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Friday, January 11, 2008

.......THE CHERRY PIT.......

The city of Duncanville,Texas wants a judge to declare the Cherry Pit swingers club a public nuisance and close it down.

Jim Trulock,who runs the club in his home, sued the city December 12 over a new ordinance that bans sex clubs. Duncanville filed its answer Monday and counter sued Mr. Trulock.(wonder if that is his real name...truelock?..)
On weekends, the 59-year-old and his partner, 29-year-old Julie M. Norris,(of course she's 20 years younger than he is....who would want to have sex with a 59 year old swinger..unless it was Cortney Love in 20 years)turn their home near Cedar Ridge Drive and Interstate 20 into the Cherry Pit, where guests can mingle, dance and have sex..(why do I get the feeling that the mingling leans more to groping and humping and no one does a hell of a lot of dancing)
The City Council unanimously adopted the ordinance in November. City officials say they were acting in response to complaints about the Cherry Pit.(911?...I can't find my no account husband, I think he's down at the Cherry Pit)

The ordinance classifies sex clubs as a public nuisance.(What?...a nuisance..how about it's a whore house and it ain't the Chicken Ranch)City officials also contend that the Cherry Pit is an unlicensed sexually oriented business operating in a residential area. Mr. Trulock denies that the club is a business;he has said he accepted donations but didn't have a cover charge.(A cover charge? There's a joke in there someplace.)
Mr. Trulock's "use of the premises as a sex club is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city of Duncanville," the city's filings says.(yeah, you might get ran over by a herd of horny old men).Mr.Trulock 'does not have any policy or measures in place to safeguard against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and thus the activities at the premises pose a risk to the public health.(so if they wore condoms it would be ok?)
Mr.Trulock's attorney, Ed Klein, said the city is trying to regulate private acts in a private home. The ordinance violates his client's privacy and due process rights,he said.(yeah, if believe that story..I have some land to sell you in West Texas and not West,Texas either)
Mr.Klein also contends that the ordinance is so broad and vague that it could criminalize the sexual behavior of almost everyone in Duncanville...(yeah, if they were having groups of strangers humping each other on the carpet)
The city's counter suit asks that the court order the Cherry Pit to close and fine Mr.Trulock $1,000 a day if he refuses. A judge has not set a hearing on the request.(especially since he goes every Friday night...I made that part up..but wouldn't surprise me.)
City officials have cited Mr. Trulock four times for violating the new ordinance, as well as the city's sexually oriented business and zoning ordinances. Mr. Truelock is fighting the citations in municipal court..

Only in Texas....


billy pilgrim said...

i've heard that this turlock character is really a muslim trying to undermine the fine christian base in texas.

also he charges his buddies $1.25 per half hour to look through the peep holes.

RoxRocks said...

I always feel so naive and sheltered when I read shit like this.

Nit Wit said...

Different strokes for different folks. (Picture that)
If everything going on is voluntary and nobody is being hurt (unless that's what they want) what's the problem?
I think it's a problem combination of an election year and maybe the officials are mad because they weren't invited.
Though it is a pretty sad way to find romance.

Buzzardbilly said...

I think somebody forgot to extend City officials the "freebies for life" cards.

apositivepessimist said...

I kept reading TruCock fer some reason.

How DARE those nasty filthy swinging mongrels wish to do some semi private horizontal dancing behind closed doors.

It's just not Christian!


jan said...

Somebody's always trying to undermine capitalism.

yellowdog granny said...

billypilgrim:and exactly how did you know the price of the peep show?...billllly..
rox:waaaay back in the 60's I was asked to join in some sexapades...said no thanks..3 or more in a bed is not sex it's an olympic event..
nitwit:well, I might not feel that way if I lived next door and my preteen kiddo wanted to know what was going on over at trulocks house..ha..what if someone got the address wrong and barged in your home and wanted a'dance' and a blowjob ?...Im not against it as much as I'm not for it in a family neighborhood...
bb:yeah, someone didn't get the password..which i understand is "the president sent me"
apos:howdy sweety..yeah, it's not only not christian(which is a point in its favor) it's plum unamerican..free interprise and all that..
jan:yah, a guy can't make a buck off a fuck any more..

texlahoma said...

I think someone said "Damn it, Trulock is having more fun with his life than we are, lets put a stop to it!"

McRaven said...

Life is the pits.