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Saturday, June 02, 2007


California has begun allowing overnight visits for gay and lesbian partners of prison inmates to conform to the state's domestic-partnership law...Damn...the gay prisoners in California have better rights then most of the other states do in general..

Remember my rant on the Chinese? More good news.


FDA:Products risky for children, people with kidney or liver disease.(or for anyone else who wants to live a full and long life).

Consumers were advised Friday to discard all toothpaste made in China after federal health officials said they found Chinese-made toothpaste containing a poison related to a chemical used in anti-freeze in three locations:Miami,the Port of Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.

The U.S. is the seventh country to find tainted Chinese toothpaste within it's borders in recent weeks.

Agency officials said they found toothpaste containing a small amount of diethylene glcol, a sweet, syrupy poison, at a Dollar Plus retail store in Miami, sold under the brand name ShiR Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste.The FDA also identified nine other brands of toothpaste that contain diethylene glycol, some with concentrations of 3 to 4 percent.

Diethylene glycol was not listed on the label of the toothpaste, and was only detected because the FDA had began testing Chinese toothpaste last month.

The brand names are:

Cooldent Fluoride

Cooldent Spearmint

Cooldent ICE

Dr. Cool


Clean Rite

Oralmax Extreme

Oral Bright

Bright Max

ShiR Fresh Mint..

I check every jar, can container,etc..that I eat..if it is made in China..it goes in the trash..Them fuckers are trying to croak us..

I have more rants but I am saving it till Monday..I have to tell you about my new love and my garage sale finds...My new love is my cable TV hookup...sonofabitch...I am mesmerized...HGTV, Food, Sci-Fi, Animal Planet,History, Discovery, USA,TNT,Ma, and Starz

along with both the ESPN's channels...holy shit.

I had forgotten how little I got done when I had cable...and porn..holy shit..there's porn..Well, maybe not insertion of viable penis but all the other stuff..I had been watching something on TV and came into the computer room and can't see TV from here but all of a sudden I hear this woman moaning and a groaning and that oh so familiar slap slap of flesh on flesh sound...I thought, What the fuck?..stood up and looked over the half wall that separates this area from the living room and there were 2 people going at it..and then 2 women going at it...freaked me out..Had to turn the channel before Annie and the Little Asshole got any ideas...I asked Babs, do you think Sooner and Tex know about this..?

She assured me they knew...MERCY!If this keeps up I'm going to have to get a battery charger for my little friend.

OK...enough on porn...have to tell you about my garage sales...At least this time I didn't have to tell the people to go fuck themselves..but I found and bought a really strange doll..It was I thought a black rag doll...had a plantation type dress and a rag on her head...for a $1...thought

it was really neat..so paid for it..and as I was walking off the lady said.."You do know there's another head under the dress,don't you?"...I looked down and said "That's interesting and looked under the skirt and by Goddess, there was a white head in a bonnet under the skirt...I said:"Well, that's about as politically correct as you can get."...If you turn it inside out..the doll is a white doll, and the Black doll is under the skirt..so you have....2 dolls in one..sorta..or as Babs said..."two heads and no ass."...The woman offered to buy it back..but I wanted the doll..."I told her,"I know there's a lesbian joke in here someplace, or a Rosie O'Donnell joke..."..They were still laughing as I walked to the Truck..(which runs fantastically, by the way)So now I am the proud owner of a half and half doll...Wonder what possesed someone to do that? Sigh*...

Bad news..The West Lady Trojans lost first round..but we'll be back next year..

Also the Baylor girls softball team lost first round too, but they still get a shot..First time they had made it this far and played the team that won it all last year...so they are at least still in it, they play in the losers bracket..

Sic 'em bears...

Have to go...Iron Chef is coming on...hot dang!


Cie Cheesemeister said...

I think it's a Siamese twin doll, but there is probably still a lesbian joke in there someplace!
That reminds me, I need to work on my porn directory again. But somehow I just couldn't muster the courage to look at more butts, boobs and schlongs just yet.

Nit Wit said...

I hope you got Comedy Central so you can watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It's where I get most of my news. Gore was on the Daily show before the holiday and he recommended the show over the network news shows. They show them 4 or 5 times every day.
I think the Chinese are trying to poison us too.
Those dolls are an old traditional southern rag doll that I have seen before. They have been around for a long time although you don't see them much anymore. I wonder how much they go for on EBay.

It won’t be long before they start a new season of Eureka on the Sci- Fi channel. You have to check that out. It's the only new show I actually watch.
Almost done with the Gore book and I really like it. I must, I am making the new Koontz book wait until I finish it.

Cassandra said...

ooooo.... Iron Chef! That show is a blast. The original one, not the American knock off.

I was just making sure the doll was what I thought it was... 2 heads and no ass.

Enjoy the porn!

Anonymous said...

I had one of those dolls with black one end and white the other when I was a child. And we then knew nothing of political correctness or lesbians. We were innocent and just thought they were great dolls to play with.


cheesey:a little porn goes a long way...
Nitwit:oh that was the first thing i did was watch the daily show and the cobert show..the best part of cable..that and the sci-fi channel...
just read another article in the paper that all most all vitimin c is made in china..and they think they are fucked too...arghghghg!
eureka..will have to watch for it..i want to see the reruns of farscape..i didn't get to watch the last two years..and the first part of stargate where the two leads moved to there too...sigh*
I think henrietta is getting the al gore book for our library..can't wait to read it..
I get a newsletter from trixie, dean koontz golden retreiver..and she said she gives it 10 cookies..which is good..i love that dog..
Babs: yeah, i used to watch the old iron chef and cracked me up...loved it..the new one is ..ok..but not nearly as good as the old one..2 heads..no ass...if that was 2 asses and no head, it would be a bush doll...ahahahahahah

Sling said...

'Scuse me..There's a toothpaste called "Oralmax Extreme?"..but enough about porn..

Josh said...

Oh, I'm tempted to wax metaphoric about gay prisoners, but I'll pass (for now).

Chinese crap is bad for the economy and bad for your health, too. The people who think they are getting a bargain at Wal-Mart are making up the difference... with their well-being.

Beansidhe said...

As I've said before, we can only hope that part of the reason that Bush and Bliar have those shit-eating cheesy grins on their faces is bacause they use copious amounts of Oralmax Extreme. *crosses fingers*

texlahoma said...

I use to know a hooker named
Oralmax Extreme.

texlahoma said...

Damn, I didn't see Slings comment. Oh well, great minds think alike.
I'd hate for there to be some kind of mix up on conjugal visit day!

mckait said...

topsy turvy dolls!
they are from the civil war era...usually found black and white as yours was....

cool find! collectors item, i think.....


sling:is that not a great name or not...
Josh:wait till all them health nuts find out that the vitiman C that they take is made in china and is contaminated...and the toothpaste they use to clean the bad taste out of their mouth is contaminated also...cheap is...as cheap is...
beany:ah, you know them bastids never bought cheap for anything...
bet neither one of them have ever been inside a wal-mart..
Tex:maybe that's what i should have named the cat..
funny..all you guys picked that one name out of the entire article..bad boys..bad boys..ha
Kath:i looked it up on ebay and they have one for $199.00 and down to $5....depends on how old it is..dress on the black doll is a little spotty..but I don't know how to tell the age of it...so could be worth..$5 or more..??????

Ol' Lady said...

cable, garage sales and a truck that is runnin good...holy shit are you in for a good summer :)
enjoy :)