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Monday, May 21, 2007

.......CHINESE IMPORTS.......

I hope that you are as pissed off about
this post as I was while gathering the
material to do it.Let me tell you..this
is only part of what's out there..I just
got tired of copying it ..there were
hundreds of different articles on
contaminated food, gluten,
and other products from mainland China...this is just a tip of
the ice berg...The first part
is from an article in the DAM News...
the rest is from articles I found
by googling contaminated Chinese


Stopping contaminated products from
entering U.S. may prove difficult.
Washington..Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical.
Frozen catfish laden with banned
Scallops and sardines coated
with putrefying bacteria.
Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides.
These were among the 107 food imports
from China that the Food and Drug
Administration detained at U.S. ports
just last month, agency documents reveal,
along with more than 1,000 shipments of
tainted Chinese diatary supplements,
toxic Chinese cosmetics and counterfeit
Chinese medicines.
For years,U.S.inspection records show,
China has flooded the U.S. with foods
unfit for human consumption.And for
years, FDA inspectors have simply
returned to Chinese importers the small
portion of those productsthey caught-many
of which turned up at U.S. borders again,
making a second or third attempty at entry.
Now the confluence of two events-the highly publicized contamination of U.S. chicken,
pork and fish with tainted Chinese pet
food ingredients and this week's resumption
of high-level economic and trade talks with China-has activists and members of Congress demanding that the U.S. tell China it is
fed up.
Dead pets and melamine-tainted food notwithstanding, change will proved
difficult, policy experts say, in
large part because U.S.companies have
become so dependent on the Chinese economy.
"So many U.S. companies are
directly or indirectly involved in China now,
the commercial interest
of the United States these days has become to allow imports to come in as quickly and smoothly as possible," said Robert Cassidy, a former assistant U.S. trade representative for China and now director of international trade and services for Kelley
Drye Collier Shannon, a
Washington law firm.
The Cabinet-level "strategic economic
dialogue" with China, which began in
September and is scheduled to resume
Wednesday, was described early on as a
chance for the U.S. and China to break a longstanding stalemate on trade issues.
When it comes to the safety of imported
foods, though, they may highlight the
limited leverage that the U.S. currently
has.(The Washington Post)

So, let me see if I get the picture....we're fucked ....because China is holding us by the balls of Wal-Mart,K-Mart,Hormel,General Motors,Ford Motors,Effern Foods,East Balt
Bakery(buns for McDonalds),Caterpillar,
Allergen, Sprint,Nabisco,Nestle,Nike,
Proctor and
Gamble, Purina,UPS,Baskin Robins,Time Warner,Xerox,Bud's Icecream,Coke,
Texas Instruments,Lockheed-Martin,Westinghouse,General
American Soy Bean Assoc.,At&T,Bama
Food Processing,Pepsi,SW Bell,and many
many many more...Now ...do you think any
of the CEO's of these companpany's give a
big rat's ass how many pets die, or how
many people die from contaminated products imported from China?...We all know the
answer to that is a big fat fuck no..
the bottom line is the green stuff..
not American lives..

These are some of the articles I googled
about contaminated imports from China.

9/1/05 Cancer causing chemicals detected in massive imports of Chinese freshwater fish triggered a health scare in South Korea.This prompted the South Korean's to issue warnings
to consumers to stay away from all Chinese
food imports.
8/28/02-U.S. discovered bulk imports of contaminated Chinese honey.Some of the seized honey tested positive for chloramphenical, an antibiotic used, in most cases,only to treat life-threatening infections in humans when
other alternatives are not available. The
honey had been transhipped illegally through third-party countries on its way from China
to the U.S.
U.S. customs found the US-bound Chinese bulk honey was trashipped through Australia,Mexico,Malaysia,Thailand, Vietnam
and other nations to evade US AD orders.
4/30/07 FDA enforcing a new import alert that greatly expands its curtailment of some good ingredients imported from China, authorizing everything from noodles to breakfast bars.
The move reflects the FDA's growing unease
with what the alert announcement called China's"manufacturing control issues" and the country's inability to ascertain that controls are in place to prevent food contmination.
Inspectors are NOW allowed to detain vegetable protein imports from China because they contain melamine. Melamine used in the manufacturing of plastics,was found in the wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate that has led tothe recall of 5,300 pet products. Aproximately 1,950 cats and 2,200 dogs died after eating contaminated food.
7/16/2002--Japan food companies are moving to stop importing some vegetables from China after findings showed that some chinese-grown spinach contained excessive agricultural chemicals.
Japan's Health Ministry made the public aware that a Chinese diet pill killed one woman and 22 others suffered serious liver problems.The pill was found to contain illegal components such as
fenfluramine, a regulated poison withdrawn in 1977 after evidence showed it can damage heart valves when consumed with other slimming agents.

US recalls of consumer goods for the year 2005--





US recalls of consumer goods for the
year 2006-

other 23%




Ahhhhhh crap!...There are just too many to list..I'm getting a cramp in my neck and my fingers are sore from pounding on the keys..pisses me off so bad...

All I can say is...write, phone your congressman, your representives, and
that you think will listen..this needs

I am jumping off my soap box now...my
ass hurts..But I do suggest that you
start looking on the labels of products
that you buy...Lots of company's make
the food in China and ship it to us.are the ingredients made there? or here?...someone
needs to find out...I am going to start
eating nothing but coconuts..figure
contaminates can't get through the shell


Heidi said...

