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Friday, January 27, 2006


Because of the lack of rain, the unthinkable may happen..they may have to cancel the annual cookoff.It's planned for March 18th but if we don't get some serious rain between now and then, they will have to cancel..The state burn ban has already been the cause of seveal cookoff cancelations.
One of the young ladies that works at community has won Czech Queen. Last year we had a Miss Westfest.Which means we have some pretty ladies working at our little store.
St. Mary's is celebrating Catholic Schools week...All kinds of activities are being held, plus an open house.
We have had a slow baby week, only one birth, 3 birthdays and 6 deaths.
The West High School girls and boys split their basketball games in
District, which means they are still playing.
Another business has shut down in West.There are about 6 business's that have closed and it is sad to drive down the street and see all the bare windows and for sale signs on the door.I did talk to Robert who is manager of the $1 General Store and he said they are going to build a new store and it will be huge...That is the main reason why the little shops are closing. They can't compete with the $1 store here in town and Wal-mart 15 minutes away.The thriving business's are resturants, the Hardware and the Lumber Co. There are about 6 little curio, antique, etc. shop's but doublt if all of them will be open this time next year.We have several beauty shops, flower shops, Dentist, Drs.,one cleaners, 2 dance studios,one video store, 3 car lots, (Ford, Chevy and used)a furniture store, 2 liquor stores, 2 Drug Stores, 1 barber shop,2 grocery stores, 1 meat market,1 auto-parts, 4 bars, (the one that I feel like I closed as it was 'my bar' and their business took a dive when I quit drinking and never recovered, has shut down) and other little stores.I also notice more signs for houses for sale then I have ever seen in West before.Noticed too that all the houses for sale have been seriously marked down.One that is such a great deal is a 4 bed-room/3 bath brick home on 1.5 acres,and has gameroom is on sale now for $179,900. Such a deal.
Some one has a 4 month old, black and tan Shihtzu to give away.I thought about calling about it for...6 seconds...then decided I had my hands full with Rocky, that cheating little bastard.
Oh, I just noticed in the business section that we have 2 vets, several insurance companies, a dozer service, septic service, Carpet Sales, Trophy shop,lawnmower service,and tada......a blacksmith...I always forget about our blacksmith.We also have a tin shop...
I always wanted to open a used book store that specialized in mystery, romance and children.Which are the three biggest interest at the library.
Nothing exciting going on. I happen to talk to the Police Chief the other day and he said crime was at it's lowest..Which is great news.So unless we get rain, the biggest news is the chance that we might not have a cookoff this year....
fuckme till I self-baste


soonerfan78 said...

Hey, that little spider is hung like a pack mule. Fuck, tell em to fill up the local pool with 2 foot of water and stick the fucking cookers out there and get er done. No fires, except out the assholes that eat the atomic chili. Love you and all that you stand for, and your tits too. ;)

Ann said...

Walmart pushed out a lot of the home town businesses when it came to Maine. Mad a lot of stores close for good. It's always sad to see Downtowns with a lot of closed fronts.

Nit Wit said...

Not to defend Walmart but here in my town the downtown stores have been closing for 20 years or more. People keep opening up new ones that with few exceptions go under in the first year. Most of the local movers and shakers in the Chamber of Commerce own the buildings downtown and do everything they can to keep them rented. One thing they do here to make it not look so empty is display local Artists works in the windows of the empty buildings. Makes it look better anyway.
The thing Walmart has affected is the places like K Mart and a couple of the barely getting by supermarkets.

Cassandra said...

It's raining Jackiesue!! It's raining!!!!!!!!

JDaaris said...

A lot to be said, good 'n bad, about small town life. I loved living in a small town as I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s; I haven't lived in a small town in more than 30 years; around here (Central Florida) most small towns don't stay that way for long... my little neighborhood feels "small townish" because there is no place to build anything else - tho they are trying to build condos down our main street; community is fighting that tooth and nail..probably to no avail.

Scottish Toodler said...

You're like Dottie in FRIED GREEN TOMATOES-- the book, not the movie!! When is that Czech Festival, is it when the Cookoff is?? I am going to try to come this year. We can meet-- or you can see if you can spot me!!! The big boob stranger in town!