I'm a liberal pagan living in West,Texas..yes that West,Texas

Sunday, June 24, 2007


How glad the Obama's and Clinton's
would be to capture my vote
But you had such persistence with
that Texas drawl
You wore down my resistance
I fell,and it was swell....ya'll.

You're my big and brave handsome
How you won me,everyone knows
with your quick wit and your so
fast on your toes.

It's that your so dang attractive
and my heart grew so active
when you came on Face the Nation
and My CBS news..

Then came cute Katie Curic
and I got the low-down
broke my heart blues.

I've got a crush on you,Bobby Boy,
all the day and night-time
Hear me sigh.
I never had the least notion
That I could fall with such emotion
for a man giving me bad news.

Could you coo?
Could you care
For a Texas cottage on
Lake Austin with a view?

The world will pardon my mush
'cause I've got such a crush, my
Bobby, on you..

Yes, I've got such a crush
my Bobby, on you...


Big Pissy said...

Lovely tribute!

I think you should send it to him. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked!! I figured you would go for one of the eye candy weekend guys.

Heidi said...

Send it, send it!

Maybe you could start a NILF --Newsman I'd like to @#$^%! -- Club.

I'd join! :)

Nit Wit said...

He doesn't do a thing for me. Not even give me the news as I don't watch that network news shows. They don't tell cover real news unless it's entertaining.
See what happens when you watch that porn on the TV.

BBC said...

I've been away camping and I'm trying to catch up on blog visits now. But I think I would rather just go camping again, too many monkeys in town here.

There are idiots out camping also, but not so many of them. Anyway, I'm writing in my own name in the next election.

Ah hell, this country is just plain screwed, an experiment that they screwed up. Hey, have a great day, hugs.

Ol' Lady said...

I knew some one would capture your hardened heart one day...
You should at least send him your tribute...who knows maybe he's lookin for that special someone...and you are certainly 'special' :o

the rube said...

i hope you have a plan b.

bob looks like he's almost worn out.

Cyberoutlaw said...

I'm with Jan. I thought you'd go for the Anderson Cooper or Shep Smith type :)

apositivepessimist said...

Just keep it as a crush JS, you’d kill him, you being a woman that ain’t had sex fer donkeys yonks and all.

Anonymous said...

I think I can see why you are taken with him.I think its the smile:)

Allan said...

I'm jealous.


bigPissy:nah, he'd think i was some stalker or something.
Jan:nah, I like substance in my men..not fluff..
HMHH: hmmm. newsmen I'd like to fuck...has a nice ring to it...
Nitwit:oh he gives good news...he doesn't fool around..and makes fun of people and doesn't suffer fools lightly...
BBC:if it would quit raining I would have a great day...
Ol'lady:nah, he's been happily married to the same woman for many years...and it's not a sexual thing I have for him...just a crush...maybe come over everynight and read the news just for me..ha
the Rube:i like men that have some years on them...wisdom is sexy..
cyber:well, I do like anderson cooper but he plays for the other team...
apos:yeah, after 21 years, and his age ..I would probably give him a heart attack..
mimi:he does have a great smile..but it's its the way he brings me the world events and his somber voice and that texas drawl and the twinkle in his eye..
Allan:ahhh Allan...you know your my favorite record man...he's my favorite newsman...

texlahoma said...

Ha! I was waiting for you to reply, just when you thought you were all caught up!
At least send him some fan mail!

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Yeah, if Obama can have a scantily clad wenchlette with inflate-a-boobs doing a tribute video to him, why not you and Bob? It would be way cooler!

Josh said...

Awesome! I think he's better than Katie also. He seems to be having a nice run as of late.


tex:when they put katie couric on I sent him an email telling him how pissed I was...no reply..he's got bigger fish to fry then some redneck old lady down in texas tooting his horn..
Cheesy:maybe i should vidio myself reading the poem to him in the nude...nah..scare the shit out of him..
Josh:he's the man..