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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Yes, it's that time of year again...Football season along with the Olympics...As you all know, I'm a big football fan and I live and die by the Cowboys...plus I'm a Olympics fan...I love the Olympics..even if they are played in a country that I despise. Some of my favorite memories are Olympic memories...standing on my feet for the entire game between the U.S.A and Russia and then against Sweden. I was so nervous I couldn't sit down..So I watched both games standing up...I'm always for the American team of course, but when they weren't in the running I'd root for Canada..I love to watch all of the different sports..but I do have my favorites, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, tennis, track, swimming...well, hell, I love them all..I like the winter Olympics too, but the summer ones are my favorites..So this Saturday is going to be a bitch..The Cowboys are playing San Diego and the Olympics are starting...arghghg!...I'd try and tape one but the DVD gremlin hit the apts. Babs and my DVD players went out in the same week...Sucks!...There is one piece of wonderful news..one of the Lost boys of the Sudan not only made the Olympics in track, but has been chosen to carry the American flag into the Bird's Nest Stadium. The 1,500-meter runner will be the flag bearer 13 months after becoming a U.S citizen..How cool is that? He is 23 years old, was born in the Sudan, and separated from his parents at gun point at the age of 6, and with the help of friends, escaped and made it to a refugee camp in Kenya. He was brought to America as part of a program to relocate lost children of Sudan. I remember when they got here and were amazed at the ability to just turn on a faucet and get fresh water, and the toilet was just something that they could not grasp. They kept trying to wash their hands in it and drink out of it. Now, he's carrying the flag and representing his adopted country in the Olympics..Just don't get any better than that..
My worry is that the pollution will be the cause of severe health problems for the athletes and for visitors...Exposure to air particles smaller than 10 microns in diameter(PM10) can effect the lungs and heart. the 2006 average of PM10 concentration in Beijing is 161
Los Angeles is 30
Dallas is 25...
Then to top it off we have the asshole president whining about China's human rights abuses right before he goes over there...Why now asshole?....You had nearly 8 fucking years to make this point and to force them into some changes...but nooooooooo...you just keep borrowing money from them to the point that we owe them upwards of 40 Billionfuckingdollars..douche bag...I hope the Chinese toss you into one of there little vacation hide aways and do nasty things to your body...maybe some water-boarding..since that's not torture in your books, you should be able to handle it just fine..
Fuckity fuck fuck fuck..
I'm the only person that can segue from the Olympics and football to asshole Bush..Still don't know why we are having them there in the first place...they knew about the pollution, and human rights abuses, the horrible things they do to the Tibetan people, all the lead in the products they make, toxins in their food, etc. But they still went ahead and let them have them..Guess china has all there balls in a basket too.
It pisses me off, but I will still watch them...I'd be happier if they were being held some place else, but too late now..So I won't be around so much once football season and the Olympics are on...and if the Cowboys win...I'll be here yahooing out my ass...if they lose I'll be pissy and wanting to kick some one's ass..The only thing I have to look forward to is that the NFL has set up some really strict fan behavior rules..and if it works out the way I think it will..The Eagles fans will all have to watch the games from their living room as they will violate most of the rules the minute they get out of their cars..I mean really...they are the only team that has a judge and a court to handle the drunks..in the fucking stadium...or at least they did before the new stadium was built..they may have changed it ...but with their fans?...I doubt it..As you can see...I'm not an Eagles fan....I hate the Eagles...they hate us...we don't care and neither do they..Our love affair is hating each other..So...hope your team wins...unless they're playing the Cowboys..they may be a bunch of assholes....but their my assholes....


KrisMrsBBradley said...

I always cheer for the Cowboys. Especially when they are playing the Jets or the Giants, just to tick off the locals.

I have wondered, from the beginning how they could let the Olympics be held in China. I was contemplating not watching them at all this year, but the story of the Lost Boy has sent me over the "watch them" edge.

unokhan said...

the han chinese are often arrogant and heavy-handed; china didn't call itself 'the middle kingdom' for nothing-- they believed they were literally the center of the universe. an old friend who lived in china for several years assures me chinese globalism will one day make american empire look nice by comparison.

BUT as for tibet, bear in mind that the lives of ordinary tibetans prior to 1959 was hell on earth --poverty, hunger, disease and early death-- you can look it up if you care to. the handful of rich old farts in robes and hats who kept the commoners in fear and ignorance have captured the imagination of western romantics, and that's what the "Free Tibet blah blah" is really all about.

Travis Erwin said...

It's the preseason and it's only the cowboys. watch the olympics.

Now tonight you can watch the almighty New Orleans Saints do battle on ESPN. That's worth watching.

Nit Wit said...

Oh boy football season again. Now I have another way to earn Bips from Jackiesue.
The Olympics are great most of the time but In China that may change.
With their trained from birth athletes they remind me of the Eastern Europeans back in the cold war.
But I get to watch little girls jump around it leotards and make me feel old.

Anne Johnson said...

Fly, Eagles fly
On the road to vic - tor - eee
Fly, Eagles fly
Get a touchdown, one, two, three
Hit 'em low
Hit 'em high
Then fly, Eagles fly ...
Fly, Eagles fly
On the road to vic - tor -eeeeeee!!!

