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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 Inky and Anissa kidnapped me and took me to Glen Rose, Texas to see and feed the animals..was such an absolutely wonderful day...they are so good to me.
  The courthouse in Meridian, Texas

 Hello, maybe I talk to you about Jesus?
 all of the animals were so gentle when you fed them except for the Emu's and Ostriches..them fuckers peck.

 We were so excited about the giraffe's..they were so sweet and docile and gentle..they were the highlight of my day..

 All the rain has made Texas lush and green.

 his name is Bruce....

 everything I saw I thought was a Gnu or a Dik Dik..they were Inky's favorite words..after that, everything he saw was a Dik Dik or a Gnu..
 Miss Blue Bonnet 2015.
 my handsome boy..
taking granny out so she can communicate with nature..'hello blue bonnet'...
A very  happy fat lady.
I don't have a clue what we were discussing, but I know it was friendly..even though it doesn't look it..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That looks like fun! I'd love to see a giraffe up so close. Dik Dik!

Intense Guy said...

Look at all the beautiful Blue Bells!!

And you got some really neat animal photos too!

Kulkuri said...

In 1980 we went to the LA Zoo and they had a sign up saying they were temporarily out of giraffes!! (Like someone forgot to stock them??) Now whenever we go to a zoo, we say "Hope they aren't out of giraffes!!"


not blue bells...blue bonnets..