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Friday, May 18, 2007


Cyberoutlaw pegged me for this meme...But I'm
at a loss what to put down..I think you all
know all the weird, strange and unusual things about me...but I will try and narrow the list down to just 8...ha..

1.I have a tiny mole on the very end of my nose..I used to tell the kids when they were little that I was a witch and
if I touched it and wished for something it would happen..Kept the crime rate down until they were old enough to figure out that
mom was full of crap.
2.When I am giving directions I never say
"it's straight ahead."...if someone
says it's straight ahead, I will
correct them and say.."no it's forward..always go forward...never
go straight."

3.When the kids and grandkids were little
when I told them to buckle up, I always said "buckle up winsocky ..buckle up."...if you're old enough you will know what that means.

4.If I like an author, I will check
out or buy everyone of his books
and read them all, back to back..
5.I don't think my farts stink, except when I drank and then they were awful..
6.I think I have mentioned this before, but I have the ability to blink away bad memories..
if I start to remember something bad that happened to me...I will start blinking and usually by the 6-7th blink...the memory is gone..
7.I have a mean streak..I can be cruel if I don't like someone..don't care if I make
them cry...If you fuck with me..I can slice
and dice you with my tongue...I really show
no mercy..
8.I cry easily...at hallmark comercials, sad movies, books, etc..and babies make me cry..I can see a new born baby and tears will just spring to my eyes...don't understand that
at all...But if I am hurt....not a tear...
I'm very tough..but a complete stranger
can tell me their mother just died, and
I will cry...Cut my finger off?...no tears.

so...is that weird enough for ya?...I tag:
Kath, Sabastien,Jan,Allan,and.
.....Buddha_girl...that ought
to keep you all busy for a while...


Nit Wit said...

I thought this was supposed to be 8 weird things.

Josh said...

2. I like the phrase "gaily forward." :)

5. Meat farts are the worst. Nothing like having a dead animal simmering in your digestive tract for a few days to let one cut a few whoppers.

8. I've always known you were a big softy. :)

Cyberoutlaw said...

#5 - My goodness, what were you drinking? Mine never stink, LOL!

Tina said...

ohhh you're not weird at all ;)
glad you didnt tag me though haha
hope life is oh so swell for ya kiddo, yep i said kiddo :)


nitwit:i know...I already did a post on all the weird shit..I was really grabbing at straws on this one..I'm just not near as weird as I thought I was..

josh:yup..I'm a big softy till ya fuck with me..ha..

cyberoutlaw:hmmm, lets see, run, whiskey, vodka,Boonesfarm wine,tequila,and all mixed with dr.pepper..a fart then would have stripped the paint off a metal building..

Sebastien Millon said...

I think it's important to not let people give you shit. I'm sure you're good with that. Unfortunately, when I get angry, I get sooooo angry that I'm speechless, and my impulse is to break the offending person's teeth in.

Hmmm, and I see I've been tagged! I just did a meme about 8 things about me, but I will try and do this in a couple days/week, give it some time, people are probably going insane with the huge number of random facts they have already learned about my life...