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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Seems like there is a lot of stuff happening in West this week.Approximately 50 West FFA and 4-H members are scheduled to exhibit livestock at the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show.Henrietta's grandchildern are all showing something..one is showing a swine and four of them are showing steers. I expect her grandkids to win..they do all the time...
The little town of Abbott is planning a celebration for their 125 anniversary.Abbott is the home town of Willie Nelson and is about 9 miles from West.Wonder if Willie will show up? Doubt it..he is on the road a lot.
The VFW and Ladies Auxillary members said farewell to the West VFW Post 4819 as it is to be torn down. The land was sold for a major fast food resturant.Sure hope it is Sonic's.
West had one marriage, one birth,one birthday, one engagement and 3 deaths..Last week I noticed that ole Charlie died..Was so sad. He was the town ..well hell I was going to say weirdo but there are too many of us to just narrow it down to one..He walked around town and well, he walked around town..He also fed all the cats that run wild in town..they keep the rats and mice population down and he fed the cats to make up the difference.He was a real sweet man who had Sooner's desease 'looking at tits'..and he loved my tits...If I had a dime for everytime I told him "hey, charlie....up here." I could get new tires for my truck.I may have to buy a huge bag of cat food and take up his duties.
West basketball team won their first district game..so we are still in the running.The girls won twice so they are going to the playoffs..
If you're interested in real estate you can buy 2 acres, 2 houses for $89,900.
Iam going to steal from Jeanette Karlik's article that she writes for the West News. She tells a great story about West way back in the good old days.West had 2 hotels,The West Hotel and Bailey's Hotel.(we have none now although they the Czech Inn Motel will be opening soon.)
There was a cafe called The Traveler's Cafe ran by a Greek named Bill Goulis and was open 24 hours a day.There was a father and son who ran a taxi service and could take a taxi to Waco for .25 a person and people would take the taxi to waco see the movie(driver would watch the movie too) and then he would take them back to West.There was a store called the Star Store and you could buy any thing you wanted..a suit, tie, shirt, shoes, and socks.Our main street is called Main Street and it used to be the main highway..So we got a lot of traffic. Plus we had a railroad station and could take the train to anywhere. Now the train just blocks our traffic.
So that is pretty much the hap's in West.Thought you would enjoy a little small town history.We still have our benefits to raise money for people, soldiers, the library, the ambulance service, and our volunteer fire dept.We honor our dead by having parades, putting flowers on graves and keeping the cememtery's mowed, trimmed and putting fresh flowers on the graves. We honor the living by raising money for their hospital bills,cutting the yards for the old folks who can't do it on their own and cooking for them when they are sick.It's a nice little town..West, Texas.


Cassandra said...

Yep, sounds like you need to take over for Charlie, feed the cats and look at tits.

BriteYellowGun said...

Jackie, have you ever been to Shamrock, TX? They have the U-Drop Inn Cafe there. Don't know what this has to do with anything other than the fact that my entire image of Texas is based on Shamrock...even though I've been to other parts.

Scottish Toodler said...

And this is the place with the wild weeds by the highway?? I am so moving there!!!!