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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Jackiesue at 8 years old..the hula girl...mother used to pose me and would piss me off..jeez, look at all that hair.
both taken at Hickam AFB in Hawaii..

Here jackiesue is 9 years old.
With back to the camera..now you see why my
Daddy wouldn't let me play tackle football with the boys any more..Was going to the swimming pool..was unhappy cause I wanted to take my bike Blosom Bailey Roycroft and my parakeet Pete to the beach...who wants to swim in a pool when you have the whole ocean to swim in..?


jan said...

You look a whole lot like a young Anna Nicole Smith in that picture. Wasn't she from Texas?

Anne Johnson said...

If by beach you mean Puerto Rico, I'm all for it. But if by beach you mean the Jersey Shore, I'd rather wallow in a mud puddle with a couple of happy pigs.

sageweb said...

Was that real hair?? Wow combing that must of been an adventure. Are those Coconut shells on your breast? Or maybe you were a mature 8 years old? Great pictures. I need to scan my old pictures. So many things to do.

yellowdog granny said...

jan:yup, she's a mexia gal,which is about 40
50 miles from here...she was prettier, but I was smarter..
anne:how abour hawaiian beaches before the tourists made a mess of it...in the
50's you could go to almost any beach except for wakakii and find nothing but hawaiians and gi's...
sageweb:yup, all mine..I think I had a bunch of leis around my neck..the grass skirt was what I wore when I took my hula lessons.I can still dance to 'going to the hukilau'..

Nit Wit said...

I thought you had a second grass skirt on your head but my eyes aren't that great anymore.
Never got to go to Hawaii.

angel said...

and you went to the pool like a good girl eh? i am impressed!