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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Because I told my boss 'fuck you'...Lately Massa Thom has been using me as the butt of each and every joke. He makes fun of my ability to drop things. I have had and continue to have trouble gripping things, from lack of circulation. So I drop shit, and I do it often. This seems to be a great sense of joy for Tom as it gives him something to make fun of . Then it's my hearing loss, that's a enormous boon for him..he and Inky seem to think this is an opportunity to really ride me...They talk in muted tones, cover their mouth when they talk and then laugh their (in Tom's case) little ass off when I'm forced to say 'what?' I also think it disappoints Tom when I actually hear the phone ring because then he doesn't get to say, 'well you could answer the phone.'..If he says something to me and I even hesitate one second in replying, he'll stutter like I'm having to fumble for an answer.I told him to not do that again, in a tone, that should have let him know that fucking joke was old. Today he was making fun of the way I did the shelves, stocked the shelves, put new tags on, just every fucking thing..and it's all a big joke to him, but then when you're 5' tall everything is big to you...Finally I heard a 'snap'...and I just handed the tags I was replacing and said you do it. He said, why, when your my source of amusement. I said then buy a fucking video game, grabbed the keys to the bathroom, and as I was walking off, I said over my shoulder to him:"fuck you."...and he laughed and said "what?"...like what did I do....I had a good cry in the bathroom, made up my mind if he said one fucking word to me I was going to tell him to take this piddly ass job and shove it up his tiny asshole. I came back and waited on about 2 customers and then he walked up behind me and said:"you can go home early today."...I had joked earlier that I was going to have the flu between 10-11am, on Thursday as the finals in the womens Beach Volleyball was going to be on, and he said why don't you just take the day off, so I would work Sat. instead. Said good idea. So maybe he's thinking I'll have enough time to cool off and calm down. But I decided I don't want to work Saturday, I'll just take tomorrow off, and if things are the same as they have been I'm going to give my notice. I have always worked at jobs where I was respected and treated well, because I'm a hard worker, and do a great job. I have always held a management position in all my jobs, had more responsibilities in one day than I do here in a week. No one ever questioned my ability or my work ethics or treated me like I wasn't a very valued and well thought of employee. But then I have never worked for a gnome before either. What is it with little men and their big fucking ego's that make them think they have to make everyone else feel little to make them feel big?..I started there in Feb. so it's almost 7 months, and there are mornings when I get up and think oh fuck, I hope I work with Inky and not Tom. When I first started he wasn't like that...and he has actually gotten worse every since I made the crack about the 'little cop nazi of West' being mad at everyone all the time, as it wasn't my fault his mother fucked a gnome. So wonder since he is about the same size as the cop if he took it that I meant him too...Fuck if I had meant him, I would have mentioned him by name. I don't think he ever reads this blog but I wouldn't put it past him to read it today knowing I would probably mention it...
Any how...I have a lot of deciding to do between now and Friday. Babs said since I do like the idea of working and not as happy as I was at the beginning, I should look around..The manager at the other Dollar Store is my biggest fan, maybe because I bake her cookies all the time. Ha.. Or I could just go back to sitting on my ass, I was fond of that job.
Speaking of Babs, she is on her second trip to Austin to hook up with her old boyfriend..She went a couple of weeks ago and had a great time and I got to cat sit, and she left today and will be back Sat. (has to be back before NASCAR starts). Peaches has figured out that when I come over she gets canned food, so she's pissed at Babs, but she thinks I'm a can opener.
Well, I'm off to watch the Olympics...enjoying my extra 2 hours off and extra day tomorrow..
By the way Annie's coat is so much whiter and shinnier since her bath. She struts now....


Heidi said...

Hugs, Jackie Sue!! I feel your pain because I have been there. Are you sure Tom's name isn't Rob because I had a manager at my call center job who sounds exactly like that!? He, too, had a very big ego and loved to go on power trips, even though he was a sad, little man who graduated from a crappy fourth tier law school. He was mean and racist and got road rage easily (once he almost ran me off the road because he wouldn't let another car cut in front of him!)