I will not be surprise to find this comment deleted by the blog moderator.


mrsb:there are other teams that i like, the packers, the vikings, the raiders(who i used to despise)..the steelers..anybody but the squeggles..
yeah, the lost boys sage has to be watched..
unokhan:i just don't like the chinese..for so many reasons..i threw in the tibetans just for shits and giggles, and to get billy pilgrims attention, ha..
travis:yah, maybe on ly preseaon but it's still the cowboys..and i have waited all year for this..will switch back and forth..
nah, the saints can lose or win this without me..can't believe your a texan and rooting for the saints..tsk tsk..
nit:i know you've been waiting all year for this moment to, just to aggravate me.ha..
I like them slim boys in the bathing suits and them handsome men playing volley ball...sigh*
anne:suck eagles suck..on your way to defeat..
suck eagles suck
fumble drop and cry..
you got hit high
you'll get hit low
by them cowboys don't you knooooooow...
suck eagles suck...
on your way to deeeefeeeeet...
no way...would i delete your plea for a td..

Nan said...

The one team I truly couldn't stand was the Redskins -- and then they hired Jim Zorn as their coach. Fuck. I've always liked Zorn -- is there a way to hope he does well as a head coach there without the Redskins actually winning any games? Didn't think so. . .

Woozie said...


sageweb said...

Oh you are so funny. I read the eagles song you did back to Anne. Okay I love the Olympics too. I can't stand that they are being held in China. The people who chose that place probably all went to the same school that Bush went too. Assholes all of them

Go Seahawks!

Anonymous said...

I like some of the Olympic Games.... Gymnastics.. YES! Tennis.. YES! Basketball..YES! And a handful of others.

I'm a total Raider's fan... yah, I know.


nan:years ago it was the skins we hated, then it got to be so easy to beat them it was hard to hate them..i hated there fucking coach george allan though...asshole..
woozie:gonna have to kick your communist manifesto ass...punk!..
sage:I'm really excitded about the olypmics i think we might do good..seahawks?...ahh, they're ok...
catscratch:years ago when i used to hate hate hate the raiders the kids would always know when they were playing(i was a big steelers fan and they always got whupped by oakland)as I'd be screaming get that cocksucker...only ones i called that were the raiders..then all the houston players all got traded to oakland and that changed everything...now i like them cause they're fan are so fucking weird..ha

Heidi said...

I'm the only person that can segue from the Olympics and football to asshole Bush...

I know, and I love you for it. You keep telling it like it is, Jackie Sue!

Jan said...

I have a lot of American victory Olympic moments, but I get choked up when countries come in with only a few athletes, sometimes only one who is competing. That is the Olympic spirit just as much as the medals.

mckait said...

Not being a fan of either football or Olympics, I will stick to my stack of books.

Good of you to donate that book.. I hope your friend recovers quickly.

Allan said...

I used to love a lot of things that make me mad today.

Anonymous said...

You got that right.

Mouthy Girl said...

Ahem. You know we don't mesh on the issure of football. You - Cowboys. Me - Giants.

However, we both hate the Eagles. My Dad had season tickets to the Giants. One time, my uncle had tickets and a she-bam party bus for FREE. The only catch? The game was in Phili. My Mom wouldn't keep her yap shut and had to have my Dad come to her rescue. Those Eagles fans would sell their mothers on the black market.

Olympics? I LOVE THEMMMMMMM! Buddha saw a commercial last night for the opening ceremonies and said, "Oooooooooh the CIRCUS!!!" Sure, kid. The circus. As long as you do not distrub me when they come on tonight!

Lastly, he got your care package and almost wet himself. Check your email for details! The box came at the very best time! Thank you, Aunt Grandma Jackie!

LostInColor said...

Yah Olympics! Yah Football!

Raspootin said...

There was never a better moment in the history of The Saints than the first Monday night game played in the Superdome after Katrina. Just thinking about the momentum in atmosphere still gives me tingles and brings a tear of pride to my eyes.


How could they not have had a fantastic season with U2 and Green Day singing them on to victory?

The Falcons did not have a chance.

There is so much more to football than just the game. Here the Saint's winning season that year and almost going to super bowl (hate the bears) brought a damaged city to its feet and acted a source of communal unity. A true “Cinderella” season…

Like I said: magic


rudegirl:oh way to late for me to change my ways by now..ha
jan:i remember the kid who pulled a muscle or something and he could barely walk and his dad came out of the stands and helped his son across the finish line..bawled like a baby...
kath:i don't even know the guy..i'm doing it for the lady having the benefit..she's the one that gave me the free book cases..
allan:believe it or not..i am mellowing in my old age..things that would have made me go wackko when i was in my 30's, just makes me laugh now..
catscratch:but of course...
buddha;yeh, your giants got beat last night..snort*..yeah, i know its preseason..
im so glad he liked his package...no email yet...hugs and kisses to my boy..
lic:yup..life is good..olympics and football.
raspootin: I remember that game...I never wanted a team to win more than i wanted the saints to win that game...i was a mass of tear/laughter when it was over...yup...magic..wish they could have won the super bowl..cause they were super that year..

Ted McLaughlin said...

You're a lady after my own heart YDG. It don't get any better than the Cowboys and the Olympics.

I'm such a Cowboy's "homer" that I've only missed one game since they started in 1960 (either in person, on TV or on radio), and that was the day I got carjacked and shot. Even then, the first question I asked after coming out of surgery was "Did the Cowboys win?" My kids just laughed because they had told everyone that would be the first thing I'd ask.

I know it's just a pre-season game, but I'll be wearing out my remote control Saturday night, switching between the Cowboys and the Olympics.

I'm eager to see how the new Cowboys do - especially Amendola.

more cowbell said...

Whoo-hoo! Football season! Seahawks stomped the Vikings today in preseason, and we had a lot of newbies playing. Hell yeah, baby, go Hawks!

I'm worried about the pollution for the Olympic athletes too.

billy pilgrim said...

japan bugs me way more than china.

i got a lot of cool stuff made in china and i'm smart enough not to eat the stuff that's full of lead.

so i got that going for me too.