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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Cielito lindo
ay, ay, ay,ay
conta y no lores
porque cantando se
allegran/cielito lindo......

Sing, don't cry
Because by singing,
the sky lightens and becomes beautiful..

An Arkansas lawmaker has promised to try again to change rules that ban a cup of water but allow tobacco chewing and spitting in the State House..
So let me get this straight...They have already tried once and failed to pass a law in the Arkansas state House that will allow them to have water because they can have cups for chewing and spitting tobacco..fuckme till I spit.

Oklahoma is third in the nation in the number of slot machines, according to a gaming industry study, with a slot machine for every 79 residents....I would assume that Las Vegas and Reno are the first and second...Way to go Okies.
In Caracas Venezuela a glass monument to revolutionary icon Ernesto "Che" Guevara was shot up and destroyed less than two weeks after it was unveiled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's government.I hope they destroy every monument they erect to him....he was a mass murderer and no matter how cool he looks in his little beret on t-shirts...it doesn't take away from the fact that he tortured and murdered innocent Cubans....Every time I see someone wearing a t-shirt with him on it...I want to bip them into a coma...
Along with these tidbits of news I have been collecting...I want to tell you a story about what happened this evening...I'm sitting in my chair watching TV..and have the screen door cracked open so Annie can chase crickets in and out of the house..and all of a sudden...a man sticks his head in the door, bends over and starts to unlatch the hook that is holding the screen door open...I just sit there and stare at him over the tops of my new glasses(which don't fucking work)..just no reaction at all...he stands up and steps inside and then sees me and is visibly startled..he's one of the local cops..and was next door getting info from Claudette about a break in she had(her grandson robbed her while she was in the hospital)and went out to his patrol car for something and came back up the wrong walk and wrong apartment..scared the fuck out of him...and I'm like..no big deal...two things struck me about the whole incident..one...how fucking good of a cop are you that you can walk up one sidewalk to an apt..with no Halloween lights, no directions..nothing absolutely nothing on her porch..mine has tables, chairs, birdseed, a pumpkin,pots of plants,lawn tools, etc...and then go up my sidewalk and not notice the difference..then walk into the apt.which is entirely different from hers and only once your inside the apt do you go..."oh...damn..wrong place."???????what a dipshit...and why did I sit there in my chair while a strange man(I have to admit I did notice he was in a cops uniform so I wasn't scared)..fiddles with my screen door and steps inside and not even blink an eye?..I mean I never even moved..just watched him...like he was a new TV show or something..He was freaking out all over the place..Kept saying how sorry he was, and was shaken up by being in the wrong apt.Really weird...I'm like....no big deal..
wonder what that means?
I'm taking my glasses back tomorrow...have had them for 11/2 days and are driving me nuts..I have bi-focals...the top part is fine for distance..can read the football scores now...but the reading part is not strong enough and I can't see a flipping thing on the computer without tilting my head back and look through the bottom half..and that's a fucking pain in the ass...never had that happen before...wonder if I need trifocals...what ever..I'm going back and I want them fixed and not paying a dime for them..she screwed them up..I told her I used the computer a lot and think that should have been taken into consideration...farq!...my neck hurts from trying to work on the computer at library today...and had a ton of patrons..middle school kids are doing reports on General Lee, Normandy Beach, Berlin Wall, 60's protesters, Viet Nam,St. Francis of Assisi and Goddess knows what else...they had got a bunch of books from the Waco Library as we didn't have enough for everyone and was on computer either cataloguing the books or hunting them down...I am pooped..Going to make a cup of tea, take a hot bath and take my pussy and Gone Baby Gone book to bed...oh yea, will see if Annie want's to go to bed too..


Sling said...

...los corazones!...I love that song!
...and aren't cops just known for their towering intellects?
Maybe next time he'll walk into a crack house to ask directions to the nearest do-nut shop,and Darwin's law of natural selection will put him out of his misery,..and ours.

Ropheka said...

Nice Blog :)

kath said...

Taking them back is just what you should do with the glasses. do it until they get it right... i used to be an optometric tech....they have to fix them...at no charge to you.. damn fools.

the cop sounds like an idiot.. we have lots of those around here, too

damn fool

Try not to work too hard at the Library.. oh and how is the book?

Allan said...

First Viagra deafness and now computer blindness...sure am glad we've got such excellent National Health!

apositivepessimist said...

Maybe he wasn’t really a cop but a baddie and once he saw you, thought twice about doing anything wrong.

Arrhaaha imagine if you had shouted “freeze muthafucker!!” when he was still unaware of you.

Barney Fife LIVES.