Best of luck deciding what to do. Remember if you get fired, you can get unemployment! :)


rudegirl:thanks sweety..i think i'd like to get fired for telling my boss fuck you..hahahah

Anonymous said...

I applaud the fact that you said what apparently needed to be said. I had a crappy day at work myself and your post made me smile. Cheers!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Sounds like you got a real piece of...um, "work" for a boss.
I put up with that kind of excrement for a year with some shitter-scrubber outfit run by a Johnny-Reb that thought his excrement smelled sweeter than everyone else's, and when I kept finding my mind drifting fancifully to thoughts of helping him have an on-the-job "accident" he wouldn't walk away from, I realized one of two things was going to happen: I'd get another job, or spend the rest of my life in a 16' x 16' with some big black burly dude named Bubba that wanted me to "play Mommy".
Needless to say, I left Redneck "Professional" Cleaning and found me a factory that needed a janitor who could also do maintenance.

LostInColor said...

wait a minute...I thought the gold medal beach volleyball game is on at 10pm (MT) tonight??? I can't believe how rude Tom is to you! what an ass.

unokhan said...


sageweb said...

Oh I know exactly how you feel. I use to work with a guy that was always on the case...I finally blew up on him..almost punched him out. Fucker
But it was miserable having to see him everyday...I know that feeling.

Fuck the short mother fucker!


jason:i figured everyone has had the urge to tell their boss fuck you, so I did it for you guys..
ted:now I know what my grandfather meant when he said when I grew up I'd find there were more horses asses than there were horses..
lic:oh fuck!..i think it must be reruns tomorrow...and the live one is tonight..hahaha, i got a day off for nothing...yeah!

Sling said...

Tom is a bully,which by definition means he is a coward,and has a tiny little dick.
He can hear fine,unlike you and I,but his 'little' handicap is more of a burden to him(and the women in his life)than ours is.
If I ever get the chance to meet this snot-wad of a punk,I'll be sure to point,and laugh..

Sorry,..I've been drinking a bit.

Travis Erwin said...

I think 9 out of ten Toms are dicks. I only know one good one.

Nit Wit said...

That's why I like working by myself. I've seen the dumbass who thinks he's my boss twice in the last month and my real boss once in the last 6 weeks.
Start calling him Munchkin and ask him if his dues in the Lollypop Guild.
It's a shame you can't get a hearing aid that doesn't show and pretend you can't hear what they are saying.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

LOL, I was going to suggest the unemployment route, as well! No point in living with a job that makes you miserable. Either go over his head and complain or find something where you'll be respected and valued.

McRaven said...

Goes around comes around...someday Tom will be old and he won't hear so good and his knees will be full of arthritus and his fingers to and he will still be a small, short, gnome who can't hear or walk.

You are the best and I love you and the thought of that small, small man making you cry makes me want to come to West and kick his ass.

unokhan said...

do you drive your truck to work?

billy pilgrim said...

i once had a guy call his supervisor a fucking cunt in a training class. i told him that off the record he was a folk hero but to watch his language.

he did an second time so i called him a fucking idiot and fired him.


uno:thank you very much..my sentiments exactly..
sage:that's probably why he sent me home, he knew i was 'fixing' to blow..and either to save his runty ass or my job he avoided it by sending me home.
sling:bless your heart sweety, your my hero now..
travis:hmm, you may have a point there..my middle kid is a thom and he can be a dick most of the time..ha..
nitty:Im starting to like the idea of sitting home on my ass again more and more..
mrsb:oh this is a right to work state, in other words he can do just about anything but descriminate and I don't have a leg to stand on...but im a scorpio, i have ways to get even.
mcraven:i think i was more up set with the fact that i let the little fucker get to me and make me cry than anything else..
billy:oh please let him fire me, please let him fire me..
i'd make a sign that said the manager of this store is an asshole with a tiny dick and march up and down in front of the store.

