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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Some of you may remember when I posted about going to see my friends, Edda and Johnny's son Bubba in his plays at MCC College...Well, Bubba is the Bratprince that you see commenting..he has a blog now and he has posted some pictures of him in his plays..He did most of the costumes,scenery and makeup..He's multi-talented..My favorite was when he played Renfield in a play about Dracula...Since I went with his folks we had seats right up front...It was fantastic...Bubba was brilliant as Renfield..I laughed my ass off and so did everyone else...he rocked...but at one point in the play they fire a gun...now I saw them waving the gun around, but figured when they shot it off, it would be one of those stage 'pops' and wasn't worried about it..NOT!..When they fired the gun it sounded just like a real gun and when it went off I said "SHIT"...and really loud..it scared the crap out of me....Bubba said as soon as he heard it he said:'that's my friend Jackie'..and laughed...You need to go see the pictures he posted of him in the play....wish you could have seen it..he was terrific.
Remember back when Babs first came down to visit and we went and looked at the stars?..and we also stopped by the Community Grocery Store where they were teasing the girl on the register because she and her boyfriend had found out that the back seat of his car was a little short for certain activities?....So I mentioned to her one day that I had blogged about it and she freaked out..first embarrassment and then...."hey, she's talking about me on her blog"..and now wants to see the post...I can't find the damn thing now..but hope this will do...When I was introducing Babs around to my friends I would tell them that she had already heard about them as I blogged about them...Some were not thrilled about the idea of making my blog, but my best bud David, said:'I don't give a fuck'...but that's what he says about everything...You have to remember, most of these people I have known for over 30 years, and I know a lot of shit about them..and they are not to crazy about the fact that I'm telling a small portion of the nation about their activities..I told them I don't use their last names..but not sure that helps..
Good news today...my rent went down $10...so now I only pay $142....and electric...life is good.


jan said...

I'm not sure I would want embarrassing incidents to be posted on Yellowdog Granny's blog. This is the National Enquirer of blogs, after all.

McRaven said...

I could care less what is said about me, at least who ever is talking about me is thinking about me. :) I love your stories! Keep telling them.

Kalibitch said...

"rent went down"
I'm pretty sure that is imperically impossible. Newton's Law of Rental Gravity - it can only go up. So your rent going down has to be a miracle on the order of the red seas parting.

I'm convinced beyond a doubt now that West, Texas is unlike any other place on earth.
Rent went down.... mind boggling I tell you!

billy pilgrim said...


is that per month, per week or per day?

yellowdog granny said...

jan:hell, I tell more stories on me than I do anyone else..
mcraven:we are always talking and thinking about you..still waiting for your phone call..
kalibitch:trust me..there is no place like west..there is no place like west...
billypilgrim:that's a month...and the electric bill..so by moving into the retirement apts I save over $400 a month from what I was spending at the house...of course there is the problem of the little old lady that roams around the apts telling everyone her heat doesn't work..which is because she keeps turning it off...and the one old lady who has the most vicious chiwawa I've ever seen...makes most pittybulls look like pussy cats...but other than that...I love it here..with all the other old farts..there are 4 men in the entire complex and one of them is the maintance guy,david....who I call 'sir' as he keeps calling me mam'm..

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

$142? Is my mom renting to you? LOL

Hey, that's great for you, Jackie Sue! Life really would be good if rent was that cheap. Oh, and if Mike Huckabee stays out of the White House! ;)

buddha_girl said...

All of my friends know that their lives are fodder for my bloggy. Most preface a hello with - "Do you have your camera with you? Is this gonna be on the blog?" Ha!

I am SO happy to hear about the DECREASE in rent. Jaysus. I think my mortgage payment would make you shit a solid gold brick.

yellowdog granny said...

hmhh:I love my little cheapo apt...life is good..as long as they keep republicans out of the white house.
bg:I'm lucky that we have these retirement apts here in west..not are they cheap..they are really really nice...and it's just a bunch of old white broads....no crime, no kids doing drugs,no crack being sold out back...like i said..it's 1957 here..

apositivepessimist said...

Ooh I so want that teeshirt…I’d cross out Texas and whack Australia on it. Sure would lessen the “Where are you from[‘s]?” HaHa. Love it.