddess goes by the Mayan Calendar and she thinks you should be more concerned about what the world is going to be like after 12-21-12...

Rube, the answers are no ...no ..and good decision..I can refer to the Chinese as them 'little yellow bastids'...as I am the Goddess and I answer to no one..

The Pirate is an old friend of the Yellow Dog's from the 'other place'...she is most happy to see him back and plans to visit him often..But he should just ask the Yellow Dog the football questions as I have to defer to her on the answers...She thinks they will hold on to Fran till the end of the season and then cut him loose..and you already know the answer to the LSU question, sorry...

As for you and your new boyfriend...The Goddess thinks it's very hard for a leopard to change his spots..

Allan...the Yellow Dog says..get real...Miami won't have a winning season again in your lifetime..They may have a perfect losing season..but no wins...

Now..finally a good question...Sling wants to know if the terrorist have won....No, because his term will be over by 2008 and hopefully you voters will slip your head out of your ass and vote in someone competent..The Goddess can only hope..or you won't have to wait for 12-21-12 for the world to end..

Jan...another football question.The Yellow Dog says T.O. can needlepoint in a pink tutu as long as he keeps catching footballs and making touchdowns...

Buddha_Girl...well, first of all...the Yellow Dog says if you want her to quit posting the picture of Buddha_Boy throwing up his hands for all the winning Cowboys posts she will...but he looks just like he is saying "touchdown...cowboys"....the Goddess is protecting this redheaded wonder boy..so no worries...no one will toss him out of day care and if he does fall...I'll keep him safe from harm...

Josh has the another good question..He wants to know if the Goddess takes all warriors to Valhalla that dies in battle, even if their cause might not be the right one...The Goddess takes all warriors that have fallen in battle..all causes that bring soldiers to a battle field is wrong..so it's not the cause..it's the warrior...except for those fools that fly planes into buildings, or commit suicide while killing hundreds...those are not warriors...those are people with a one way ticket to Hel....

Big Pissy..The president of your country has set the bar so high on stupidity that no one will ever reach it...thank the Me..

BBC wants to know when I am going to fix the world...the world is just fine...it's the people on it that are fucking it up....Human kind was made to make decisions...it's up to you to make the right ones..not just for you..but for your family and the ones to come...

Be better people...people!...I bless you and will watch over you and hope for the best..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

.......ASK THE GODDESS.......

