I'm a liberal pagan living in West,Texas..yes that West,Texas

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For a change....no bad news...my truck is fixed..found a used compressor for $60 and a

30 day guarantee...got,air filter,oil filter,castrol oil,anti-freeze,freon and 4 more

spark plugs..even though it is a 4-cylinder

it has 8 plugs...I didn't know that...doh!.

He also adjusted the idler and my baby is purring like a kitten..no noise..and the ac

shoots out air so cold..my nipples got hard.

well, mabye not..but it runs like a new truck.

Since I only drive about 5 miles a week he

said I could probably go a year before I

had to worry about changing my oil again..

I was so happy I just got in the truck and

drove around town..Vince only charged me $40

to do it..It was getting late so he is going

to do the anti-freeze Friday..but I probably

can do it myself..

Before he got the truck fixed my little buddy Inky came by and took me to the store, hardware, auto store,and drug store..Each stop I showed

people my hand..liked grossing them out..The

pharmacist wasn't amused..at all...I got such a look from him..so after the cable guy comes

tomorrow I will go to the Drs. and get him to look at it and give me a tetnus shot..too late for stitches..But I am going to have one ugly ass scar...

The other good news is:West Lady Trojans are State bound..Tomorrow they play Burkburnett in the State Semifinal...They will play in Austin.

The Lady Trojans enter the tournament with a 29-5 season record and are the 4th ranked team in the

state's 3A ranks this week.West went undefeated

in District 12-AAA action and also went un-

defeated in the playoffs..Their roster is comprised of two seniors, three juniors, five

sophomores and six freshmen.So they will only lose 2 players for next years games...I am so

proud of them...

Plus..West received 24 inches of rain and rained for 12 days out of the month of May...That is 24 inches so far this year..ha..not in a month..

We are supposed to get rain tonight too...fiddle fuck..

Also...I finally picked a name for the pussy..

'Not Yours' for my pussy..and 'Little Asshole' for the cat..My legs are all scratched up and

so are my hands where the little asshole chewed on me...I was going to call him Sooner but I call him you little asshole so much that it suits him..Margaret can't wait till he gets lose out in the yard and I have to call him you little asshole...like that will stop me..

Ok..that's all the news for today..root for my Lady Trojans...GOOOOOOOO BIG RED....


Mouthy Girl said...

1. I'm green with envy over the charge for the truck. I haven't paid that little for something to be done to a vehicle...ever.

2. I love COLD ASS AC!

3. Trojans. I always revert to being an imbecile kid when I hear of schools with that mascot. Regardless....GO TROJANS!

4. Ahem. I TOLD YOU SO! You should have gotten that damn Frankenstein hand looked at LONG AGO! Tell that pharmacist I said hello!

Rainwolf said...

Congrats all the way around. Great deal on the truck.

Anonymous said...

Good news on the truck, but the Humane Society will probably be contacting you about the cat's name. I called my cat "Slut" before I had her spayed. She was a stray that just never left. The veterinarian's phone answerer was not amused when I told her the name.

Scottish Toodler said...

Call the cat "LA" to the vet and you won't have to worry about being reported to the ASPCA or whoever. Glad to heart the news on the truck!!! No Goddess questions though??? Is that feature gone?


son of a bitch..look at the spacing on my post..every time I would stop typing it would save and add a space between sentences..fucking bastids...I'm going to have to go jackiesue on them...
Buddha_girl:Vince is the son of maryruth my old neighbor at the house i lived in for 13 years...so he was doing me a favor too... it actually was $40 cash, let him take the old compressor back for the $10 exchange, gave him the one can of freon that was left over..
a 12pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes...not bad..and it drives smoother than a cats ass..
I'm sooo happy...yeah,when i used to drink i would go to the high school football games and yell 'go rubbers'...till my friends wouldn't sit with me any more..
yeah, no one is impressed with my stuborness..but you have to remember this is the person who used a pair of plyers to pull a tooth because i was too proud to ask some one to take me to the dentist when I didn't have transportation..macho macho macho jackie
rainwolf:one of the joys of living in a small town..
Jan:my vet is henrietta the librarian's son and he is very familar with my weirdness..so don't think my naming my cat little asshole will surprise him..
Scottish;the goddess is so busy taking dead soldiers to valhalla that she took a break..but you are the first one to ask about her..ha.so she must not be too missed...

Allan said...

Glad the truck purrs...goddamn if I didn't have to post
about a zillion times the other day- kept getting huge spaces between every
Was gonna ask Freya about it, but I hear she
is busy

Unknown said...

If you wanted to be PC, you could call the cat "Rectum" or maybe use the 'net PC word for asshole, "Asshat".

Kudoes on the truck and I hope the hand heals OK even with a scar.

I finally got a TV, not as big as the old one but the picture looks much better. Haven't gone A/C shopping yet, but the windows are open and I have a couple of fans going so it hasn't been too bad. At least the candles haven't melted yet...........

the rube said...

excellent deal on the truck repairs.

do you let the little asshole in the truck?

Cassandra said...

Have you been to the Doc yet? Huh, huh, huh????

