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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


four jobs I have held.hmmm
1. I was a prop maker at Parmount studio, until I got pink slipped because I wouldn't have sex with my boss..
2.I sold accordian lessons over the phone..1962..that sucked..
3.Field Supervisor for Book Market/Book Wharehouse.
4. Manager of the Book Department at Hastings.

Four moviess I could watch over and over.
1. Gone With The Wind. I watch it every year.
2.Christmas Story. I watch it every year.
3.Quarterback Princess. I would watch it all the time but was a tv movie and don't see it on any more.
4.The Thirteenth Floor. Is the only film I have ever watched and tuned around and watched it again and then watched it again..but mainly because I had the instant hots for Craig Bierko.

Four Places I have Lived.
1.Hickam AFB,Hawaii
2.Tinker Field, Oklahoma
3.Sunnyvale, California
4.Portland, Oregon

Four Favorite Tv Shows.
1. Lost
3.Boston LEgal
4.Medium, plus anything on pbs.

Four Places I have vacationed.
1.Big Bend, Texas
2.San Antonio, Texas
3.San Diego, Calif.
4.Canada(6 weeks in a fucking trailor in the middle of the fucking winter with asshole number 2 who I barely knew..

Four websites I visit daily.
1.blogspot.com people on my list
2.Kinky Friedman.com
3.Michael Moore.com

Four favorite foods
1.fried chicken
2.my homemade pizza
3.blue bell ice cream
4.mexican,italian,chinese,cajun,thai....etc.etc. etc.

Four places I would rather be.
1.Super Bowl watching the Cowboys playing the Steelers and we are ahead by 38 points
2.In San Francisco going to china town with my daughter.

Four albums I can't live without.
now that is really hard..as I am such a skitso when it comes to music.I like singles more than albums..so I will pick 4 singles I love...
1.Cherry hill park
2.midnight at the oasis
3.in the year 25-25
4.anything by Bette Midler..

Four cars I have owned
1.'49 plymouth
2. '56 Chevy /red convertible, 4 on the floor, white tuck and roll with red piping, electric doors and windows.top was white ....I love that car.
3. '78 Ford Pickup
4.'80 blue jeep cj-5...My favorite automobile...drove it to san antonio to show it off to my daddy and after he acted sorta blase'about it I asked him why he didn't like my new baby blue jeep...and he reminded me that he had drove a jeep all thru the war and was hoping he would never have to ride in one again..

so learn anthing new about me.??


lovelylady said...

Hey girlfriend!! I heard they have the best weed in oregon!! LOL ;-)How you doing? Did you have an okay weekend? Baby and I were hitting the penny macines this weekend! i swear if I keep if up I'm gonna need a (GA) brochure! :-)

Denise said...

You didn't include your answers to the section Sooner added. LOL

Scottish Toodler said...

PLEASE I MUST KNOW!! What is bluebell ice cream??????? And yes I learned a lot about you!!!! I love reading these things!!!

Scottish Toodler said...

RYC: Yeah thanks now I want some damn ice cream too!!! It sounds really good-- I thought it was an innuendo...I have a dirty mind...

Cassandra said...

Accordian lessons over the phone?? That would suck. I remember Hastings!!!

Yes, I can program almost any VCR, even without a manual. I've been known to figure out the most ancient of VCR's for friends that long ago had left theirs blinking 12:00. I just have a knack for VCR programming. Go figure.
Now cars, I could probably learn how to fix them if I cared too, but I don't. I think cars should run forever and never need any repair, so it just pisses me off when they do. (I would be Sooner's worst nightmare customer) I know how to check fluid levels and crap and can change a tire, if I have too. But I pay $2.99 a month on my cell phone for roadside assisatance and if I get a flat, I'm using them. I mainly have the roadside assist for the towing that it offers, but since I pay for it, they can change any flats I get too. Fuck it, I pay for it, I will make them do it.
I also own jumper cables and have them in my car and after thinking about it for a few minutes, I can remember how to use them.

BriteYellowGun said...

Accordian lessons! LOL! My real father and my grampa played the accordian. I always thought that was one of those midwest/ethnic type things. The ringtone on my cell is a cheery Polka tune that sounds like an accordian. I must remain true to my German/Slovak/Polish heritage after all.

RYC: Girl! We can still go bar hopping without you drinking!

BriteYellowGun said...

And we'll kick some ass too! HARD!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

A '49 plymouth, huh? I've got to go look that one up...