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Monday, December 29, 2014

it's Monday, no it's Saturday, no she's my sister, no she's my aunt..wtf?


Intense Guy said...

I like the one with the Congress assholes thinking "Science" is too much for the public. They wouldn't recognize "being honest" if it hit them on the head at warp speed.

Jerri said...

Phew! Didn't think I'd make it before midnight...Happy New Year,Jackiesue! Been one hell of a year,hasn't it?Can't really say I'm happy it's over,but I am glad I made it through with my ass pretty much intact.
Lots of good ones "Sue Congess..." Hell, most of them got reelected! Don't understand that unless we reference another good one about the general population not really understanding...and the tragedy...they DON'T realize! Which brings us to:"What you allow to continue..." *sigh*
But THE best was from God.." All you had to do was one job...love one another" Froms God's lips to God's ears,YDG.
May 2015 bring much happiness and peace to all of us! And lots of love and laughter,health and success.(Also,I wouldn't mind winning the lottery...I'd share ...just sayin' ; )

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"150 Years a Suspect" -- a brilliant political cartoon!