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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


"The older I get, the more I admire and crave competence, just simple competence, in any field
from adultry to zoology."....H.L.Mencken..
Ain't that the truth...

General discharge urged for protesting Marine vet.

A Marine Corps panel recommended a general discharge Monday for Cpl.Adam Kokesh, the Iraq war veteran who wore his uniform to a protest rally against the war...Cpl. Kokesh would not lose any military benefits if the
recommendation is approved by Brig. Gen.
Darrell Moore, one of two officers who
received his obscene e-mail
I am going to find out how to email Brig. Gen. Moore my ownself..have I got an obscene e-mail for him....them fuckers...I wish everyone would send him an obscene e-mail...like 'get the fuck out of Iraq'....huggs...

Ah...Texas is yet again..number one..

In states with the highest total carbon
dioxide emissions
in million metric tons in 2003. Each
metric ton is 2,204.6 pounds
271 ...Pennsylvania

As each and everyone of you know...I have a sick twisted sense of justice..of right and wrong..and the punishment for the crime...these
2 articles cracked me up..because I think the punishment for the first article should be the same punishment of the second one...

Officials in Nigeria have brought criminal charges againsst pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc.for the company's alleged role in the deaths of children who received an unapproved drug during a meningitis epidemic.
The government alleges that Pfizer researchers selected 200 children and infants from crowds at a makeshift epidemic camp in Kano and gave about
half of the group an untested antibiotic called Trovan. Researchers gave the other children what the lawsuit describes as a dangerously low dose of a comparison drug made by Hoffman-Laroche.
In a written statement, Pzizer said the company believes it did nothing wrong and emphasized that children with meningitis have a high fatality rate.
Nigerian officials say Pfizer's actions resulted in the deaths of an unspecified number of children and left others deaf, paralyzed, blind or brain damaged...
article 2...
Former head of food, drug agency admitted he
received bribes and was sentenced to death Tuesday after pleading guilty to corruption and accepting bribes, according to the state-controlled news media..
You know ...it's not important what the rest of the article says...hahahahahahah...But too bad they can't put to death the Pfizer officials that were responsible for the deaths of those
children..Just saying...
Gotta say one thing for the Chinese...they don't play around when you screw up...and that was just about money...of course it was THEIR money not ours.
We need a little Chinese punishment for the Bush Administration....yeah buddy..
fuckme till I'm Chinese..


Pand0ra Wilde said...

I caught some notes about another country banning toothpaste made in China--because there was poisonous chemicals in it.

I make enough of my own soap and stuff, so maybe it's time to make my own toothpaste too?

jan said...

I think the Chinese official may just have lost the lottery and Chinese officials needed to show the west that they mean business when they crack down on corruption. o yes.

the rube said...

that'd take a lot of fuckin to make you chinese.

Clance' said...

I killed 2 rattlers yesterday. Maybe we should find a way to use them creativly. There are enough here and lots around TX that are even bigger.

Nit Wit said...

The Chinese had the gall to complain about the stink about contaminated toothpaste and pet food. They must think that they can do anything they want with Americans just like they do with their own people.
I see Ohio made the top 10 too. That’s strange since most of the heavy industries have left here for foreign parts. I guess Wendy's and McDonalds put out more carbon than I thought.
It’s too hard for the drug companies to test their new drugs with any kind of controls or oversight so they go where they can bribe the officials for $50 and nobody cares who lives or dies. I notice that they were still trying to rig the results by testing against weak versions of their competitor’s drug.
It will be funny when China calls in all the money we owe them and all the rich CEO's find themselves with money that is worthless and only good for wiping their asses.

Big Pissy said...

I love that quote you started this post with...good stuff! :)

apositivepessimist said...

Good thing as I age I like the simpleness to life. Heh.

“…like 'get the fuck out of Iraq'...huggs…” ß cracked me up.

The Chinese have the right way to go. What the he-ell is wrong with corporal punishment I say. Then again those little buggers can afford to kill off some of their population…breed like bloody rabbits. Heh how’s THAT for racial attitude.

Already I feel like I have been amongst the Redneck Hillbillies too long.

Hey You :)

buddha_girl said...

Holy moly.

I'm aghast at the pharmacuetical debacle. I think the fucktards who made the decision to use those third world babies and children should have to make the SAME decision concerning their own children. I think we'd see some careful forethought THAT time around.

yellowdog granny said...

pandora:welcome to the blog..hmm..wonder how you would make toothpaste..? i know when i was a kid we used tooth powder..came in a can and you sprinkled it into your palm and then wet your brush and then stuck it in the powder and brushed your teeth...we also used baking soda..
Jan:there are so many chinese there are 1,000 to step in and fill his shoes..
the rube:yeah, and trying to find me someone that is willing to apply for the job is another problem..hahahahahahahha
clance:hmm, are rattles a lot like chinese?
Nitwit:if china calls in the debts we would have about 45 minutes before the bottom dropped out of our country..and we would be overran by illegal aliens..
bip PIssy:yeah, I loved that quote too...surprised your the only one that commented on it..sigh*
apos:I can't tell you how glad you are back..I have missed you a bunch..get high speed...we miss you...lots...lordy..a redneck aussie..isn't that one of the signs of the coming of the end of the world???
buddha:yeah, wonder how eager they would be to test that product on their own kids...bastids..

Babs said...

The Chinese wouldn't have let the Bush family breed so much... think about it...

texlahoma said...

Texas #1!
Now the republicans want to make 10 new coal plants to make liquid fuel, like diesel. Crazy bastids!

Josh said...

Well, with options of "fuckme till the war is over" and "fuckme till I'm Chinese", I think the latter will probably happen first. How's your Mandarin? :P

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

fuckme till I'm Chinese..fuckme till the wars over...fuckme till im left handed...

Good God, how do you come up with these? They are "f@ckin" hilarious!!!

Hill said...

My Mandarin sucks ass. Yours? Probably the same.
Love this post!

yellowdog granny said...

babs:eeeeewww now I have to get that picture of barbara and george fucking out of my head...'my eyes..my eyes'...
texas:I can remember when Texas being #1 was a good thing...now it means we're #1 in polution, no insurance, no jobs, etc..farq!
Josh:I fight better than I speak Mandarin
HMHH:I think it started out when I first started posting..I was talking about the bush administration and said 'fuckme..I'll never smile again'..and then it just spread...can't tell you how many times I have sat here with the screen saying fuck me...and then have to figure out what to put..it's hard being spontanious..
Hill:thanks..glad to see you back..I actually have 3 mandarin dictionary's..that might come in handy..