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

Wow, that's amazing you could be so calm and collected when a STRANGE man in a cop's uniform tried getting into your house without warning. You always shock the hell out of me, Yellowdog.

I'm not sure how I would have reacted. I know my heart would have been beating like wild. Maybe I would have passed out so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

BBC said...

"wonder what that means?"

I think you wanted him. :-)

Well hell, we can't be afraid of everyone in the world. I'm an old country boy that tends to trust everyone.

I'm sure I would have reacted as you did. Funny post hon. Hugs.

BBC said...

I mean, I tend to trust anyone until they give me reason not to.

Junebugg said...

Careful lady, a uniform don't mean shit. You can buy them online, I've seen the sites! He could have been a rapist after your hot bod (OK, stop laughing before you choke)

Get the specs redone. Sounds as if they didn't center the lens right (I've been wearing bifocals since I was 16 so I know about that shit)

yellowdog granny said...

sling:for years I sang that song and never knew the meaning..and it's so beautiful...I love it...
I figure the crime rate in west is about zip so how smart do you have to be? they all hang out at the czech stop and drink coffee and eat kolaches..
kath:went and got my glasses fixed..i had been with out correct
reading glasses for so long waiting for my eyes to go back to normal so I was used to reading up closer then i needed to be..so have to get used to reading at a distance then right off my tits..plus they heated my frames and bent them forward and that helps..and i thought the glasses were foggy...?nope..my allergies..doh!
the book gone baby gone was fantastic...I really like this author ...dennis lehane..going to get the rest of his books...they made a movie out of the book and if it's as good as the book..wow!
allan:well, as much as i hate wal-mart..it only cost me $8 to get my diabetes medicine as apposed to $36 in West..was actually getting it for $16 but Kurt was just doing me a favor..
apos:snort*...ya, I'm going to go to city hall and tell our police chief to make sure the cop only has one bullet and to make him carry it in his pocket..
HMHH:I still don't know why i wasn't startled or afraid..I think living in west has lulled me into a sense of safety and security...plus my reputation doesn't hurt.haha
BBC:right back atcha.
Junebugg:I think if someone was going to try to do me or anyone harm they wouldn't do it at 7pm in the evening ...at least not in west..I leave the keys in the truck,door unlocked...windows open when weather is nice...lived here for 13 years...never had as much as a newspaper stollen..well, once a dog stole my paper, but it was my dog..ha...
yeah, I've been wearing bi-focals since I was 14...but they are fixed now..and no blood was shed..dang..they were all so nice and helpful..hard to stay pissed when they are so accomodating..

the rube said...

i'm with you on che, but hugo is one cool dude in my books. (he's coming dangerously close to becoming a prick these days)

Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Big fat AMEN on the whole "Che" thing.
Wetbacks walk around with those shit shirts on like he was something to admire! How brain-dead is that!?
Maybe because they hope to repeat his shit on us some time.

texlahoma said...

If I can find 78 people to pitch in, we'll get ourselves a slot machine!

Josh said...

I heard "Cielito Lindo" many, many times while in San Antonio. My coworker called it the "aye yay yay yay" song.

I always figured West probably had some Barney Fife-esque cops...

Nit Wit said...

Every time I see a "Che" Guevara T-shirt I smile because some capatalist bastard is getting rich from the sale of it.

The thing I find the most frightening about cops is not their potential for abuse but the fact that a lot of them are dumber than a football, God bless their little hearts...
Who knew anyone in Oklahoma could operate something that required pulling a handle?

The last four years every pair of bifocals I have gotten I had trouble reading with. I tend to take them off to read a book.
I'm gonna finish that one you sent me soon, I got halfway through it and Koontz came out with a new one. Everything else stops when I get a new Koontz book.
I have been reading Stephen Cobert's new book but I've been a little distracted. November is almost here.

yellowdog granny said...

rube:hey he thinks bush is the devil..so he can't be all bad..
galt:I remember seeing Santana wearing a che tshirt and wanted to seek him out and bip him into a coma..
tex:hell Im not an okie but I'll be one of the 78 and sure Babs will too...
Josh:we not only have barney fife we have a guy that is a floyd the barber type..still has his elvis preseley hair cut and side burns
nitwit:well, the cops in west don't have to be the clint eastwood type..able to speak czech and spanish is probably the only things they need to know...
I am going to go next monday and get them to change the size of the bottom line..it's driving me crazy..would go sooner but have to go monday for something else so will combine the 2 and not make 2 trips as i hate going to waco sooooo much..
how is the stephen cobert book?..need to get it for the library...halloween party tonight..yeah...!

Cheesemeister said...

It's truly amazing how many incredibly stupid laws remain on the books. Some of them are incredibly funny.