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Monday, January 02, 2006


I am over my ranting and raving about the cowboys. I swear.It is done..The season is over and I must move on...I will not dwell in the house of pain any more. I will not replay in my mind the senseless mistakes, dropped footballs, over thrown balls, missed fucking field goals,losses of less than 4 points.the inability to beat the miserable spread you fucking dimwits...No I will not pass that way again.No I will not wallow in anger and resort to name calling, throwing asperions on your man hood you bunch of fucking pussies..no I will not lower my self to taking cheap shots(like getting drunk and pissing behind the local taco bell 3 days before the final game of the season you weak sistered ass wipe)..no not me...I will move on to other things..I will not look back over my shoulder and see regrets and missed oppurtunities like you missed that catch you fumble fingered sonofabitch...I am a bigger person than that...I will mark this season off as a lesson learned...the cowboys need a better quarterback and stronger offense and a new fucking kicker...yes,the season is over...I will be stronger for this...as I hope the team will be..because they need strength, especially in the line...special teams and learn to fucking tackle while you're at it you dipshits..I digress...I don't want to appear to be a bad sport and certainly do not want to wish bad luck to any team...but I do wish the Philadelphia Eagles should never win another game and they should all get the clap...may the goddess bless you..jackie

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Cassandra said...

Sounds like you almost there Jackiesue.....