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Monday, February 20, 2012

MONDAY MORNING my head was aching..

I have been bit by a TseTse fly...all I want to do is either sleep, or lay on my ass and read, watch tv, and pet my pussy......cat.
I would pet my pussy but I need a note from the GOP.
Every time I see the news or read the paper, the fucking Republican Party and those humongous asshole's running for President are attacking my vagina. They want to tell me how to use it when to use it, what to put in it and to keep it 3 steps behind their dicks. If I won't let people I actually like in my vagina what makes them think I'll let them get near mine. I am stunned at the fact that there are not mass riots in the streets by women ...hell we burned our bras to get our rights..are we going to sit by idly while they take them back?..If this keeps up all the Republican (RED) states will be over run with pregnant women. Who's going to take care of all them kids?..If we get raped, we're supposed to accept this as a gift from God and carry it to term. Now their taking away birth control. You notice they haven't said a fucking thing about condoms?...Yea, we can trust men to use them...'oh honey, I don't need a condom I was fixed 5 years ago and my ole pecker is as clean as a whistle.'...yeah? well, blow your own whistle assholes..sigh*..
I need to go lay down and take a nap. Fuckme till my uterus grows ovaries.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lotsa laffs and food for thought, as usual. Keep on pettin' that pussy!

Unknown said...

These are good ones!

I like the one about Houston. The traffic has been especially Houston-y lately. The city no longer functions, and there's no way to get from Point A to Point B.

Fortunately, everything I do is within a mile of my home.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I stole a few. This is one of your best posts yet Granny.

Rox said...

The women who sleep with all the Republicans who are trying to dictate for the "Uterine Americans" need to CUT THEM OFF. Maybe if they don't get to see any vagina, they'll have more respect and reverence.

I tell ya, Bella Abzug is rolling in her grave. Women need to wake up.

/rant off.

FoxyMoron said...

I love the three Goodmen.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Dexter may resent the innuendo and turn off your air:)

Shrinky said...

Jeez, I usually come away from here laughing, but the truth is, today I just feel angry and depressed - are they REALLY trying to ban, for whatever the reason, including rape, abortions again?

jadedj said...

Best one yet! I'm posting the gun amendment to my blog.

Greed. Oppression. Piety said...

look forward to your posts every week!
- ms. mabel

Grandma K said...

Oh such good ones!

Loved the one about Houston - but I sure don't see it as the picture pointed out. Just put the last picture in both places!!