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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I didn't go to sleep till 6am or so....just got into this book and didn't want to stop.So I am snoozing away and phone rings at 9am...I think........fuckit.....keep snoozing..stops ringing....5 minutes later...starts ringing again...well, i know it has to be one of the granddaughters with some sort of a teenage emergency or mojo telling new joke with her new fake accent she has decided to use, 'cause she is goofy..So I answer the phone...it's Jennifer calling from her dad's, his computer is on the blink she needs to copy her applicaation for transfer to new college and needed it done now...said come on over...so get up, pee, get dressed, brush teeth, stare at hair and sort of try and flatten it as it is so short and I lay in bed on sides only, so when I get up it sort of resemble the hair on a cupie doll...or johnny jackass in his new movie...give up and go get paper and read it till Jenny get's there..thinking 30 minutes tops...she gets there at fucking noon..I could have gone back to bed and slept for 3 more hours...she does all this rushing around ...getting it all done, having me call all over town to the drs. 'cause she needs a tb test or can't enroll....Now this is west....all the drs. go to lunch at 12 and come back at 2pm..all of them..don't ever get sick between noon and 2pm ...you will croak before they leave their 2 hour lunch to come back to the office...so as we are waiting till they come back from their lunch..I ask her, Jenny how long have you known you had to have this test done and your paper work in?........"3 weeks.".....we stare at each other for about 3 minutes..she finally drops her head and grins.....I say.."enough said".....ha..
Then the phone rings again and a unfamiliar voice says"this must be aunt jackie".....I say "yes?"......it is my nephew Phillip, who I have met like 3 times in our lives..the last time at his mother's funeral...( the first since he was a baby). His mother is my 1/2 sister...She died last summer...she was 8 years older than me and we never lived together as she lived with my mother's mother and sister...but when we got older we became close..I didn't get to see the kids much, but always wanted to know them better...we connected at the funeral and then both of us lost each others address's...he found mine today, and I still cant find his.....but we are in contact now and it is really terrific...he is an artist and very good one he says...his mother was very good..drew great exotic incan women, egyptians, and aztec...great murals...so....now I have a nephew to bond with..so cool...he lives in Flower Mound, Texas. Hope to get in touch with his 2 brothers too..very excited about this new relative...thru emails I told him I hated george w, republicans and evangelical christians...passed that test...he does'nt like forest either...told him about my blog..warned him before hand...was not for the faint hearted ...he's game..said he might start one too...his wife is a writer...nice day...
went to post office and mailed babs her package and sooner his faulty towers book...so good day...now, I am off to feed Rocky and watch Letterman....may the goddess bless you, jackie


Cassandra said...

Good morning Jackiesue!! LOL.
Flower Mound, that's one of them suburbs up here.

Cool...I'll be looking for a package with duct tape soon!!

Lisa said...

i'm so glad that your nephew got in touch. what a wonderful surprise.
i can't believe that austria actually has a town called "fucking." just can't get my mind around it. i'd steal the fucking Fucking signs too.