"CHILDREN'S DO LEARN"...This comes from a man that you Americans voted for, not once but two times to be the ruler of your country...The Goddess thinks you all need to be bipped..
Come on ....show me that it was just a fluke and you people really can be trusted with sharp instuments..ask me some good questions...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The other good thing that came out of the Cowboys win last night(by one fucking point...lucky for me I took the Bills and 10points)...is that I now know that my heart is in perfect condition...because if there had been one little thing wrong with it ..I would have croaked from a heart attack last night...(fat lady down..fat lady down)Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!...What a game..5 interceptions by Romo, one fumble..2 dropped passes by T.O. and various other offenses...and they need a touch down and 2 point conversion to tie it up..make the TD...Owens drops the fucking ball..time back on the clock...we recover the on side kick..(that fucking kicker needs a parade, confetti and naked dancing girls) they move the ball down and he kicks the winning field goal..and the very very smart coach of the Bills calls a time out right before we snap the ball for the kick...he makes it but has to do it all over again...and them poor fucking Bills fans..jeez they really hate us now..he kicks it again..and makes it..with no time left on the clock...we did all of this in 20 fucking seconds..be still my heart..25-24...Holy shit!..
Unfuckingbelievable....had to go to the bank today and me and all the ladies in the bank replayed the entire 20 seconds about 6 times..we were still pumped...holy shit...holy shit.. holy shit..!...It was the best game (while being the worse played game for 3 1/2 quarters)I have ever seen...and Babs..I love you Babs..you know I love you Babs..but Judas priest..what the fuck were you thinking to call me with 2 minutes left in the game..????? I answered the phone "are you fucking crazy?"...didn't even know who it was..just knew that someone better be bleeding from the brain and on the way to the hospital or on the way to the funeral home to call me at that time...I yeah, yeah, yeah ed for about 56 seconds and then said.."I gotta go...game..Romo...uh..see ya"...Oh man..what a fucking game...if you missed it...what a shame..even non football fans would have loved the last 20 seconds of that game..and to the Buffalo Bills fans and team...I'm so sad for you..your team kicked ass..the fans were incredible...they screamed, yelled, made it impossible for the Cowboys to hear...you were the best...the very very best...The looks on the fans faces when that kick went through the uprights was heartbreaking...I felt so bad..I really did..I know they hate us for the 2 Super Bowl blow outs...the fact that our Coach used to be their coach and they kinda sorta liked him..really must just kill them that their team beat the shit out of us for almost the entire game and then we pull it out of our ass at the last 20 seconds...Let me tell you something..YOU ALL DID GOOD..
Next week we play one of the other unbeaten teams..New England...Man..I need a Dr. Pepper.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Hmm..where to start..have worked at the library all week, Henrietta is back home as of Thursday evening...Her cancer is back...she's handling it like she does everything...chin up...tits out..!
She's a tough ole bird and I expect her to beat this battle just like she did 8 years ago..She's got her blood sugar down to 82..which is great..and will start doing her chemo this coming week..I don't know what she is going to do, or what the Library Board is going to do...
but told them I would work it as long as they needed me and they decided what to do..
Gee...what else...oh..! I know...Babs is here..She called Wed and told me she had been in the hospital again..I kinda figured that out on my own when she didn't post and hadn't got an email from her...So I told her to 'come on down'..(now all we need is Sooner to come on down too...and by the way Sooner and Texlahoma..congrats on your win over Texas.)
West has magical healing powers..The first night she was going out on porch to smoke her nasty fucking cigarettes(sorry Babs).she committed on how she could see the stars..I said,'go get in the truck'..so took her through town to show her how cute West looks at night with all the lights.(they have the clear ones on most all of the buildings)..and she was amazed and how many houses were decorated for Halloween..wait till Christmas..about every other house is decorated..and I mean really really decorated..
Then took her to the country..as we were driving down the road..I turned the truck lights out..she freaked out..it was pitch black..couldn't see a thing..ha.It was like the entire world disappeared..then I stopped and we got out and you could see every star..plus the milky way was just beautiful..this is where I used to take my granddaughter Jamie when there would be meteor showers...normally there wouldn't be any traffic out there..but I forgot it was Friday night and the kids all go out to the country and have keg parties..and then I got lost...I used to drive out there all the time when I drank but it was hard to find my way around while sober..Then yesterday I drove her around town at day time so she could see my little hamlet..
She maybe able to rent an apt here...Not the ones I am in the ones next to me..the 2 story ones, where you can have kids..They are only $295 a month plus electricity..here they go by your income ..but these are just options for her..Least she knows she has someone and a place to go..It's been great..I get to cook for someone again..ha...Green enchilada's for dinner last night..and eggs and sausage for breakfast today..I bought some Dublin Dr.Pepper for her and some Nemecek's ring Bologna...You just can't believe how good it is..it's $4.00 a lb. but is like no bologna you have ever eaten..ring bologna, rat cheese and crackers..Czech lunch..
I have to figure out if the Library is going to be open tomorrow..as it is Columbus Day..but think they are open as we close on Texas Independence Day...We're more apt to honor fighting Texans then lost Italians..
Annie is most happy to have another adoring cat lover..she is running up and down the hall way playing with Babs...She doesn't miss little Asshole AT ALL....What else..? We got some rain..and expecting more..I knew it was going to rain..I left the window down in the truck..so had wet ass for 1/2 a day...
I am pissed at blogger..I did a great post on Freegans..(and it ate it)about people who scrounge around in garbage/dump cans for food..not because they are poor or homeless..but because they want to minimize the support of corporations and there impact on the planet, and to distance themselves from what they see as an out-of-control consumerism...
some of the stats were interesting..
29.4 million tons of food thrown away by Americans each year.That's about 12 percent of the solid waste produced in the U.S. annually.
6.1 pounds of solid waste produced by the average New Yorker each day.The average American is 4.5 lbs..
But I think if individuals would use less and eat more left overs(my son and his wife will not eat leftovers...didn't learn that from me..that was Friday dinner..leftovers) and compost it would be better then hanging upside down in dumpsters getting your dinner..I think those people are a 5-ball short of a rack...

OK..that's all the news from West, by Goddess, Texas...Babs and I have managed to stay out of trouble..but she doesn't leave till at least Monday..so we have plenty of time to mess with the Christian's...We did find out some interesting information about one of the check out girls at Community Grocery..her and her boyfriends legs are too long for her back seat...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This is for all those on my forward email joke list...I couldn't get it to show up on two different try's..I have to give credit to my friend Ross from down under..as he is the one that sent it to me twice but I couldn't get it to go forward to save my fat ass.

so here tis'....

Monday, October 01, 2007


This is going to be fast and furious..I'm at the library will have to be working here for awhile...Henrietta had a heart attack last Friday and I'm it..So far she is fine, but they also discovered a spot on her lung and liver and that's not good..she's an 8 year survivor from lympnode cancer and it could be scar tissue..we don't know..but last I heard she was complaining about being hungry..so I'm sure she will soon be back here bitching at me because I entered a new patron wrong...
plus..this afternoon I got "pee wee" in the mail..I'm so excited..it's a gift from his lordship nitwit...It's Pee Wee Live....I got to watch about 5 minutes of it before I had to come to the library...it's all I can think of...I will watch it instead of those sweaty guys in prison when I get home at 7pm..Pee Wee may not be as cute and sexy as them...but he's a hell of a lot funnier..and I'm at the age where funny is mo'better then sexy ...Anyone that wants to send Henrietta Meurer a get well card she is in Hillcrest Baptist Hospital 3000 Herring Avenue in Waco, Texas 76708...room #400..
Thursday is also her 77Th birthday...Tell her Jackie sent you..ha...
Well...have to run..have a bunch of books to shelve and it's 5pm and need to go to the back room and eat some eggplant lasagna I brought up here from home.no microwave so it'll be cold..
but like pizza..it's better cold..will try and get by and read every one's blog tonight or later on here if it's not busy...everyone say a little prayer for ole Henrietta....I did...which will probably kill her for sure when she finds out I prayed to a Goddess for her..snort*