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Sunday, January 01, 2006


sonofabitching motherfucking goddamn sonofamotherfuckingsonofabitching cocksucking bastids....
knew they would lose..first time I root for the (see above) and they fucking lose...im pissed.im ......im......just soo..im...oh. fuckit..im the direct opposite of happy motherfucker..the skins are in and the cowboys out and why? why you ask? why? cause them sonofabitching motherfucking goddamn sonofamotherfuckingsonofabitching cocksucking bastids...lost the motherfucking game...to the fucking washington redskins...isnt that fucking name supposed to be illegal as it is insulting to the real fucking indians????I hope the fucking skins lose in the first game of the playoffs...I am so pissed I don't even know if I want to see the final cowboy game of the season..Them fuckers better beat the spread...shit, piss fuck, damn.
fuck me till I shit eagle feathers.


Cassandra said...

snap out of it Jackiesue, you must watch the last game of the Cowboys season.
Just keep cursing at the damb birds that didn't win and those fucking skin bastards. Gives us all the more reason to hate both those teams even more. Bastards!!!
I agree, this did deserve a fuckity-fuck-fuck and much, much more.....
You better watch that Cowboys game....what kind of Cowboys fan are you? Huh? C'mon Jackiesue.... don't make me slap you!!! Wake up!

Lisa said...

well, i'm glad you didn't let their loss get to you. lol.
it was bound to happen. i was rooting for them too, which means instant loss. my fault. i'm sorry.

Nit Wit said...

I always thought they should be called the Washington Forskins. :)