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Monday, June 25, 2007


Why is it that my favorite newsmen all come from Texas..Dan Rather,Bob Schieffer, and now..Lou Dobbs...did y'all know he was from Texas?.cool!

If you guys missed it ..you should have seen Face The Nation Sunday morning...at the end of Bob's little news show..he said he had to apologize for his news team for missing such a big story...they worked hard, and did everything in their power, but they missed out on getting the Paris Hilton interview..They were to busy trying to get the results from the Anna Nicole Smith autopsy..I laughed so hard the cats came in from outside to stare at me.

On to the news:


The House voted narrowly Thursday(last week) to reverse a ban on contraception aid to groups overseas that offer abortions, challenging a pillar of President Bush's foreign aid policy. If the proposal passes the Senate, Mr. Bush is likely to swiftly veto it and upheld by Republicans who so no assistance of any kind should be given to groups that promote or offer abortions. Democrats say the ban is a failing policy that has led to an alarming shortage of contraceptives.
Nope..the assholes would rather see the mothers go to some back alley mid-wife and have some drunk with a coat hanger rip her insides out..or have the baby be born and then starve to death..them assholes!..No one is FOR abortions, but starving babies, or babies dying of aids is not a solution either.
"It's probably because of our bad educational system, but the percentage of people who believe in creationism is really scary for a country that's going to have to compete in a world where science and medicine require a better understanding.." New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ex-Republican and potential independent presidential candidate, on the religious beliefs of more than 40 percent of the country.(New York Sun)..I'm not sure, but did he just call 40 percent of America stupid..?...Damn straight and no shit.
"East Austin right now is at a certain stage where small things can erupt into something major.I just want to try to prevent that.".
Rita Gonzales-Garza, Hispanic community leader, on minority efforts to calm tensions in the Texas capital after a black mob beat a Latino motorist to death(Dallas Morning News..Thursday)
that is what happens when you interrupt a Juneteenth day celebration...(Austin just living up to his motto:"keep Austin weird."

"That's the reason I wasn't in their camp..because I kept on contradicting them. I wasn't about to lie to the committee.I knew i was already in a losing proposition.If I lie, I lose.And, if I tell the truth, I lose."Retired General Anthony Taguba, who investigated the Abu
Ghraib scandal, on what he says were the lies top Defense Department officials told Congress about the matter.(The New Yorker.June 25Th)
Gee wonder if that is why he is "retired"...

Dublin,Ireland, The final British troops withdrew Monday from the Northern Ireland borderland long known as "bandit country," ending a 37-year mission to keep watch over
the Irish Republican Army's most dangerous power base. Soldiers from the second battalion of the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment left Bessbrook Mill in what their commander, Col. Wayne Harber,called a final act in "the longest military campaign in the army's history."
IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME...They should give Ireland back to the Irish and British rule should be abolished..but then what do I know?

It's raining, raining ...raining in West, By Goddess, Texas...we are over 20 inches above normal for rain this year and it's still June..(and that was a week ago)We have flash flood warnings every day..and every day some dumb fuck decides to drive their Chevy Nova across some ditch and get washed into the next county..They don't call them gully washers for nothing..I went to store to get some 'stuff' and got caught in the rain..by the time I got back to the apartment..I was soaked from head to toe..bra, pants socks, shoes...the works...had to change clothes..now my bones ache..I have the urge to make me a big pot of hot tea.
I bought a small TV/entertainment center and now I have to put it together..get to play Jackie of All Trades...mistress of none.
Still haven't got the computer fixed as it has rained every day...enough to piss off the pope..

fuckme till I have webfeet.


Cie Cheesemeister said...

Great minds must think alike. I wrote about the abortion issue too. Not the exact thing you wrote about but the same basic thoughts.

Big Pissy said...

Damn! Send some of that rain to us!

We're nine inches below normal and in drought conditions in our State. :(

Nit Wit said...

If you had Webbed feet people might think you are turning into a Duck and that rhymes with ... Never mind.
There seems to be more and more strange things in the news anymore.
More and more mob violence not to mention the promoting of hate and violence by people who should know better.
I can't wait till you put the cabinet together. Boy that should give us a pretty good post to read.
I hope you don't get so much rain that you have a serious flood. I can only stand so many pictures of people walking in wast deep water using an umbrella and carrying their favorite dog.

Heidi said...

40% of the country believe in Creationism instead of science and medicine? OK. That is f@cking scary...

And Bush is going to use his veto power to prevent contraceptives from being sent to groups who perform abortions in addition to offering birth control??! Good grief. Talk about abuse of the veto for PERSONAL reasons.

Things are getting so scary. These religious right folks are getting out of hand and spreading like venereal disease in the 80's. Where are the old school Republicans? Why won't they reclaim their party and drive these idiots back into the woodwork?!

texlahoma said...

"the assholes would rather see the mothers go to some back alley mid-wife and have some drunk with a coat hanger rip her insides out."

It's good to know someone that understands the abortion issue so well. I totally agree with you. It always blew my mind that many anti-abortion people were also the ones against letting students have access to condoms and other birth control.

Allan said...

Lou Dobbs is Texan? I love watching him meltdown over Bush's litany of mistakes, Lou can barely keep his head from exploding from anger and frustration when he talks about our current gubbermint...Dobbs isn't exactly a liberal either.

Rainwolf said...

America, more idiots per square mile than any other place in the world.

Josh said...

On the 40% thing... not to sound anti-American or anything, but think about how smart the average American is... then remember that, by definition, half of the population is even dumber than that.


cheesy:will come check it out..haven't been able to read everyone's blogs as the computer takes so damn long to down load..especially some of you with so many pictures and side bar stuff...
bigpissy:i would love to send some of the rain your direction..we have had over 35 inches of rain..and not even the end of june yet...
nitwit:there is always some dipshit who thinks they can drive across the brige and then get washed down stream or into Mexico..
the news gets curiousier and curiousier...
HMHH:I heard on the news today that people in great britian, germany,and the rest of europe think george bush is less trustworthy then vladamier putin...holy shit..
Tex:no man should tell a woman what to do with her body..for that matter..no body period should tell a woman what to do with her body..
they piss me off..
Allan:yup..he's a Texas boy..and he might not be a liberal..but he thinks bush is an asshole too...
rainwolf:yup..don't that make you hold your head up with pride?
Josh:personally I think most of america are a bunch of dumb shits..

BBC said...

Maybe you just love Texas hon. I've been in 49 states and they all have their good and bad points. There is no perfect place.

They should give Ireland back to the Irish and British rule should be abolished.

Okay, I can buy into that, if you are willing to give Texas back to the Native Americans.

See how that works? Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I too am having computer issues with loading, cuz of the podunk connection and canyon...sorry I haven't been by. Read and forward all your emails tho! Missed ya.

Sling said...

40 of Americans are creationists?
God..Please..Shoot me now.


BBC;well of course I love Texas..and we would give it back to the indians but they don't want it..after all these years of being fucked up with the white man..they wouldn't have it on a bet..
clance:life sucks when your computer dont work...
sling:scares the shit out of me..

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Yeah, I do have a lot of crap in my side bar. Don't know if it's helped me at all. Probably not. I'm a cyber pack rat as well as a real life one.