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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The other good thing that came out of the Cowboys win last night(by one fucking point...lucky for me I took the Bills and 10points)...is that I now know that my heart is in perfect condition...because if there had been one little thing wrong with it ..I would have croaked from a heart attack last night...(fat lady down..fat lady down)Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!...What a game..5 interceptions by Romo, one fumble..2 dropped passes by T.O. and various other offenses...and they need a touch down and 2 point conversion to tie it up..make the TD...Owens drops the fucking ball..time back on the clock...we recover the on side kick..(that fucking kicker needs a parade, confetti and naked dancing girls) they move the ball down and he kicks the winning field goal..and the very very smart coach of the Bills calls a time out right before we snap the ball for the kick...he makes it but has to do it all over again...and them poor fucking Bills fans..jeez they really hate us now..he kicks it again..and makes it..with no time left on the clock...we did all of this in 20 fucking seconds..be still my heart..25-24...Holy shit!..
Unfuckingbelievable....had to go to the bank today and me and all the ladies in the bank replayed the entire 20 seconds about 6 times..we were still pumped...holy shit...holy shit.. holy shit..!...It was the best game (while being the worse played game for 3 1/2 quarters)I have ever seen...and Babs..I love you Babs..you know I love you Babs..but Judas priest..what the fuck were you thinking to call me with 2 minutes left in the game..????? I answered the phone "are you fucking crazy?"...didn't even know who it was..just knew that someone better be bleeding from the brain and on the way to the hospital or on the way to the funeral home to call me at that time...I yeah, yeah, yeah ed for about 56 seconds and then said.."I gotta go...game..Romo...uh..see ya"...Oh man..what a fucking game...if you missed it...what a shame..even non football fans would have loved the last 20 seconds of that game..and to the Buffalo Bills fans and team...I'm so sad for you..your team kicked ass..the fans were incredible...they screamed, yelled, made it impossible for the Cowboys to hear...you were the best...the very very best...The looks on the fans faces when that kick went through the uprights was heartbreaking...I felt so bad..I really did..I know they hate us for the 2 Super Bowl blow outs...the fact that our Coach used to be their coach and they kinda sorta liked him..really must just kill them that their team beat the shit out of us for almost the entire game and then we pull it out of our ass at the last 20 seconds...Let me tell you something..YOU ALL DID GOOD..
Next week we play one of the other unbeaten teams..New England...Man..I need a Dr. Pepper.


Anne Johnson said...

Thank you for taking T.O. off our hands here in NJ. His house (in NJ) is still on the market because he punched holes in the walls. Lovely fella.

Allan said...

Note to Goddess: Could you please make the ending of the game a little more suspenseful? Whew!

P.S. Thanks for making my pal JS happy.

jan said...

As you know, I'm not a cowboy fan (go 49ers), but hot damn, what a game for the ages. I thought about you when it was over. Hoped your ticker was going strong.

Would also like to thank everyone who took T,O, out of S.F. What a scumbag.

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

I think you could be the next John Madden, Yellowdog. Better get your resume in.

Nit Wit said...

I'd love to see you start writing the sports pages of the West newspaper. You have lived there long enough that people would be used to the fucks and shits and all the other lovable things that make your writing style so you.
I was born just outside Buffalo and my stepmom always had season tickets to the Bills. She had a bad heart and we lost her this spring. If she was still around that game probably would have done her in.
I have been watching the first season of Heroes on DVD one more episodes to go. 23 1 hour shows. Now I can watch the new one I recorded yesterday.

the rube said...

yeah but jerry jones was shittin bricks for a few minutes. i think he made a deal with satan.

Green tea said...

You sure make football interesting

Next week..Hmmm my second fav quarterback Brady(Payton is my man)passing to
my favorite receiver Randy Moss
That kid can leap 20 feet into the air and grab the ball.
I quit watching the Vikings the day they traded #81
Put on your seat belt...

yellowdog granny said...

anne:it depends on if he catchs the
ball or not if i am glad we have him..I think he has sort of mellowed..he's still an asshole..but now he's our asshole..
allan:any more suspensful..and medics would have been running around my living room screaming 'fat lady down..fat lady down'...and administrating cpr on me..oh....yeah!..im happy..happy happy happy..
Jan:yeah, there is no love lost for most people and ole T.O...but like i said..long as he keeps catching the balls and scoring..he can be as big an asshole as he wants to be..
how weird that we don't play the 49ers this year...
HMHH:I could never do like madden and them guys..I'd be screaming ..'did you see that fucking play?...'what the fuck were they thinking?...them stupid assholes..fuck them...
nah..don't think so..
nitwit:I wrote an article for the west newspaper about my dog Babe the runner great dane..and it was about when he met Sadie and said they sniffed each others butts..and they deleted it..so I don't think they could handle me and the fucks ..ha..would be fun for one game though..
OH your mom would have hated the game...I felt so bad for those bills fans...they had it in their pocket and KNEW they were going home winners..it was heartbreaking..they are such great and loyal fans...they deserved better...
OH..man..I missed the last 6 shows of heroes last season as it came up against lost...I tried to watch the reruns but they didn't run them when they said they were and ran them when I wasn't expecting them to be on...tried to watch them this year too...but they are against something else I watch..can't even remember now..but i like the little japanese guy hero..he's a computer genius...in real life...
did you ever get caught up in the lost program?>....I miss it..wont come back till feb..
the rube:yeah, it was almost worth all my suffering just to watch him suffer too...he's scary looking..
green tea:wow..that is going to be a really good game..I wish I could predict our win on that one..but can't...sigh*
well...i love the game..and i love my cowboys...what can i tell ya..

buddha_girl said...


You so did not post my kid psuedo cheering for the Cowboys.

*rubbing my eyes in disbelief*