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Sunday, January 22, 2006


voted for Bush? Cause if they did..I bet right about now they are wishing they had voted for Kerry...because one of the first things Bush did when he became president was to stop the review of equiptment for the mines ...a program begun by Clinton...will quote from paper now:"In withdrawing the items during its first term, the Bush administration cited changing priorities and resource concerns.miner's advocaates said the action scrapped potentially important safety rules...Another issue the Clinton administration was reviewing but which was withdrawn during Bush's first term involved the deployment of mine rescue teams.".Look's like ole forest gump did it again...he who thinks ( I am embarassed to use that word in conjunction with Forest) he knows all...shows that he don't know shit...Every time I think of the people that voted for bush I remember the old Toyoto commercial..."you asked for it, you got it....Toyoto..."...well, you dipshit republican's.."you asked for it..you got it....Bush."
fuckme till I ride a bike


Unknown said...

I was amazed to find out Bush was the one that axed the fresh air walkout tunnels and replaced them with air lines. If those miners had fresh-air tunnels to walk out in they may have survived. What a putz.

Ann said...

That man is loosing braincells by the second.

Scottish Toodler said...

That figures. He sucks. He is such a terrible President I fear for our country.