Nan said...

Life is too short to put up with asshole bosses. Line up something else, and then give him the 1 second notice ("By the way, today was my last day") as you head out the door.

Intense Guy said...

I thought I'd drop in so see what I might find here... and wow.. 1350 posts... I could read forever and not catch up. In fact, I'm too busy reading fascinating stories such as yours to dis the Cowboys or the Philadlephia Eagles :)

Your boss is in need of a labor review court. Making fun of physical handicaps is illegal in the USA - and is probably illegal in the Lone Star Republic too.

Hope you find a happier place though - life's too short to put up with nonsense such as the boss is dishing out.

P.s., thank you for tellin' off the man for me. Mine was needing a little straightening out too.

AngelConradie said...

well good for you!

tsduff said...

I hate it when things are crappy at work. Makes the day just suck. I think any job/boss that drives you to tears isn't a place to spend your time. I think you are one great ball of fun, with a heart as big as the state you live in. Hope Nancy calls me when she comes down there 'cause I want to kick some butt too.

MarmiteToasty said...

Do you want us to get a 'contract' out on him? I know people in high places LOL


Allan said...

I want to bludgeon Tom. When he gets old I hope someone pushes his wheelchair down the stairs.

When they replaced my old boss at my last "real" job, it took one day before I called my runty New Boss a "pig-fucker"...he didn't fire me, he ran away. Literally.
The following week I saw an ad posted for his job.
Enjoy the time off, go USA and all that...

Allan said...

I know people in low places. Sometimes that's better.

Mouthy Girl said...

1. Tom is a fucktard. If he were a tad bit higher on the Important Totem, I'd make him a tshirt that reads: "I'm a FUCKTARD. It's probably because I'm a short gnome."

2. "Fuck you" isn't the worst thing you could have said.

3. Get yourself fired, and collect unemployment.

4. Free time is always a good time to call the main honchos who wear suits that aren't made of polyester and claim agism against that gnome fucker. You CANNOT do the hearing thing, the dropping thing, and the LAUGH IN YOUR FACE THING and get away with you.

He should realize that your supposed shortcomings are resulting from MEDICAL ISSUES. He's looking at a lawsuit that could potentially ruin his ASS.

Dumb fuck. I hate him. In fact, I want to send him hate mail. Give me the address to the store. I will send something later this week. For real.

(Can you tell this post has caused me to become PISSED OFF TO HIGH HEAVEN?)


nan:im thinking of just being a real asshole and saying fuckyou a lot to him and then after he fires me get employment..haha
intenseguy:dang, this post must have struck a nerve, im hearing from people i dont even know...im not sure that texas really cares, but it may be a federal law.
thanks for stopping by..
angel:thanks..feels good!
tsduff:i always said when this job stops being fun im out of here, that may be now..don't think nancy would need any help, ha..she'll beat him to death with her new tits.
marmitetoasty:i even have a place picked out to bury the body..
allan:dang, I really touched a nerve here..i should pay everyones bus fair here and we can all picket the store.
yeah, people in low places are better in a situation like this.ha..
buddh:why did i know that you and nancy would be the one's i'd have to cool down..ha...don't worry, im not a scorpio for nothing..revenge is my cup of soup and ham sandwich..

MarmiteToasty said...

Packing shovel for digging hole, saw for cutting up the body, bin bags for wrapping body parts, bucket of water for washing off bloody wellies, wooden cross with RIP to mark the bastards grave :)

There, done and dusted LOL


rosemary said...

DickWad comes to mind....then prick (and I agree with Sling it's a little tiny one that needs tweezers)the short man's syndrome, the fuck you and the horse you rode into town on.

Jan said...

I thought his sort of behavior would not be tolerated in Texas. Isn't there a Cowboy Mafia you can contact?

Allan said...

I'm starting to strongly agree with the folks who suggest you take legal action. I wish I hadn't lst my jocb at the law firm...pig-fucking little gnome.