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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Mojo called from the city by the bay and she is doing so much better. Once you find out you're not losing your mind things start to fall into place. So thanks again Babs. Mo is all a flutter over her new baby. Bailey the cat. He has been in shelter since he was just a kitten and is now 8 months old and is getting more than his share of love and attention from Maryjo and Rolf. He will always have upper respiratory infections and will be what the vet calls "snuffily"....not sickly..I like that...'snuffily'..
We had a great talk about everything, like what a dick head forest gump is, lunar new year, people that like forest gump are stupid, her inability to loosen her grip on anything..she has control issues, which I am sorry to say she gets from her ole ma. She took a 1/2 day off from work to take the new kitty to the vet as she didnt' trust Rolf to do it alone. Told her, Mojo, if he was so stupid you couldn't trust him with the cat, you wouldn't be with him...she agreed..She is having a meeting with her psychotherapist, and her therapist. The therapist is the one that fucked up with the drug effexor and the psy.dr. is going with her to confront the therapist with her "fuck up"...Mojo doesn't like confrontations and is dragging her heels. Told her she needs to learn to do that and not be afraid to make waves.Now if she was drinking, she would crash into that office, rip the womans head off and shit down her throat. But she is sober and doesn't like to take a stand and make someone mad.Told her ...you do it once and it will feel so good, you will be able to do it alone the next time..But glad her psyc. dr. is going with her as she told Mo, 'I have your back'......
I played 'Harlem Nocturne' for her..She had never heard of it and enjoyed hearing her mom's favorite song...She thinks it was in some movie too, but we can't remember which one it was..Anyone remember?
She has also decided not to go back to school just now..to much on her plate. She doesn't need anything to stress her out any more than she already is. Im so glad. I always try to encourage her, but didn't want to urge her to go when I didn't think she was ready.

Holy shit there's a opposum on the porch. I forgot that Rocky is in and I heard something on the porch and thought it was him wanting in and opened up the door and there eating out of the bowls I had put out for stray cats was...a big ole fucking opposum...He looked at me and went right back to eating ......didn't scare him at all...I told Rocky,there's a 'possum on the porch .......nothing...he could care less.....but now Im worried that maybe that wasen't a good sign that the 'possum wasen't afraid of me...maybe he has rabbies.????fuck...opened the door again..and all the food was gone and so was my furry little friend...damn...may have to stop feeding the cats if it is going to bring out the wild life...I had forgotten that I have found various animals on the porch over the years, one time it was baby skunks, once it was an armadillo and a chicken snake over 6 feet long, and another opposum...judas priest..I live in the city....which reminds me..Jamie has two other dogs besides her white pits...and one is a runt pit named Paris, and Paris chased down and killed a coyote....Jamie watched her do it out her bed room window. They live out in the country and bothered by coyote's all the time. Not any more..Paris kicks ass..
I got some bad news yesterday..A girl I used to run with when I drank and did drugs with,died of cancer..She was 46 years old..She was always the youngest one but had been a hell raiser, drinker many years before I ever met her..I always tried to keep her out of trouble and even tried to help her off drugs, booze, got her a job, etc. She had problems with everything and fucking over her 'friends' was something she was most excellent at, so I was forced to drop her as a friend or do her bodily harm...actually kicked her ass once...forgot about that...I have always been the 'best friend or worse enemy' kind of person..and once you screw me over....there is no going back...but over the past 11 years I had seen her about 3 times and decided to let it go( so maybe Im mellowing) and even though we were not friends..I didn't wish her harm.....So I was really shocked and saddened that she died so young. She has a grown daughter that is a asst. coach for the Baylor Bears girls basketball team and a son about 13-14..The oldest daughter adopted him and is raising him..which is good to know...Tomorrow is the memorial service, and I am not sure if I will go or not. I hate those kind of things, but feel I need to go for her kids and her parents..plus Im not sure how many people will show as she really did fuck over alot of people..So maybe I should go just because of that...damn...46.....


Cassandra said...

That therapist needs to be smited!! Glad Mojo is feeling better.

Try not leaving the cat food out at night. Even in the city, we get possums here if we leave food out for the apartment stray cat. Met a baby one on the stairs one night. It raised up on it's hind legs and hissed something awful at me. I went back the other way. Fuck that. I thought the same thing, it could have rabies or something, I'm not taking a chance with it. There is a small crick not creek, by the apartments and sometimes you see a roadkill possum by the crick.

I've got a fiesty squirrel that is bitching at me because I am out of sunflower seeds. Hey, he should be happy he doesn't have to deal with the BB gun asswipe anymore.

So sad about your old friend. Alcoholism kills. It's a harsh reality.

Anonymous said...

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Scottish Toodler said...

Harlem Nocturne was the theme song to several television shows and has been used in alot of movies and other media.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend!!! 46 is so young!!!

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