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Sunday, June 03, 2007

.......BUSH'S WAR.......


Staff Sgt. David Sastrom of the 82nd Air-borne

Division, upon discovering a captured roadside bomber was an Iraqi army officer..(New York Times, Monday.)

on another note:

Washington.The Nation's largest combat veterans group on Friday urged the military to "exercise a little common sense" and call off its investigation of a group of Iraq war veterans who wore their uniforms during anti-war protests
"Trying to hush up and punish fellow Americans for exercising the same democratic right we're
trying to instill in Iraq is not what we're about," said Gary Kurpius, national commander
of the 2.4 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Marine Cpl.Adam Kokesh had alread received an honorable discharge from active duty before
he was photographed in April wearing fatigues--with military insignia removed--during a mock patrol with other veterans protesting the Iraq war.
A military panel in Kansas City, Mo.,will hold a hearing Monday to decide whether he should be discharged from service and,if so, with what type of discharge.
Col. Dave Lapan, a Marine Corps spokesman, said Cpl.Kokesh is under administrative review because he wore his uniform at a political event, which is prohibited. And,Col.Lapan said,
when a senior officer told Cpl. Kokesh that he violated military regulations, Cpl.used an obscenity and indicated he would not comply with the rules.(hmmm, is that Bullshit I hear, echoing throught the airways of America?)
"It'sthe political activity that is prohibited, not the type of event it was,"Col.Lapan said."If it had been a pro-war rally, it would still have been a violation."(yeah, I bet no one would even have heard about it if it was for the war..them bastids.)
The panel could recommend an honorable discharge, a general discharge or any other than honorable discharge.Cpl. Kokesh could not be given a dishonorable discharge, which generally
results from a court-martial. The final decision would be made by the commanding general..

fuckme till the wars over....


Josh said...

Couple the Iraqi army attacking Americans with the lack of a withdrawal timetable and see what happens. Things should get even better when the Iraqi government goes on their two-month vacation in July.

BBC said...

Most of the men at the peace rally here each week-end are vets that oppose this war, all wars in fact.

Stupid wars, stupid monkeys.

Bush wants us there for fifty years, just like in N. Korea.

Nit Wit said...

Two things that the Gump has said lately really bother me.
He said that he was going to make sure that whoever the next President was, he will make sure that he won't be able to pull our troops out of Iraq. He also said that he believed Iraq should be like South Korea with US troops there for the next 50 years.
I find both those statements spiteful and criminal. He wants to control the Middle East oil and doesn't care who dies to get it.
After all we are just ordinary people not special like him.
I'm sorry you couldn't watch the link on my blog. It’s Keith Olberman from MSNBC talking about The Gump doing away with Habeas Corpus. That guy sure doesn't pull any punches.
I finished the Al Gore book and this morning while in the smallest room in the house I read the first few pages of the Koontz book and if the rest is half as good as the beginning it will be one of those that I get depressed about when I'm done with it.

texlahoma said...

How did this happen? Oh yeah, it started with one thought
"I think I'll vote for Bush."

Cyberoutlaw said...

The colonel is wrong. If it had been a pro-war rally it would have been called the republican convention.

Heidi said...

Yellowdog, I'll send more coupons as soon as I can get to the post office again. Might not be until Saturday...we'll see...

I'm too afraid to comment about the war because it seems no matter what anyone says or does in terms of the war, George W. and his henchmen always manage to turn it around. This poor soldier is a perfect example.

I agree this all started with the imbeciles who thought "I think I'll vote for Bush." And who started the Bush uproar? The Religious Right, of course!

BBC said...

"fuckme till the wars over...."

Think you will live that long?

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Ah, those rows of coffins. So inspiring!
I wonder if Bush thinks he loves the smell of napalm in the morning.


josh:I think we will be there for 50 years...the fucker..
BBC:no one wants to be there except for the people that are going to profit from it...bastids.
Nitwit:I don't know how he would do that..but I wouldn't put anything past that evil fucker..is it the new koontz book?..don't think i have read it yet..but got a letter from trixie, koontz's yellow lab and she gives it 30 cookeies...
tex:judas priest..isn't that the truth...I'm so fucking proud I never voted for him...ever ever...
cyber:I don't think there enough people (even republicans) to get together for a prowar rally..
HMHH:ahh, my favorite people to hate, the religious right, republicans and anyone that voted for bush..ever..
little old ladies all over west are rattling beads in your name..said..thanks for the coupons..
BBC:if they are going to be there 50 more years..nope..I'll be dirt by then..
Cheesey; for someone that went so far to keep out of fighting, he sure doesn't mind sending boys/girls to war to die..

Rowan Dawn said...

"fuckme till the wars over...."

all right, but that might take a while... get ready!

Allan said...

man, that pisses me off.

"fuckme till the wars over...."

Seek immediate Congressional attention if you experience a war lasting three or more years...didja hear Kucinich is trying to impeach Cheney? It's the thought that counts, I suppose.


lavender and Allan:wonder if I will get combat pay for it?

Allan said...

Nah, you'll get the clap when the no-bid condoms provided by Halliburton bust open after one stroke.


allan:yea..then I can say I was really fucked by the republicans..