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Saturday, January 05, 2008


or one great reason why I love James Lee Burke....

"It's called a vision of mortality," I said.
"What is?"
"The feeling you experienced when you went back to your old house."
"I'm afraid I'm going to die?"
"You saw the Big Sleazy die, Clete.It's like having an affair with the Great Whore of Babylon. When you finally come to your senses and get her out of your life, you find out she was the only woman you ever loved."
Clete upended the bottle again,his throat working rhythmically, watching me with one eye, as though someone had spoken to him from one of his dreams.

ain't that fucking beautiful?


Big Pissy said...

Yeah, JackieSue...it really is.

Cyberoutlaw said...

This one might be his best. Which is saying an awful lot. I think that as soon as Katrina hit land, every Burke fan knew that he would reach in real deep and come out with something like this. I have to go see if he's been nominated for the Edgar on this one. If not then someone is getting a scorching letter!

buddha_girl said...

1. Like warm honey for my brain. Beautiful.

2. You cleaned, moved furniture, lugged shit there and back to laundry hell? Your ASS should be hurting! Slow the hell down, sister!

3. I can't wait to watch TV with you while the kid chases Annie until she cries UNCLE. (He won't listen, though.)

4. You'd better root for the Giants. I mean that.

BBC said...

Oh sure, that is so fucking beautiful, and you are so full of crap.

Sit on your fat ass (you said it was) and watch another football game while women get beat and killed.

But hey, chin up and tits out, I'm sure that is going to do the sisterhood a lot of good.

*rolls eyes*

yellowdog granny said...

bigpissy;I really do love his books..
cyberoutlaw:it's my favorite of all his books and im with you ..he deserves the edgar..
buddhagirl:i'll root for the giants if you root for the cowboys..
BBC:...sigh*...my my who would know having such a small dick would make a man so hostile..

Cheesemeister said...

Except for the cussing it rather reminds me of Doug's ongoing original story.

Nit Wit said...

I wanna read it right now!
I have to finish the Dark Materials books first. I'm on the last one now and it sure is getting interesting.
Sigh, I wish I could read as fast as I used too. Maybe new Bifocals would help. I've had the same ones for more than 3 years. I take my glasses off for reading books now and see better.
Read the new Koontz book before I started on His Dark Materials. It was different but good.
My problem is there isn't anything strange about me.

billy pilgrim said...

it's on my list, right behind a couple of rasslin bios.

yellowdog granny said...

cheesemeister:swoosh..right over my head...
nitwit:i loved the dark materials..and need to read dean koonz's new book...I get the news letter from him and it is written by his yellow lab trixie..and she passed away and it broke my heart..but she writes from the other side where she says there are many cookies..she also said she ate the first chapter of the book and she thought it was really good..
get new glasses..I can't believe the difference since I got my new glasses...life is most good..
billypilgrim:I can't tell you how much I love this book...it's his best ever..but I'm so afraid he's going to kill Clete off I'm afraid to finish the book...

Josh said...


I have a sneaking suspicion that, should Hillary get the nomination, certain televangelists and wackjobs will refer to her as the whore of Babylon. *sigh*