Thanks for posting this.

To think we are now "dependent" on China for this stuff is so f@cking ridiculous!!! Why should WE be dependent on another country for things we could have produced here?! Think of how prosperous our economy would have been/could have been, and we wouldn't probably be worried about all of these foreign contaminants.

We should be f@cking EXPORTING something, anything not f@cking IMPORTING EVERYTHING!

Maybe China is purposely trying to make us weak -- both financially and physically. And we're dumb enough to let them...

God, I hope the end of the world comes soon because W. and the "new" Republicans have made such a mess of this country, I don't even think a new President or a Democratic controlled Congress can fix it.

Nit Wit said...

China has been trying to take over this country for a long time.
One reason we let them get away with it besides greed. You know that budget deficit stuff? Well, China is where all that money we borrow comes from. Makes you wonder who is really calling the shots around here.

john said...

you bet. i'll tell my wife to stop buying china stuff.

Me said...

Let me eloquently and with the utmost grace state exactly how I feel about this.
Fuck China.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I've been following this ever since the first dog food recall. I live in a part of the country where enough ag products are grown to feed much of the world. And food producers have more government control than you could believe.

I still don't get why we need to import Chinese food products to have "cheap food." Or who thinks Americans would want to eat "cheap food" that has no inspection or supervision.

alan said...

Those CEO's care about nothing except their bonuses, their golden parachutes and shareholder dividends until someone threatens them with jail time. Then, even though they will end up in what you and I would think a country club they will hand wring and blame everyone else for their profit mongering!

As I fought my weight down from 288 a few years ago I was drinking a lot of "protein powder" shakes among other things. Now I'm afraid to even touch the stuff! Let alone chicken, or salmon!

Enough is enough! I got an e-mail the other day that spoke of a pet food safety act that has been proposed each year for the last 10 and voted down in Congress. Not only do we need that, but I guess we need one for us as well!



china:it is scary how a country that is know for it's independence..is now the most dependent country...for money, for oil, for foods, cars...we don't make anything here anymore..
nitwit:yup. I had meant to mention the fact that China is our banker too...if they called in all the loans?..we'd truly be fucked..
john;thanks..that' will really help..
Hill:leave it to a fellow texan to cut right to the heart of the matter...fuck china is right..
jan:anything we get from china we can make here..and safer..cheap is what you get...price and value..
allan:yup..if people would start looking at the labels of things that they eat and saw how much of it came from china..they would eat less..

Big Pissy said...

Great post!

Thanks for the info....I think I'll just start a veggie garden in my backyard and be done with it. :(

Mouthy Girl said...

And that's why I grow a ton of my own stuff and supplement with locally grown produce and MEAT.

More people need to begin appreciate the local farmers/growers and reward their efforts by spending money at local farmers markets. If my hometown didn't have such a great one, I'd likely be eating bark off the trees in my backyard.

I'm irked and feeling a tad bit humiliated after having read that our country can't and WON'T effectively control the importation of tainted food from countries that give a rat's ass about us.

Nit Wit said...

I got Al Gore's book. The first sentence is great. I'll read more later. Funny thing, I went to Wal-Mart to exchange the gas bottle for The Boss's new grill that we got her for Mother's day and our aniversary. They sold me a full one and gave me an empty one. I went looking or the book and had to really look. It wasn't out front with all the other new books. I had to search through a section that had at least 14 consertive peoples books most with more than one position and finally found one spot with three copies of his book. I saw at least 30 copies of the new Reagan book. I may sue though, I had to look at the cover with Ann Coulter on it. You know the book someone wrote for her. Now I'll have nightmares.
It also put me in the mood to kill some evil people. so I guess I'll visit Middle Earth tonight.
My hands are fine, it's my eyes I have trouble with. I need an eye exam and new glasses.

Unknown said...

Thank goodness the farmer's market is starting to show signs of life, sorry it's been so long since I visited, life gets in the way of blogging once again

Nit Wit said...

When you set up a persona in those the Lord Of The Rings you can select the body type. I know you won't believe it but I reduced the chest size on my burglar, her name is Phellone, (pronounced fell one) but they still get in the way when I am cutting up the bad guys. I see her from behind most of the time anyway.

The second sentence of Gores book is good to...

the rube said...

like the great ali said, "I ain't got no quarrel with the Viet Cong"

it's those motherfuckers who market the shit to us and keep wages low so all we can afford is dollar store crap from china.


bigpissy:yeah that's great for the veggies, but what about the stuff made by kraft, nabisco,nestles, etc..and sent here?...sigh*
buddha_girl:it's our government that doesn't care, plus the huge business's that have opened up there and need their money...they could care less..the bottom line is the last dollar..
nitwit:I am going to go to library tomorrow and ask henrietta to get the new al gore book..that way I won't have to worry about accidently seeing a picture of ann coulter..the crunt..
yup..I need to go get my eyes checked and new glasses..now that I can see again after my first bout with diabetes...glad your hands are better...
yeah, it's hard to be a warrior with big tits..they say the amazons who were excellent at archery had one of their breasts cut off so it wouldn't get in the way of shooting the arrow..that's why I don't and cant' play golf..one swing and it takes me 20 minutes to untangle my tits from the golf club..If your warrior was a blond...she would look like me at 20...
junebugg;glad to hear from you..missed ya...life can get in the way of life..period..ha

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Man, no wonder so many people are dying of cancer but yet doctors can't figure out why.