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Saturday, August 13, 2011


1. Marissa and her cousin Damian(Anissa's son).

2. Tanner, Marissa's brother.
3. Inky's brother Monty.(also the brother of Mike and Inky.)
4. Tanner and Marissa
5. Monty, Mike, Pee Wee and Inky. 4 out of 6 were there.
6. same
7. Marissa
8. Pee Wee and Mike.
9. the birthday cake.
3 layers, double batch of chocolate icing. I ran out of white icing ..it was supposed to say Happy Birthday Anissa. It says Happy Birth.
10. Milissa V. one of Anissa's best friends.
11. Anissa blowing out candles on her cake. 40 of them fuckers.
12. Pee Wee, Kandis(Anissa's niece) and Thomas the owner of Wolf's. Also just got a burr haircut.
13. Pee Wee, Kandis, Van(?) new friend and I can't remember for sure if that's his name. Mike and Tanner.
14. Marissa, Damian and ?? Can't remember her name. Shes married to Anissa's oldest son Donald.
16. His dad Michael Adamson.
17. Mike Maler and Anissa. Mike is Anissa's first cousin. Their daddy's were my grandfathers(step) brothers.
don't know who that is giving the finger. Not me..haah.
18. Inky and Kelly..she lives in Dallas and comes down to West to party.
19.Monty Adamson and his daughter.
20. Monty and his daughters.
21.Last one is Mike and Anissa and Inky..and ..I forgot to have my picture taken again..ha..
We had a great time. Stopped by and got some taco's from Tito's..they were having a $1 taco sale..Forgot that Inky had made ribs, beans, potato salad, onions and pickles. Duh. also with my 3 layer double chocolate cake/icing. there was plenty of food. I think Anissa had a great time. She started at 3p.m. We got there at almost 9p.m. and every one was pretty much in the bag. We stayed 2 hours and had a great time. But nice to get out of the smoke and loud noise. Babs stayed longer than I thought she would.
That is just the prelude to tomorrow. Tomorrow at 4p.m. Inky's niece is getting married. I am the designated driver so that Inky and Anissa can get drunk all over again. Today was the birthday party, but tomorrow is actually Anissa's birthday.
Well, I'm pooped..have a great weekend...


FoxyMoron said...
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FoxyMoron said...

Man I feel like I was there! Great photos, glad she had a great party. Enjoy the wedding.
PS I want to go to West, Texas - it looks way more fun than Cootamundra. ;)

FoxyMoron said...

That was me deleting above, I had an itchy posting finger and did it twice twice.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Whatta party! And that cake was a flaming sun of glory once the candles were lit, eh? Hahahahaha! Have fun at the wedding today -- good for you for being designated driver.

Rox said...

Nothing like being the sober one at the party eh? Ah well! At least you didn't wake up with furry teeth.

Have a great night tonight!

billy pilgrim said...

how hot was it?

Grandma K said...

What a great weekend!

MarkD60 said...

Looks like a great party!

Shrinky said...

Yup, I definitely want to move in next door to you, not only do you have more fun over there, you BAKE scrummy cakes and volunteer services as the designated driver, too.. sure beats my Nutty Nora next door.. now where's my suitcase gone??

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

Hey, Jackie Sue! I thought about you yesterday. We went to graduation at Baylor and stopped at the Czech Bakery in West on our way back to Arkansas. Always a fun spot. We were looking forward to buying one of their chocolate pies and were sad that now they just make those for special orders. We did find some yummy, high-caloric goodies to bring home. All is well!

yellowdoggranny said...

I was in so much pain and lack of sleep from leg cramps. I didn't go to the wedding..and they got married anyhow..ha..
just in agony..my legs, feet and back were killing me..have to admit, I can't do as much shit as I used to with out paying the price..naps are good.