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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

West, by Goddess, Texas News or as we are known now.....Title Town.


Championship Town? Title Town? that's us..West, Texas.
We won class 3A state titles in both softball and baseball.
We honored the teams with a parade thru downtown and a ceremony at the Gazebo on the West City Hall lawn.
The WHS baseball team made school history as they became the first West High School team to win back to back state titles after winning it last year too.
Plus, the West Lady Trojans softball team captured their first title in school history.
As part of Tuesday's ceremony, June 21 was declared Championships Day in the City of West by Mayor Tommy Muska, who presented the proclamations to Lady Trojans softball coach Guyla Smith and Trojan baseball coach Cory Beckham. Coach Smith is the winnings softball coach in Texas and this year Coach Beckham was the High School Associations Texas State Baseball Coach of the year. 


I'm not sure if it is something in the water or what...but I know that the girls and boys start playing T-Ball from the earliest age possible and play all the way thru high school. Maybe it's all the sausage, kraut, kolaches, skunk eggs and just the love of winning...but whatever it is..they have it in spades...so proud of them..
 Baseball Champs
 Softball Champs
 Judge Pareya speaking about the kids.
 My good friend Chief Darryl Barton..or as I like to call him..my get out of jail free card.

 Mayor Muska and Coach Beckham
 Muska and Coach Smith

 as in all parades in West...candy is thrown at the kids...

 the parade with the kids..loving every minute of it.

and of course..a picture of one of the gg's ..Abby at gymnastics...


Jan said...

Congrats to all. West sure has the winning DNA. Too bad you can't bottle and sell it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Title Town" -- love it! Congrats to all the champs!

booda baby said...

Well done!!

Intense Guy said...

Wow! Titletown indeed!!

And Abby is going to the Summer Olympics someday soon!