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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 Just an idea of what your money bought and small portion of the goodies that went in their bags.
 Bonnie and  her RCMP t-shirt that replaced the one she lost in the explosion.
 Blowing kisses to her boyfriends in Canada Will and Laurent. She was sort of pissed they don't come visit her.Ricky with his stack of calendars with muscle cars..he was so excited because someone let him ride in a Dodge Ram Truck .. 
 Goodies for Christmas Party ..and if you know your kolaches you can tell those are from Gerik's Bakery.

 Larry Joe, who is one of my favorites..and below is Jackie who is everyone's favorite. She's like Kathy's kid..
 You have probably heard me mention the Marek family..this is Hanna in the Black Sweater, She is Mike and Gary and Nadine's mom...she had a great time.
 My Marek family..Michael me, Nadine and Hannah.
 Santa and Nadine.Santa telling everyone that the gifts came from around the world and that they just wanted the residents to know that even though they weren't in West any more, they weren't forgotten and wanted them to have a very very Merry Christmas. .I think there were some  tears shed..but then..that might have just been me..made a pretty good Santa if I say so myownself.


bpadgett said...

Happy New Year to you and your "oldies", and to everybody in West. 2014 has GOT to be a whole lot better than 2013!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You make a rockin' Santa, Jackiesue -- in every way possible!


I so loved being Santa.

Jerri said...

What an excellent ending to a fairly crappy year! Thanks for sharing your experience with us,Jackiesue. You made a difference,lightening spirits and filling hearts during a season that can be very lonely...awesome! Thanks for sharing the smiles...including yours : )
May 2014 suck, bite and blow much less for all of us ; )

Intense Guy said...

Yellow Dog Santa Granny - you done good. :)