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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

.......YELLOWDOG NEWS .......

Texas leaps to no.2 as place to retire.Holy shit!..Texas has gone from number 4 as the most popular place to retire in 2000, to 2005's number 2....it used to be





5.North Carolina....now it's:





5.Georgia.....holy shit!

like we need more old farts....they must have heard about the law allowing Texans to shoot someone who they thing is threatening them on their property with out asking questions first..

Florida is still number one..but the numbers are shrinking ..from 19.1% to 16.6%...blaming hurricanes,rising housing prices,higher homeowners insurance premiums and over crowding

are making Florida a less desirable destination..

one of the reasons why Texas is over flowing with old farts is we have a "Retire in Texas" website..It seems boomers are looking for areas that complement their active lifestyle, and Texas has an abundance of those places..from the gulf coast to the hill country to the piny woods to the expanse of West Texas..what is scary to me is, they are moving here from CCalifornia, Florida, Nevada and Illinois.homes here in TTexas run from $110 to $132 per square foot.that's half of the prices of homes in California.people are selling their homes there, paying cash for a place here and investing the rest.some of the home buyers are moving here to be near their adult children and families who came to North Texas because of the healthy job market.ahhhh, jeeez!...this is where i should jump in and remind everyone about west and how cheap our homes are..how we are centrally located..little over an hour to Dallas, couple hours to Austin..and about 3 hours to San Antonio and another 2 hours or so to Houston..in Texas...that's close..we have lakes, rivers,hill country,deserts, big bend,swamps,and that freak show in Dallas..Jerry Jones..the summers are hot, the winters are mild and we have plenty of alien to clean your house and take care of your yard...what's not to like..???now if the old farts would just promise not to wear those purple and red jogging suits I might actually welcome them to Texas.....yeah...right!

now for some good news..and news that makes the politics in America kind of pale in comparison.


Cambridge, England..Jenny Bailey, 45, was installed Thursday as mayor of the Cambridge City Council. According to the Local Government Association, she is Britain's first transsexual mayor. Rob Hammond, Cambridge Council's chief executive, said he knew there would be interest in the new mayor's sex change."It is the council's firm view that some one's gender and sexual orientation has no bearing on their suitability to hold public office," Mr. Hammond said...(Associated Press)...what they didn't mention was that her partner is a transsexual also and Jenny has 2 children from her marriage and remains friends with her ex-wife..Both Jenny and Jennifer Liddle had their operations done while they were in their 30's...

Now ain't that grand..It's not about who/how you have sex...it's about the fact that you can do the job..Of course our politicians are having sex with pages while trying to get all gays put to sleep..bunch of hypocrites...anyhow..way to go Jenny and Jennifer...good luck..and lucky you for living in a area that isn't concerned with your sexual orientation...


the rube said...

i didn't get to where i am today by voting for flip floppers.

texlahoma said...

I'm ready to retire. Not old enough, don't have retirement money but I'm freaking ready! Seems like your retirement dollar would go farther in Mexico though.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I think the hurricanes in Florida also make it a less desirable place to live. But the Lazy Iguana could probably tell you plenty of other reasons.

Lauren said...

YAY!!!! Trannies are people too!!

Thanks for posting this JS. I saw it on another website but I closed my blog and won't post any more.

Love ya Sweetie!!!!



Cyberoutlaw said...

Texas is number 2? Congrats, I guess? Rather you than us! We're already bursting at the doors here, LOL!


rube:oh lordy..that's funny...your so bad...funny...but bad...one of the reason's why i like you so much.
tex:people ask me all the time if im retired..and i always say:from what?....
cheese:florida is the state next to texas that has as many weirdo's and nutjobs as we do.....and now they're moving here..farq!
lauren:i was hoping you were still out there reading and would see this..i thought of you when i wrote it...pretty neat huh?
cyber:we're #2...we're #2...does that mean we're full of it????

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could convince everyone to retire to Mexico and hire lots of household and gardening help.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! All countries should be this tolerant!

Susan Demeter said...

"the law allowing Texans to shoot someone who they thing is threatening them on their property with out asking questions first.."

You're joking right?