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Saturday, January 16, 2016

For Cheyenne

as a country western fan I'm surprised that you don't know this one Cheyenne...you stand by your man..unless he beats you then you shoot him..

And as for Donald Trump, other that urging people to hate Mexicans, blacks, Muslims and garnering fans within the white supremacy crowd and a bunch of vague promises of what he'd do...he hasn't given one ..not one thing that he would do about any of the problems that exist for his presidency..not one..build a wall, a big beautiful wall...yeah, that's not going to happen...close Mosque's...we have freedom of religion in our country, that's not going to happen..Gather up 11 million illegal aliens and take them back where they came from...is he going to use his private jet for that? It' an impossible statement..11 million people...that's like taking everyone from Rhode Island and moving them out..all he talks about is how he personally doesn't like certain races and religions..we need someone that preaches peace and good will towards all men...not just people that hate the same things he does.
Hope this helps.
But I expect not..because people that think like and admire a man like Donald Trump have already closed off their mind and heart to any different..love jackie



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Cheyenne said...

Where the heck did you ever get the idea I was in Trump's corner? I was upset that you would post hateful things about him (or anyone else for that matter) and really that makes you no different than the rest of us you accuse of being racist. I am not being mean when I say this either. I am all for peace and equality -- but that is never going to happen when countries are so divided and have hate for one another. Especially this country.
Like I told you, I was born into a family of Democrats and I only registered to vote when B.O. ran for his 2nd term...I did not want him again so I voted Republican. B.O. has done absolutely nothing for me...he has run the national debt sky high, stolen from Medicare to pay for his stupid Obamacare (ACA), has said in the beginning he supported traditional marriage meaning one man and one woman, promised 100% transparency in his administration, said he would allow 5 days of public comment before signing any bills (and uses Executive Order to circumvent Congress), he said he would end taxes for seniors earning less than $50k a year, said he would bring all our troops home within one year, promised to put health care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone could see who was at the table, and said that if he didn't cut the deficit in half at the end of the first 4 years he would resign. He also promised to unite the people of this country. So I ask you...how many of those promises has he fulfilled? The only promise he made that might come true is closing Gitmo.
I don't hide anything, and I am sorry for the people that follow him and his policies. He is a racist and has shown his true colors by things he has said and done after black people have been shot and killed for no reason...I am sorry but when I read your post to me just now I got angrier than a momma bear. I have feelings. And let me tell you, whenever an innocent black kid gets murdered by white cops I am the first one to get upset, so before you pigeonhole me into being a racist, think twice. Yes, you have upset me and I guess that is what you set out to do. So goodbye...this 73 year old woman is going into hibernation.