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Sunday, January 22, 2006


I have been sitting in my chair trying to read and my legs and feet are reminding me that I should not have stood on my feet for 2 1/2 hours...the nerves in my right leg were badly damaged from 6 years of being pinched by my spine and if and when I forget and think I can do what I have always been able to do..stand on my feet for any length of time..they remind me in very unpleasant ways that I can't. I have been trying to work the cramps and pains out of my legs since I got home at a little after 10pm..it isn't working..I can't even begin to tell you how much pain I am in..my feet cramp so bad that my toes curl into the bottom of my feet..and I have one pain pill that I am saving for when I kick forest gump's ass so don't want to take it..It hurts so bad I actually took 3 asprins..and I never take more than 2 asprins..(shoot morphine maybe ..but never take more than 2 aspirins..that shit can kill ya)
don't know why I decided to whine about this shit..not like it is going to make it go away..but helps keep my mind off the fact that my right leg is trying to touch the back of my head...ha...and that wet shit is still falling out of the sky...what IS the deal?
Fuck me tiil I see rainbows..


Nit Wit said...

I think that wet shit is The Godess Pissing on Texas just like the government. Sorry your in so much pain. When I got out of the Hospital the last time he gave me, along with all the pills I need 90 Vicodin. Sorry to say I flushed them when the first few vanished. I have 2 stepdaughters who like them a little too much. Fun read tonight. :)

JDaaris said...

Nothing much worse than a leg/foot cramp that won't let up; nothing much worse than any type of nerve-related pain. I'm sorry yer dealing with it... Motrin or Advil, ibuprofen might be a better choice for a leg/foot cramp (muscle relaxing properties). Take care of yerself!

Unknown said...

Cramps. Hate them. They always linger and later I have sore muscles around the cramping area. I did learn a trick. When I have a cramp so hard that my toes curl back I consciously make them move the opposite direction for a few seconds and that stops the cramp. Don't ask me why it works on me but it does. It hurts to do it at first, but the cramp goes away in a short time.

Ann said...

My mother in law taught my daughter that rain was god peeing on the clouds. You wouldn't believe the wierd looks I'd get from people when my daughter would burst out laughing at the rain, and yelling out to god how silly he was for peeing on clouds.

Sorry your legs are hurting. I used to get horrible cramps in my legs/feet when I was pregnant. I could barely walk sometimes for days. I really hate it when the toes feel they have to get in on the act.

texlahoma said...

In Mexico you can just go buy pain pills at the pharmacia. (Here in the land of the free, thats not allowed,you might get...ADDICTED!!!....OMG!!!...You would start robbing people to support your habbit!!! Wait a minute,they would be like 5 cents a pill? Have we been lied to be our government all this time?...No they would never do that.)
There is some wet stuff falling from the sky here too, and I dont here any fire trucks sirens,WTF?

FDF said...

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