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Saturday, January 21, 2006


I am about to kick somebody's ass..I keep getting tossed off of blogspot, it double posted, took forfucking ever to delete one of them.Tried to edit it and ate the post.So...fuck you who ever is in charge tonight..
I tried to edit my Kinky post 'cause I forgot to add a very important part..about my impression of him. Even though I started out a little pissy, he looked me right in the eye when he answered my questions, and later when someone skirted something that I had said about needing answers, he leaned across the table and looked me right in the eye and said "we do have answers to your questions and will have them in the media soon."..I watched him when he was giving autographs and talking to people and he comes across as a straight shooter and I have a built in bullshit detector and never got the feeeling he was pulling a fast one on anyone. I think he is sincere and genuine about needing to fix the fuck up that Texas is in.I know he loves Texas and is tired of all the political bullshit that goes on..but..I will say when he talked about good hair perry using the gay marriage thing to cover up the fact that nothing else was being done..he said something to the effect of it coming straight from the capital of texas...and I said "and the white house"...he ducked his head and said "now that is a hourse of a different color." and I wanted to say "yes, but that horse shits in Texas."...but the moment passed before i could get it in...he really doesn't want to say anything about forest gump...that still worries me...that will be the first question I will ask if I see him again..I really wanted to ask more questions but I didn't want to piss anyone off bad enought that I wouldn't be able to get close enough to ask them at a later date...plus he remembered my name and didn't want to get on a keep her out of the fucking room list..all in all..I had a good time...got some answers and got to tell people to save themselves for kinky..can't beat that with a stick...oh, the funniest part of the whole evening was I turned around and ran smack dab into a friend I have known for about 25 years and he cracked up laughing...he said he should have known that I would be hanging out with a guy named Kinky and it was after 10pm and did my kids know where I was...now that was funny...
by the way....there is still water falling from the sky...any one know what that could be?????
fuckme till I cotton eyed joe..


Unknown said...

Maybe you coulc become his stalker and follow him everywhere asking more and more questions. It would be nice to know where he stands as far as Gump is concerned, but he sounds hopeful.

Cassandra said...

Oh...you could be a Kinky groupie!!!

Scottish Toodler said...

More adventures!!! Could that be rain????