Rowan Dawn said...

Yes, I imagined you driving your truck naked with hard ass nipples. You're a sexy old bitch, let me tell ya!

Big Pissy said...

Great news on the truck!

Love your cat's name! *LOL*


allan: I think the goddess thought no one would miss her..she will come back only by popular demand.
Im so happy with my truck..
junebugg:yeah, since i have always been concerned about being pc...ahhahahaahahahahhaahahahahah
today was hot enough for the ac but i refuse to use it until it's at least 95...im no wussy to go flipping on the ac when it's still in the 80's....
the rube:little asshole isn't into riding in the truck..now annie would love it..
babs: uh...nope..will go monday for tetnus shot..
lavender:i swear my nipples were so hard i could have used them to steer the wheel...well, mabye not.
big pissy:he is living up to his name too..my legs are all scratched up...

alan said...

Glad things are looking up!

Here's hoping neither of us floats away these next few days!


Rowan Dawn said...

"lavender:i swear my nipples were so hard i could have used them to steer the wheel...well, mabye not."

that's fucking funny. that is some big ass nipples you got there granny!

Nit Wit said...

You should have gotten that hand checked right away. There are too many bugs out there that the antibiotics don't work on anymore. The last time I had to have an AC compressor replaced it cost me $380.00 and that was a rebuilt one.
You better watch it or the Little Asshole will give you cat scratch fever.
The Goddess said she was going to be busy so I figured she would be back when she wanted.
When the AC makes your nipples hard do they blow the horn or brused by the steering wheel? :)

mckait said...


your hand...
why are you waiting till monday?
you probably need antibiotics too.. and you could at least have put butterflies on it..


good news on the truck tho...


hate the cats name
( I used to manage a vets office.)

wouldn't reconsider would ya?

get a spray bottle.. don't let him scratch you all up... it will be far less cute when he is gown...
blow in his face if he is near enough to scratch your hand..
it works

maybe you
could call him bum?

anyway.. hoping for rain.. Pa is dry as dust

Susan Demeter said...

Hahah Love the new kitty's name sounds like it suits him, and very cool that the vet is Henrietta's son. Glad things are better, and you got your truck straightened out.

Normy said...

Glad you got your truck fixed without going bankrupt... sounds like Vince is a good mechanic. It's hard to come by ones that don't want to screw you over.

Me said...

Ya know, I've always said 2 things are vital in life. A good doc and a great mechanic.

Hooray for great mechanics!

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I'm glad you got your truck fixed. Sucks about your hand, though.
My old nearly toothless cat will come get right in my face whenever I'm indulging in the bad habit of sitting on the couch eating. He always manages to step on my foot with his claws out. Pain in the ass!
The big fat gray cat will get up on the couch with me if I'm lying down. He always manages to step on my boob. Ditto the pain in the ass comment.
The little calico cat walks across the computer. Another pain in the ass.
The tortie is usually bitching at one of the other cats in this whiny yowl. And the tabby enjoys baiting her. Which makes for five pains in the ass in all.

Heidi said...

I'm glad you got your truck fixed and for a reasonable price!!! Hoorayyyy!

Love the name for the cute little kitty. They sure can be little a$$holes at times.

I was lucky Cartier didn't bite my hands and feet when he was a baby, but Charlee always did and it hurt like hell. In fact, even though she's almost three years old, she still bites my legs during the middle of the night when I'm sleeping. When I wake up, I have little kitty teeth marks all over my legs and sheets.

Get that hand looked at! In the meantime, make sure and use Neosporin!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I wouldn't have a pet, but if I had to have one, it would be a dog...Good name for the cat!
Great to see your truck is up and running well, they're usually easier to get parts and service for at any age than a car, and even if yours is a little one (S-10, Ranger, etc) once you start driving one, you'll never want anything else.
Not looking forward to throwing huge jack at mine, but the body's rough, the heater core needs replaced before winter, and a tune-up would probably not hurt either, with fucking $3/gallon gas, courtesy of President "Chumpy McFlightsuit" & his faith-FOOL sidekick "shooter" Dick.


allan:cant believe we are still getting more rain..there is a web growing between my toes..
lavender:well, you know i do..stretch the truth a little doncha?
nitwit:so far i lucked out..my hand is healing nicely..lots of neosporin,and the cut has sealed and healed...yeah, my nipples can play the eyes of texas on the horn..
Kath:ahh, you know me..politically incorrect....I'm sure the vet is more than capable of handling a patient named little asshole...
sue:the vet is well aware of my strangeness...he probably wont blink an eye when i tell him the name..
normy:vince is excellent...he put the alternator belt on a couple of months ago and charged me $5..
Hill:and I have both..thank the Goddess...
cheesey:Annie kicks him out of the bed about 3-4 times a night..but the other morning I got up and she was still asleep and little asshole was nursing away..
HMHH:yup..lots of neosporin..and keep it bandaided up...
galtinthebox:send me your email address again...so i can keep you in the forward loop..
yeah, vincent said i may call it a mazda but it's a ford ranger..all i know is its been the best auto i have ever owned..cept for my little cj-5 jeep...