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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ole Bushie wraps up his week long trip to the Middle East and I'm wondering ....what the hell did he accomplish?....Most analysts and politicians think he didn't accomplish anything(and I agree) Arab critics said that his peace efforts are unrealistic and his anti-Iran rants are dangerous.His praise of authoritarian governments disappointing and his defense of civil liberties a little ironic, considering all the civil liberties he has taken away from the people in his own country...
"There is no credibility to his words after what the region saw during his presidency," said Mohamad Fayek,the Cairo, Egypt-based director of the nonprofit Arab Organization for Human Rights. He cited the war in Iraq, the war on terror suspects held in a prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the Abu Ghraib detainee abuse scandal. "American policy threw the region off-balance and destabilized it.The visit caused deep disappointment. I don't see any results."
"Skepticism on all sides is enormous," said Nicholas Pelham, a Jerusalem-based senior analyst with the International Crisis Group.
Meanwhile Sheriff Bush didn't back down on his warnings to Iran, which he has smacked down at nearly every stop on his 8-day journey.He reiterated in Saudi Arabia that a military option isn't out of the question, (ahh, jeez, he's still trying to start another war, so he can authorize his staying in office)though he emphasized that he'd like to find a diplomatic solution to what he called Iran's defiant pursuit of a nuclear program and alleged funding of militants in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. (why isn't he screaming and yelling about that little squirt in North Korea who already has the fucking bomb)His berating of Iran seems to be pushing the gulf countries closer to siding with Iran than going against him. Investors play a vital role in the economy of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Iraq.
The only thing that Bush said that seemed to win him any votes was his urging of Israel to end "the occupation that began in 1967." But he quickly lost them by holding up Israel as a regional example and defending embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
Security was very tight at the president's destinations, often at great cost to the host countries and no small inconvenience to locals. Small demonstrations erupted in Bahrain, Egypt and the Palestinian territories.
"We reject his visit. His hands are tainted with the blood of Palestinians and Iraqis.He's a war criminal," (his hands are tainted with American blood too)said Fatima al-Wakeel, 21, a recent university graduate who joined a small anti-Bush protest in Cairo on Monday.
Bush's final visit was a brief meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak .Cairo newspapers reported that Egyptian officials were pissed (my word..I'm no diplomat)with Mr. Bush because he failed to mention Egypt when he gave a speech Sunday that praised several Arab countries for tentative democratic reforms.
So...what did Bush accomplish..Well lets see...He humiliated himself by kissing all the Saudi asses begging them to boost their oil output and lower the barrel price on oil. (Like that's going to happen..)They have us by the short hairs and they aren't going to let us go. I'm sure they figure any favors they might have owed him are no longer important as he's on his way out..(oh please Goddess make him on his way out).What else did he accomplish?...He learned how to do the Sword Dance and looked goofy doing it and Mrs. Bush got a great recipe for Mufallaq.That's about it..
fuckme till I grow fond of Mufallaq.


RoxRocks said...

George Bush is retarded and I hate him. That's all I can really add.

I don't know why someone hasn't terminated him. I just don't get it.

I'm an extremist. i should go into hiding now because old Bushie will probably send some FBI fucker after me now.

billy pilgrim said...

i like watching him on these trips.

he might be destroying the planet but i doubt if the next president will be nearly as entertaining.

byg said...

Since our own government was too busy selling itself out to corporate America to bother impeaching this lying criminal, I can only hope beyond all hope that he is arrested and tried for the war crimes that he is so blatantly guilty of once he's out of office.

angel said...

teehee... i only know whats potting in american politics through the blogs i read, and i find this immensely entertaining!

Nit Wit said...

I'll have to send you what I got in the mail today. I don't know if I buy it all but it does explain a lot.

yellowdog granny said...

rox:if they threw into jail everyone that wanted him to disappear..3/4's of american and 90% of the rest of the world would be in jail...which would make him very very happy.
billy:I would rather get my entertainment from letterman and not from the prez...eek!

byg:I'm sure someday he will have to pay for his deeds..but not soon enough for me..
angel:yeah, he's entertaining alright...a piss poor president..but very entertaining...
nitwit:I am going to post it if you don't...it's well done..plus it rings of the truth and have heard alot of it before..scary..

sageweb said...

Ha RoxRocks cracks me up.
Love the pic of Condi looking at Bush..as if ...Please Dont Say Another Fucking Word! HA

joy said...

Mufallaq is really pretty good. You might grow fond of it sooner than you had planned.

Allan said...

Don't forget the $20 billion in weapons that BushCo promised Saudi Arabia, Inc.
Or the similar amount he promised to the Saudi nemesis, Israel.