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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Was an absolute success..5 of the Builders Club girls showed up right on time and helped me put out a tables so we could have the candy on it, got the boxes of free books to give away...watched the library while I ran and got some sodie pop for us and any patrons that wanted anything to drink...M.S. dropped by a ton of candy and I thought it was going to be to much..but we only had 1/2 of a bag left at the end of the night..It was an unqualified success..we had over 100 kids and that's not counting the parents, granny's and assorted kin folk..I would NOT have been able to do it with out those girls..we would get 5-10 kids at a time..2 girls were handing out candy, one was giving out pencils with Star Reader on them and one handed out the Frisbees..I gave out the books...What was terrific is that once they the kids knew they were getting a book..they zipped right past the candy and went straight for the books...and the costumes were so adorable..being a small town with a lot of grannies around and full time moms...a lot of the little girls had home made costumes and they were just beautiful..There were tons of princess's but with home made dresses, with lace, frills,pink satin, huge bows..just incredible..one little girl about
3 was Little Bo Peep and her grandmother had made it..little pantaloons, knitted bonnet, tiers of ruffles and a little crooked staff
that grandpa made...one was Dorothy and her dress was made by her mother..blue and white checked dress with ruby red shoes, made by mom...I saw grim reapers, knights, ninjas,
ninja turtles,hill billies(one of my girls
had a mullet wig on),princess's,spider men,supermen, wonder women,Dorothy,a lion,
a tiger,a pimp in purple velvet with a
snappy hat with feather,a few 'Ho's(or at
least they looked like ho's),faries,angels,cowboys,
oh..my..just kids in all sorts of
and they were all at my library...I was so excited and thrilled that it was a success..
I just knew about 6 kids would show
up and we would have candy for the rest of the year till next Halloween...I'm so proud of the
girls for helping me and proud of myself for getting it put together and making it so
much fun for all the kids..I are a *..
patting myself on the back.
Plus I got some new patrons and checked out
a few books...All the parents were so complimentary and made a point to thank
me and tell me how much they appreciated the books...and you should have
seen the kids..they LOVED getting
a book..sigh* I did good..!
It was supposed to go from 5:30
to 7pm...I didn't get out of
there till 7:45....and the carved pumpkins
were a hit too...had the innards hanging
out of the carved mouth..and the road kill
kitty was hanging out of the big pumpkin.
I have to go back tomorrow to finish cleaning
up and put up all the Halloween decorations.
I was just too tired to do it last night...
and now..I'm going to take off my gypsy
makeup, hang up all my tacky jewelry and
haul my ass to bed...trick or treat y'all...money or eats..


angel said...

oh it sounds spectacularly wonderful!
well done on your success!

BBC said...

It's wonderful that you had a good time. I stayed home and had a peaceful evening exchanging emails with a wonderful lady that gets me.

Even though I'm on a sort of recess I did do a new post. You might find it interesting, or not. Hugs.

jan said...

You are definitely the hostess with the mostess. What a great idea to give the kids books and how good to hear that they would rather have a book than candy. That is a tribute to their parents and the community...and of course the honorary librarian who made the whole night possible.

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

I'm glad to hear you had a nice Halloween.

Congrats on your big success at the library!

Nit Wit said...

Sounds like you had more fun than the kids. I'm glad it was such a hit.
Last year was the first year in this house and even though it was raining pretty hard we still had quite a few people show up.
This year I bought plenty of candy and The Boss bought some too. Not one kid showed up. The days of people going around their own blocks seem to be over in this town. Everybody goes to the better areas and their relatives’ homes.
Can't blame them with all the freaks around now.

Reading is FUNdamental.

Cheesemeister said...

I always like Halloween parties the best. Except people keep telling me "great costume" and I'm not wearing a costume!

buddha_girl said...

*clapping with gusto*

I am so proud of you as well as so disappointed that Buddha and I live to damn far away to have enjoyed the night at the library. You know how I feel about fucking books. (Adjective...not verb.)

I can't wait to hear more of your escapades in the hot seat at the library. Well done, Jac!

the rube said...

does the pope know how free candy attracts kids?

if he ever figures it out, the kids will be in a world of trouble.

Anne Johnson said...

The bored gods are aware of your service to them and will award you accordingly!

World Champ Stephen Neal said...

Peter Huber's Cherry Garcia and the End of Socialized Medicine in the Fall issue of City Journal is a must read.

texlahoma said...

Sounds like everybody had a good time. If I were a kid I'd be heading for the Frisbees, no wonder I can barely read!

kath said...

well done woman!

glad it was fun, sure sounds like a lot of work...!

bet those girls are having a ball when they help you out!

aqre you taking it easy this weekend?

Junebugg said...

I had to work so I missed out on all the fun 8-{

Glad you had a good time. Happy Hauntings

Sue said...

Happy to hear you had a good time too! Just catching up ... :)

yellowdog granny said...

angel:it was really great and I had the best time of all..
bbc:glad you had a nice evening..will drop by and check out your post..
Jan:more then one parent said the kids were telling them 'lets go to the library for our free book'..so that was really a great feeling for me..

HMHH:it was really a fun time for everyone..
nitwit:i may steal that reading is fundemental quote..make a sign of it and hang it in the library..lots of kids went house to house..but now with all the orgainized events, they just go to the halloween alley and now..tada..the library...and I really do think i had the most fun.
cheesey:oh man..halloween is my favorite holiday of all...
buddha_girl:all my escapades at the library are over..I will do some volunteering and hopefully will host the halloween party each year..but I'm not librarian material at all..ha..
rube:lets keep the pope and his men in skirts as far away from our kids as possible..
anne:the Goddess is looking out for you ...
stephen neal:fuckoff!
tex:surprisingly enough the star reader pencils were a big hit too..they like being told they are a star about anything..
kath:nice to talk to you this weekend..i swear no one ever comes and visits me till i'm on the phone..happened to me twice yesterday...
june:yupper..I had a great time..
sue:my cheeks hurt from all the smiling...

Allan said...

Excellent! I see the Great Pumpkin has been good to you this year...
they make mullet wigs? Frightful!

Kev byg said...

Wow! It sounded wonderful! Good for you for taking the initiative to make it such a huge success because THEY couldn't have done it without YOU!!!

My granny used to hand-make all of our costumes when we were little too. We always had the best ones on the street.