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Saturday, October 20, 2007


And not the real librarian...Today at straight up noon, when the library closes...one of the regulars comes in ...so...no big deal...I check her books in..and let her get some new books...while I am checking her out she starts discussing a book she is reading...about Bush...which she likes very very much and it explains not what he has done...but the reasoning behind his decisions..she goes on and on..and fucking on...while I'm biting my tongue, scrunching up my eyes and pursing up my mouth..to keep from saying what I want to say.. which is fuck George Bush that lying sonofabitch,but I can't...Librarian's can't have opinions...we are opinionless....well,almost..when she got through jabbering about her fucking book on Bush and I had finished checking out her books..I smiled really big....and said:"What's the title of this book?"....she says.."Oh, you want to read it?"...I said:"No...I want to make sure I never read it."..and smiled really really big..
She slapped those books to her scrawny chest, did an about face and lurched to the door....I was still smiling when the door quietly closed behind her....yup...I love being Jackiesue..
I went by and checked in on Henrietta, and she is doing OK....didn't get to talk to her much as she was eating and know with her being a diabetic that she needs to eat at the right times..so just said howdy and left...
Went to Waco...oh fuckme...I hate to go do Waco..and I forgot that this is Saturday and Baylor was playing Texas at home...traffic is bad enough with them fucking Baylor Baptists, but with them and the goofy hook-em horns crowd, the streets of Waco real swarming with assholes..
I went to Michael's where I got some copper, bronze and gold paints..a scrap book for Jenny and some scrap book pages for her and Jamie..
I have been looking for a bedspread set for my queen size bed for almost a year..and can't find what I want..I want something solid..no stripes, flowers, floral of any kind..and either the deep red or deep green that I painted my dresser and desk with...been every where and can't find what I'm looking for...but found some deep green corduroy for this antique chair I found at yard sale for $5...whooo whoo..I love bargains..all it needs is some cleaning up...some varnish and a new seat cover...which I will do, hopefully this week...one chair down..3 to go..don't want my chairs to match..
Then I go to H.E.B. which is the Texas version to ...um....Safeway I guess..to get me some fish, unsalted butter, fresh veggies and fruit..got 2 huge egg plants..I have become hooked on eggplants...so I'm in my little truck, heading back to West...I have my windows down, the radio on full fucking blast..and jamming..to the 60's...can't remember what it was...Think it was something by Moody Blues..my heads a bobbing, slamming my fingers and hands on the steering wheel, singing along..having a good ole time...I look over to the left and there are 4 Baylor students in their little sports car with sunroof...laughing ...Can't tell if they are laughing cause'aint she cute'...or 'look at granny rocking.'...The one riding shotgun rolls down the window and says "Rock on Granny".....I figure he's being a smart ass and yell..."yeah, fuck you too sonny."..the light turns green and the driver is laughing so hard he pops the clutch and the car dies..I leave him in the dust...smiling really really big...Yup..I LOVE being Jackiesue...
Cowboys play Minnesota tomorrow...at home...I hope to the Goddess...they win...if not..I will be out looking for that Bush loving Bitch to bip upside her head..just to make me feel better..


Cheesemeister said...

Good for you!
I wish I liked being Cie but unfortunately the wind is kinda out of my sails right now. So I will say it. Fuck all the taxes that get taken out of my paycheck, fuck the cop that gave me a hard time and made me late to work tonight, fuck how much my insurance costs, and fuck George Bush for everything else.
now I feel better!

Nit Wit said...

I refuse to eat Eggplant. If it can't make up its mind what it is I sure ain't gonna put it in the old Nitwit ecosystem.
More importantly, I have no idea what they are. All I can think of is that though they don't look like them they are the pods from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I hate going to the big city. I used to drive an 18 wheeler through LA, New York and Chicago rush hour traffic and get flashbacks every time I go back.
If I wasn't such a good driver I would have never survived some of the trips.
It never ceases to amaze me how people can blindly follow someone no matter what the real evidence shows them. George Carlin is right the school system in the U.S. is designed to make you just smart enough to man the machines or work the cash register. They don't ever want you to learn the art of critical thinking.
ROCK ON Granny. I love that.
I have been on your blog all the way through the movie 1408. Got a little shiver from that.

the rube said...

i thought you were a viking!

yer taking a big chance. valhalla isn't a sure thing.

jan said...

I am impressed with your professional restraint in the face of the book review. Not even an uckfay ouyay crossed your lips. And you were undoubtedly the college kids thrill of the week.

Sue said...

And we love that you are Jackie Sue too! :)

kath said...

I love you being jackiesue too....!
HAH! good for you on both the book lady and smartass kids..

you are one busy lady..

look at Boscov's online for what you want..
Boscoves is the best.. trust me. I think that I actually have the comforter that you want..on dans bed...dark sort of forest green on one side dark red on the other,
don't remember where it is from tho..

not enough time in my life these days.. hope you are not working too hard woman.. all work and no play blah blah

take care

texlahoma said...

The book should just say
"Because I was an idiot!"

BBC said...

As my good friend, the just retired director of the local library system of a large area would say.

"Politics are just the illusion that we govern ourselves".

Yup, but I had already figured that out.

Hey, have a great day, hugs.

yellowdog granny said...

cei:bitching..I think is the cure for all..I feel so much better after bitching...it's good for ya..
nitwit:eggplant is my new favorite veggie..make lasagna with it and use it in place of the noodles..it's good..first time i did it i forgot to peel it and was a little hard to digest..I like it fried too...
I wanted to ask her, does it tell why he finds it so easy to lie to us?..about his time in the navy,the reason to go to war, about torture?...but I can't..wait till my last day though...she'll get hers..and that lady who keeps trying to get me to go to her church...going to tell her ill go but want to be able to replace god and jesus with goddess...snort*
I think you and rube and maybe 2 others are the only ones that might have read me from beginning to now...the scary movie was one of my favorite ones...I'm rocking on...
rube:yup..I'm a viking..and let me tell you..it's hard to root against them when they play the cowboys...but i bleed blue and silver so can't do anything but..besides no viking ever ever..wore them stupid horns..ever..
jan:in my head i was saying uckfay uckfay uckfay..itchbay...
sue:bless you my child...
kath:boscovs huh?..will check it out..I actually found one that is nothing like what i was looking for but struck a cord with me..it's got the right colors but in a stripe pattern with golds and bronze colors too...pretty..saw some african patterns that i liked..but wrong color..and let me tell you..joanne's in waco has the best employees ever..never had such great service..kindness and good business sense as there...cut me out coupons so i could get my material half off and also the lining was half off with coupon and because i had to wait a long time in line..the girl at the register gave me my quilting square for measuring material half off...how great is that?
tex:yup...and that would have sold alot of books..ha
bbc:librarian's are always right...

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

the light turns green and the driver is laughing so hard he pops the clutch and the car dies..I leave him in the dust...

That is absolutely hilarious.

I'm very impressed you had so much self-control at the library. After that encounter, I probably would have moved all the favorable books about Bush in the library to the wrong location so nobody could find them!