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Monday, January 02, 2006


A small Austrian village has a tourist crime problem.Visitors keep stealing the signs announcing the town's name.It starts with an F, ends with "ing" and no way it gets printed in an English-language newspaper.(which is why you have me......ta da..the name of the town is Fucking....)the signs are now set in concrete, and police chief Kommandant Schmidtberger says guests are being watched.
"We will not stand for he (Fucking)signs being removed", he said....or as i would say..."We will not stand for the fucking Fucking signs to be removed."
I personally thing we should all put in money in a start up business and make signs up that say "Fucking, Austria....69 miles"....we would be able to buy out Donald Trump in 69 weeks....arencha glad you have me for this..?


Astronaut said...

Yeah i heard about that place, i saw it on some satirical show couple of months back, thought it was just a joke but i typed it in on microsoft autoroute and it was true.

Cassandra said...

Thanks JS!!! So glad we have you to share this knowledge!!!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

How on Earth did I live this long without knowing this??

I do have a picture of me and my goofy friends standing in front of a tavern in Germany called the "Mucky Fuck". Apparently they got so many gawks and guffaws, that by the time I moved away three months later they changed the name to the "Mucky Fuch"