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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Don't fuck with mother nature..I thought I was being so smart last night...I knew that taking both of my blood pressure pills makes me a little groggy, so thought wow, I will take them and my fancy smancy new sleeping pill together..took them at 10 pm and some time about midnight I typed (if you can call it that) this weird ass email to babs...she must think I have completely lost my mind...I remember this morning that it took me for ever to get it typed out and must have been 6 pages long..looked at the sent mail dept in my email and was barely 2 sentences...was like in code...none of it made sense at all...scared the shit out of me when I got up this morning and realized...that is considered a slip in aa...lucky for me I don't belong in aa...but it certainly is a notch in my no no belt...so I am tossing the rest of the ambiem..if I can't get to sleep by 1am and only get 4-5 hours sleep..well tought shit jackieusue....no more pills..been there done that...sorry about the weird ass email babs....I out smarted my self..and it's not like I even enjoyed my sleep...kept thinking ...oh, jackie you have done scrwed the pooch...this is bad...you should have know better...what the fuck have you done...am ate up with the fucked up bug..shit...well, it is done and over but a lesson well learned...no mas...It's not like I want to run down and get a bunch more and keep doing it..I would rather someone shoot me right between my beady eyes that do that shit again...was no fun...ickypoo...there is nothing in the world more comforting to me than a clear head..too many years of trying to get my ass out of my head...(yes, I meant to say that)...Matter of fact that was mentioned when I went to old corner drug store and got the 7 pills..they all mentioned that they had not seen me in the longest time...said yes, I had kicked all the pain pills, anti-depressents and was pill free...which was astonishing to them as they were the ones I saw evey month to get my pills...for 7 years...told them the last 2 pills were the hardest to kick...considering I was at 30+a day when I decided to wean myself off of them...should have fucking known better to take the pill in the first place...stupid stupid stupid..dip shit jackiesue...well,I always said I had to learn a hard lesson to learn...and did...
fuck me till I trip and fall


Unknown said...

LOl I am sure you won't do that again. You are so funny. The email must have made Babs laugh a little.

yellowdoggranny said...

no she was probably thinking i fell off the wagon..i reread it and couldnt understand any of it..was pretty fucking sad..