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Monday, December 15, 2014

MONDAY...bah humbug

 I posted this on facebook, saying it could be me..as I haven't had sex since summer of 1985..Laurent didn't believe me....ha..

kind of like me now 71..hahahahha


Valerie said...

Always an inspiration!

MarkD60 said...

Happy monday!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Boatercycles" -- brilliant! "Enhanced baptism" -- OMG! And love the Pepe Youmans quotation too. You've gotten my Monday off to a good start, YDG, thanks!

Kulkuri said...

You are awesome now!!

When I was 6 I didn't have a phone, and the only phone in the house had a crank on it!!

jan said...

Putin should have been an actor.

Oh, wait. He is.

Ol'Buzzard said...

1985: Damn Granny you need to get laid - or at least get yourself one of those variable speed vibrators.

At least with the vibrators - they are more dependable - always ready when you are - and you don't have to cook and clean for them between uses.
the Ol'Buzzard

Jerri said...

Hi,Jackiesue.Congrats on that win last night! Had some hairy moments...but they preserved for you!
Yes! Thank you,Diane Feinstein! A Democrat with large balls more afraid of that information never getting out than the "dicks"(figurative and literal) that surround her! You,go,girl. Now if we could just get some action.Aha-ha-ha,what was I thinking?
The overspending on "defense" is how our police forces suddenly look like an invading army. Individual police depts can requisition "outdated" or "surplus " equipment. Talk about welfare for the rich...building them when we don't need them(so their constituants have high paying jobs which are unavailable to the average person) and then giving them away. I wonder if they'd let me have a tank? Oh, the mischief I could make!
Love the"remove the warning label". That's called thinning the herd ; ) And the cat with St. Peter. The "no lighter" is the definition of hell, but where there's a will...! Summer of '85?!?!?! (if by some chance,you don't have a vibrator collection...I can suggest a few ; )
Now,Jackiesue, I Googled "skunk egg" ('cuz even a city girl knows that's not how we get baby skunks) and there was West! Your hometown! They claim best skunk eggs anywhere. Awesome, and they actually sound tasty. The "pevo" you mentioned...I think I need YOUR definition... by the Urban Dictionary's definition, sounds freaky, even by my standards :D
Thanks for easing me out of Monday. Hope you have a gentle week,Jackiesue !

Intense Guy said...

Laffs - some really good ones in there!!

I want the iPeed app!!

And to shake the hand of the dude that says Bears eat Green Bay Packers!!